Quarantine hasn’t finished… yet you can plan your trip

Quarantine hasn’t finished… yet you can plan your trip

Quarantine hasn’t finished… yet you can plan your trip. The COVID-19 coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone in the world, from quarantine to the loss of loved ones from this disease. The same is true of many communities around the world who have chosen to develop tourism as an alternative to extractive activities and as a means of protecting the environment and their local culture. The main difference is that they have no government insurance or other assistance.

So helping these communities would be a lifetime experience, not only because of visiting the wonderful places you will discover, but because planning now can help them out now when they have no income. Some may offer early bird discounts next year or give you the chance to get vouchers so you can even have a perfect gift for someone near you. Now, how do you get out of your comfort zone and choose? Here are some things to help you make a decision.

Napo Wildlife Center

Luxury trips to first class resorts are very pleasant and welcoming, but what if you are looking to include more variables? Like something where ecology and responsibility also mix? If you are concerned about the planet and conservationism, then eco-tourism is your best bet. Fortunately, ecotourism has gone upmarket over the years and it is now possible to spend incredible holidays discovering the wonders of nature, without sacrificing comfort.

Unforgettable experiences with local culture

Conservationism extends not only to all the wonderful animals and exotic plant life that exist in the world, but also to the human inhabitants of these places. People there try to preserve their way of life as best they can, despite the intrusion of modern lifestyles and thinking. The Amazonians, for example, were there before the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the American continent and had difficulty maintaining their ancestral culture. Some Eco Lodges in the reserves of the tropical forest are managed by the forest tribes and, by this method, they perpetuate their traditions and their culture as guardians of the land. You can learn more about their customs and how they see their relationship to the land and not only their use of it, but also their responsibility for it. A good lesson for everyone, but especially for children, who will become the guardians and decision-makers of our world as they age.

Comunidad Kichwa Añangu

Ecological tours, a trip on purpose

Adventure tours in the Amazon in the Ecuadorian jungle may well be a good example of what you are looking for. Not only to experience the wonders of the Amazon, but for those with children, it would be like giving them a precious gift. Seeing wild animals and flora up close and personal with your own eyes will be something to remember for the rest of their lives. A practical lesson on nature and ecology that they will not find in any class. They will certainly feel the difference after being quarantined for a while.

Comunidad Kichwa Añangu

A fate that pumps adrenaline

The holidays in the Amazon consist of returning to nature and discovering all its gifts, but with a variety of species that you will not find at home. Depending on your particular interests, whether animals, flora or insects, the native guides could guide you to their habitats, so that you can observe them without harming them. The ecology of the Amazon basin is fragile, but carefully balanced ecotourism helps to preserve this vital part of the world for future generations, not only for the inhabitants of native forests, but also for nature lovers around the world.

Comunidad Kichwa Añangu

Ecotourism is a kind of advocacy and conservationism is at the heart of ecotourism. The idea of ​​sustainability is about preservation so that future generations can enjoy and learn. The wilderness around the world is threatened due to human expansion and commercial interests, but your contribution on vacation on one of the reserves will help stem the tide. Now, taking a look at what the communities are offering now will certainly help them overcome this coronavirus epidemic.

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