Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia

Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia

For many, Cartagena, Colombia first appeared on the radar at the 2012 Summit of the Americas, when the legitimate 45th President of the United States made headlines for dancing and drinking in a bar. local called Cafe Havana.

Although I made it to Cartagena just a few weeks after the event – and although I am, for what it’s worth, a huge Hillary fan – I didn’t want to visit Café Havana and trace the Clinton’s footsteps.

Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia

However, I had as good a time as Hillary in Cartagena, and that’s the subject of this article: a captivating itinerary in Cartagena whether you like going downhill or not, and however many days in Cartagena you have. you ultimately decide to spend.

Where to stay in Cartagena

Cartagena has always been an affordable place, as Caribbean destinations do, but the increase in tourism has been accompanied by an increase in prices. Still, you can find a great deal no matter where you stay. If you’re interested in seeing Cartagena’s heritage architecture, you should stay inside the Walled City (more details in a moment), where budget travelers should book a room at Casa Alejandria. For a more luxurious itinerary base in Cartagena, splurge at Casa San Agustín Hotel or, if you want to stay in Bocagrande (Cartagena’s answer to Miami), sleep in Cartagena beach hotels like Penthouses Palmetto.

How to organize your itinerary in Cartagena

Day 1: The walled city and the castle

While the Cartagena metropolitan area is huge in both population and area, the part of the city that most travelers concerns – the Walled city of Cartagena, dating from the 16th century, is very small.

The good news is that all of Cartagena’s best accommodations are located in this part of town, making exploring extremely easy, whether you are doing it by day, strolling the bougainvillea-lined streets and dining in charming cevicherías, or climb the wall itself in the evening and use it as a vantage point to watch the sunset.

And folks, although I have to include a word of warning: I was photographing beautiful local women with the setting sun and pink sky in the background, at least that’s what I thought. It turned out to be pictures of Cartagena prostitutes I was taking – and they didn’t have them.

The old town is full of history. Tip: Hire one of the official tour guides near Cartagena Clock tower door for a half-day walking tour of Cartagena that feels like a documentary, highlighting not only popular attractions like Cartagena Cathedral. Then end the day you spend exploring it with a visit to San Felipe de Barajas Castle, which was commissioned by the Spanish crown and took over 100 years to build. One of your routes from Cartagena at the bottom, two more to go!

Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia
Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia
Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia
Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia
Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia
Quick Guide to Cartagena Colombia

Day 2: Totumo volcano and evening entertainment

One thing that surprises many visitors to Cartagena is that much of the urban area around the Old Town is, well, pretty disgusting. This is the bad news.

The good news is, because Cartagena is located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, you don’t have to travel far from the city to literally get into nature. Well, mostly good news: it can make it harder to solve the problem of how many days in Cartagena you should spend.

I initially considered not visiting Totumo volcano, because many fellow travelers I have met in Cartagena have said that they were disappointed. But I’m glad I did the trek, if only for the incredible views I enjoyed from the top of the volcano. (Also wasn’t Cartagena’s mud bath – having a sexy Colombian man rub mud on me wasn’t a terrible experience, either.)

Whether you are renting a car to get to the volcano or taking an organized tour with your hotel and hostel, be sure to get back to town before sunset so you can enjoy a song show and of local dances near the door of the clock tower. Then, if you’re not too tired after a long day in the sun, head to Cafe del Mar at the northwest corner of the old town ramparts for a sunset drink. Stay safe, however, most crime in colombia hits drunk tourists!

Day 3: Playa Blanca

Another major complaint from visitors to Cartagena is that the city’s beaches are… uh… horrible. Fortunately, if you have more than 2 days in Cartagena, they are also avoidable: just book a boat from Cartagena Marina, just after the Clock Tower, to Baru Island, one of the popular islands of Cartagena where you will find the idyllic Playa blanca, one of the restaurants and beach hotels. It is home to the best beaches in Cartagena without a doubt.

I have listed Playa Blanca among Cartagena day trips because you can easily take a day trip there, but the point is, a lot of people come and don’t want to leave. A trip that I had already encountered in Santa Marta, just before camping at Parque Tayrona, was ending five days on Isla de Baru when I met him there.

If you have more time and money, another beach option is to head to San Andrés Island, which can be reached by plane or by a very long boat ride. Due to the distance and cost involved in getting there, however, you should allow at least a few days if you plan to visit the island.

Unfortunately for LGBT travelers, the only gay beach Cartagena seems to offer is the one you find gays on. The gay scene in Colombia actually disappointed me in general, and that was no exception.

How many days should you spend in Cartagena?

As you can probably tell from reading this article, my initial response regarding time spent in Cartagena was three days. With a few exceptions, I think it is ideal weather in the city, as it allows you a full day in the historic center, two day trips (one for inland and at sea activities), with an evening each atop the old town walls in Bocagrande, similar to Miami.

Other FAQ on the number of days to spend in Cartagena

Is Cartagena worth a visit?

No matter how many days you spend in Cartagena, Cartagena is absolutely worth a visit. If the ornate colonial architecture of the Old Town doesn’t charm you, the location along the Caribbean and day trips to Paradise Islands will. In addition, Cartagena is a starting point for excursions to Tayrona National Park, one of Colombia’s natural gems.

When is the best time to go to Cartagena, Colombia?

The weather is best in Cartagena from December to April, which is the window outside the active tropical season in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Seas. The middle months like May and November are also good choices. A slightly higher risk of hurricanes or tropical storms should pay off compared to lighter crowds and lower costs.

Should I visit Medellin or Cartagena?

I might be the only American millennial to say this, but I greatly prefer Cartagena to Medellin, and not just because of how I prefer the balmy beach air to the cool mountain breezes. Cartagena is all around more beautiful, and what it lacks in cool co-working spaces, it makes up for with an authentic and genuinely multicultural atmosphere that Medellin simply cannot compete with.

The bottom line

No matter how many days you have in Cartagena, this gorgeous city is worth all the hype it generates. Whether you spend two, three or 4 days in Cartagena, the mix of history, scenery and culture on offer in and around the center of Colombia’s Caribbean coast is intoxicating, especially if your Cartagena itinerary is part of a bigger picture. big Colombia trip.

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