Visit Rangla Punjab In Jalandhar To Experience The ‘Pind Culture’ Of Punjab

Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar There is a traditional Punjabi themed village offering various activities where you can experience the real essence of Punjabi culture in a completely traditional way. You can enjoy the authentic Punjabi culture and indulge in various aspects of Punjabi activities like weaving, dancing, playing marbles, water fetching, puppet shows, and the most fascinating is the masterpiece of decoration that will take you back in time. ‘Body’ life.

Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar is a reflection of authentic Punjabi lifestyle, featuring sculptures of men and women doing everyday tasks such as weaving, sewing, drawing water from wells and dancing. In the evening enjoy live dance performances like Bhangra and magic shows. Apart from this, the place also boasts of activities like camel riding and horse riding.

Rangla Punjab Haveli is located in Jalandhar on the Jalandhar-Phagwara Highway. Jalandhar is an ancient city in the state of Punjab that is home to many holy temples and historical sites that reek of history and culture in every corner. A trip around this city will include so many sights and monuments that you will find it difficult to choose. One of the oldest cities in the northern state of Punjab, Jalandhar holds till date a significant heritage and cultural value that is irreplaceable and unmatched with any other city in Punjab.

Important details about Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar

Place: Rangla Punjab – Haveli, Jalandhar – Phagwara Highway, Khajurla, Grand Trunk Rd, Next to Haveli, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
Time: 12 – 4:30 pm; 6:30 pm – 11 pm
entrance fees: 600 rupees
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facilities: Toilets are available

Things To Do At Rangla Punjab In Jalandhar

Rangla Punjab should be a priority for everyone visiting Punjab, it is a one-stop destination for all the fun things to do revolving around the culture and history of Punjab. Indulge in various activities as here you can do a lot with your friends and family and create lifetime memories. This place deepens your love for Punjab and will make you fall in love with it. Check out the list of activities you can find yourself busy in in Rangla Punjab.

1. Geedha Bhangra

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Immerse yourself in the captivating performance of Bhangra and Giddha, a group of professional dancers performing the traditional folk dances of Punjab. Bhangra is an energetic dance-form usually performed by men and Giddha is a graceful dance that involves ‘clapping’ which is usually performed by women.

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2. Puppet Show

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Keep yourself entertained by watching exciting puppet shows presented by skilled artists. You will see a group of these puppets performing their dance moves with utmost beauty and flexibility, which will be performed by the artists at Rangla Punjab Haveli.

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3. Magic show

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There are some tricks in this magic show that will keep you away from magic, it will make you forget about illusions and make you think about the wonders of magic. This show may not have the grandiose theatrics of the stage, but it will leave you with incredible magic effects.

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4. Making pottery

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The experience and beauty of dipping your hands into soft clay and allowing your senses to shape the art, is what makes excellent art. Experience true joy when you sit down to make some minimalist clay pots and enjoy the whole process.

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5. Lost Tinda

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Take a step back in time by viewing this masterpiece, this piece of art will create a lust for living the ‘body’ life. Marvel at these sculptures that will take you back in time to revive the simplicity of life and minimalist lifestyle. Each sculpture here shows you different aspects of life in the village, different traditions and activities that the local people practice or engage themselves in. These could be women’s daily chores and mundane routines depicting simple tasks like weaving, sewing and drawing water from a well.

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6. Hatti’s hair-dress

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Take home some souvenirs from a range of colourful, artistic traditional artefacts from Punjabi Juttis to Phulkaris. This shopping experience will give you the opportunity to take a piece of Punjab back with you. If you want to let your friends know how amazing your experience was and inspire them to visit Rangla Punjab Haveli then this is the best way to do it. By taking a piece of Punjab with you and gifting it to your loved ones.

7. Punjab The Weaver

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The old man will help you to relive the golden age of Punjab by giving live demonstration of various traditional activities of weaving Khadi cloth. The authenticity of Punjabi rural life and culture is displayed throughout the resort through various depictions of these sculptures, which will help you better understand this way of life in a fascinating way that will keep you mesmerized throughout your visit. Will keep.

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8. Palm Reading

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Know about some big revelations about your future and learn from your past as astrologer and palmist Pandit Kali Charan gives you a glimpse of your past and future through the art of palm reading. Step into the future and discover some of the great opportunities and paths ahead of you.


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When these impromptu, traditional performers tickle the funny bone of Punjabiness within you, there will be bursts of laughter. His stories, dialogue delivery and sheer presence will leave you mesmerized and in fits of laughter.

10. Food

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Enjoy the rich authentic flavors of Punjab at this traditional restaurant, where waiters dressed in traditional Punjabi attire serve you. Enjoy delicious dishes like Sarson Ka Saag, Makki Roti, Kadhai Paneer and other delicious dishes for a perfect trip to Punjab.

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Rangla Punjab in Jalandhar is a destination that gives you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the rich culture of Punjab and experience the true beauty of the northern state. Plan a trip to Punjab and travel back in time and relive the golden era of Punjab, take home some souvenirs and indulge in the craving for living the ‘Pind’ life in this Punjabi-themed village.

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