Pulau Ubin Wildlife: All About The Flora & Fauna Of Singapore!

Although Sri Lanka is not primarily famous for greenery and natural scenery, there are some parts in the rural part of the country that are home to some natural lands. One such place is Pulau Ubin. Located in the northeastern part of Singapore, Pulau Ubin is a tropical island. It is famous for being the most biodiverse area in Singapore. Wildlife lovers will find a lot to explore in this part of the country.
The place is considered to be a treasure trove of native and exotic flora and fauna, which you will rarely see in mainland Singapore and thus Pulau Ubin Wildlife The main attraction of the area. If you want to visit this beautiful island and explore the wildlife, you have come to the right place.

Wildlife in Pulau Ubin

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Pulau Ubin is a biodiversity hotspot in Singapore and is a frequently visited place by nature lovers due to its extensive wildlife. It is estimated that the island is home to over 700 species of plants, 30 species of mammals, 40 species of reptiles, 175 species of butterflies, 50 species of dragonflies and over 200 species of birds, adding to the biodiversity of the area. The island is home to the largest mangrove vegetation in Singapore and is home to rare species of animals and birds such as the ashy roundleaf bat, greater mouse deer, barred eagle owl and straw-headed bulbul, mangrove pitta and brown wood owl, etc.
An important point of attraction in this area is the Czech Java Wetlands, which is a mixture of 6 different habitats and the richest ecosystems. The place is also rich in marine biodiversity with over 500 species of marine animals. This wetland also contains two mangrove trees, which are listed on the Heritage Tree Register of Singapore.
The National Parks Board of Singapore frequently monitors this reserve and conducts field studies to maintain this biodiverse habitat.

Flora and Fauna of Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin’s sanctuary is home to a myriad of plants and animals. Naming all the species would be a never-exhausting list. Here is a list of some of the highlighted plants and animals in the Pulau Ubin area. During your visit to Pulau Ubin, don’t forget to take your binoculars to get a closer look at this amazing sanctuary of nature.

1. Ash Roundleaf Bat

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It is a very rare species of bat, critically endangered in other parts of the world. The abandoned buildings at Pulau Ubin are home to two colonies of this rare mammal species. These bats are also found in parts of South and Southeast Asia, but have never actually been seen on the mainland.

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2. Lesser False Vampire

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This is another rare species of bat, found only in the Pulau Ubin area and Singapore. The dilapidated structures of Pulau Ubin are home to several colonies of this bat species. The primary food of these bats are insects and contrary to the name, they do not eat blood!

3. Oriental small-clawed otter

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It is the smallest otter species in the world, measuring only 70–100 cm in length. These otters feed on mollusks and crabs and unlike normal otter species, they spend most of their time on land. These are nocturnal creatures and are very difficult to detect. Over the years, these otter species have been seen only 9 times in the Pulau Ubin area.

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4. Dwarf crow

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This is a butterfly species that was believed to be extinct in Singapore, but was later discovered in Pulau Ubin in 2002. These butterflies are mostly attracted towards Indian heliotrope plants.

5. Greater Mouse Deer

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Pulau Ubin has a sizeable population of this mammal, which is considered extinct in mainland Singapore. Like the short-clawed otter, it is another nocturnal species that comes out at night in search of fruits and leaves and aquatic plants.

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6. Hard Figs

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This plant species only grows in Pulau Ubin, Singapore and the Changi area of ​​Singapore and is a variety of strangled fig tree. This is another rare species of tree, listed as a heritage tree in Singapore. This tree is more than 160 years old and bears fruits every six years.

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7. Jamba

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It is an endangered species of orchid, found in the lowland forests of Pulau Ubin. They produce large clusters of yellow flowers and once the plants are transplanted to a different area, their population increases.

8. Sheathed spathe Robictia

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Another endangered species of orchid, these were collected only once near the Singapore Botanic Gardens and a plant of this species was later discovered at Pulau Ubin in 2006.

Wildlife area in Pulau Ubin

Here is a list of places where you can see wildlife in Pulau Ubin. Keep scrolling down and reading!

1. Check Java

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Located in a corner of Pulau Ubin Island, Chek Java is a beautiful nature reserve in Singapore. This 100 hectare wetland is rich in wildlife and mangrove vegetation. To reach Pulau Ubin, you will need to catch a ferry and then you can rent a bicycle or rent a van to get there. You can visit the Czech Java Visitor Center to learn more about this wetland habitat. There are also several guided tours available that will explore the area.

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2. Pasir Ris Town Park

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Pasir Ris is a beach park in the Central Province of Singapore. The park has a large marine pond where you can go fishing, the park is full of native trees and shrubs and flowering plants, making it an ideal place for camping and picnics in Pulau Ubin.

3. Coney Island Park

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Coney Island Park near Pulau Ubin in the Punggol area is another wildlife habitat. This wildlife sanctuary is home to many species of flora and fauna including 80 species of birds. The high diversity of bird species in this park makes it an ideal place for bird watching. This ecological park focuses on sustainability by focusing on water and energy conservation and recycling of natural elements.

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To summarize, Pulau Ubin is full of nature’s treasures, when you visit Pulau Ubin make sure you take a closer look to appreciate the diverse wildlife of this place. So, pack your bags and book your trip to Singapore right away!

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FAQs about Pulau-Ubin Wildlife

Which are the best months to visit Pulau-Ubin wildlife in Singapore?

February to September is the dry or non-rainy season. This is the perfect month to visit and see Pulau-Ubin wildlife in Singapore.

Is Pulau-Ubin a safe place for a solo female tourist to visit the jungle?

Yes, they should come under one of the all-inclusive Pulau-Ubin wildlife tour packages. This will include their local transit, hotel stay, meals, sightseeing with local guides.

Are there camping facilities to visit the wildlife attractions of Pulau-Ubin Island?

Yes, day and night camping is allowed once in Pulau-Ubin Island for photographers and wildlife lovers. Night camping is best for taking photos and videos of nocturnal animals.

Is there any danger from Ubin villagers during Pulau-Ubin wildlife tour?

No, Ubin is rural tourist-friendly. They come as a guide and sell food and beverages to wildlife tourists in Pulau-Ubin Island. Furthermore, there are very few villagers here and they are the only natives of the island.

What are some ways wildlife lovers can explore Pulau-Ubin Island?

If you stay here for more than a day, hiking is the best way to explore the wildlife spots. If you come here for a day tour, cycling is the only option to explore the wildlife attractions.

Is it possible to see wildlife through the water once in Pulau-Ubin Island?

Yes, the only way to explore this island from the sea waters, mangroves and lakes is by kayaking and sailing. You can rent these from villagers near the wildlife attractions.

Are there any man-eaters in Pulau-Ubin Island?

No, there are no man-eating animals in Pulau-Ubin Island. There is no danger to tourists. Still, they should not disturb any animals and birds while exploring Pulau-Ubin Wildlife in Pulau-Ubin Island, Singapore.

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