Ready To Explore Pretoria Like A Pro? Here’s How To Do It!

Traveling to places in the world is a dream of many people and when they are able to fulfill their dream, they are the luckiest. If you are one of those people who dream of traveling and want to make it a reality this year, our suggested destination would be Pretoria in South Africa.

The main historical and cultural wonders are in the city’s downtown area and Church Street in Pretoria. This road is the longest road in the world and you can stroll down here and experience the cool architectural buildings built along the banks. If you’re planning on visiting Pretoria, there are a few things you should be aware of.



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The currency of Pretoria is ‘R’ or Rand and code name is, ZAR. This currency is also a common monetary symbol in Swaziland, Namibia and South Africa. The rand takes its name from the Witwatersrand, a range on which Johannesburg is built, and where most of South Africa’s gold reserves are found.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit

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The best time to visit Pretoria is autumn or if you want, you can also go in winter. The place is humid and humid in summer, with afternoon thunderstorms and temperatures hovering around 60 to 86 degrees. If you visit during winter time, you will find dry weather with light breeze and temperatures hovering around 41 degrees.

Ideal time to spend holidays

Ideal time to spend holidays

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The ideal time for tourists to visit Pretoria is only from 19th March to 20th May or you can also go during 27th August to 21st October. Tourists can travel from Johannesburg to Pretoria by plane and once there they can take a shuttle which will cost R90. If you are looking to travel to that place by train, that can also be done. You can take a train from Johannesburg Airport and travel to the city centre, which will cost R164, and a commuter train ticket costs R16.50.
You can also avail car services. Pretoria can be reached by car from anywhere in the country and you may have to use the national highways, N1-4 and N14 to get there. You can book a rental car which will cost you R169 per day.

3 best places to visit

There are a lot of places to visit in Pretoria, as you might know that the whole city is full of wonders and that is why tourists love to visit this place in South Africa every year with their Pretoria tourist guide. To know about the places to visit in this region, we have listed 3 top places that you should never miss.

1. Paul Kruger House

Paul Kruger House

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It is the home of Paul Kruger, 19th century African leader and President of the Transvaal. The house is in the Bungalow style and was built in 1884 by the Kruger family and was designed by English-speaking architect Charles Clarke. The architect used cement and mixed it with milk instead of water. Your Pretoria South Africa travel guide will show you that this place has a long veranda and this is its best feature and the President likes to stroll on this veranda. When you go inside the house there are family belongings of the Kruger family, who lived in a very modern style at that time. This house is the first house in the entire city to have electricity, which also has a telephone connection. If you look carefully, you will find that the bathrooms are also made in modern style.

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2. Ritveli Nature Reserve

Ritveli Nature Reserve

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Ritweli Nature Reserve is located 18 km from the center of Tshwane, and it is close to Pretoria. There is a dam at this place known as Ritweli Dam which supplies 15% of the water to the city of Pretoria. The nature reserve is a very popular spot here and contains buffalo, cheetah, leopard, bushbuck, white rhinoceros and more. Every year bird lovers come here to experience some spectacular birds. The reserve has a 60 km maintained area where you can travel by dirt road and see some spectacular views.

Ask your tour guide to Pretoria to help you spot cheetah, reedbuck, buffalo, springbok, zebra, eland, hartebeest and a variety of animals. If you want to have an extended visit then you can consider staying once in the park, where you will find the Rietveli Campsite, and you will have to book it in advance. The best time to visit the reserve is from September to March, 5:30 am to 5 pm and from April to August, 6 am to 4 pm.

3. Voortrekker Memorial

Voortrekker Memorial

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This majestic monument is located in the northern part of Pretoria and houses the illustrious history of Southern Africa along with Afrikaner history. The monument was opened in 1949 and was built and designed by the renowned architect Gerard Moerdijk. You will get to experience the Hall of Heroes here and it is the longest historical marble decoration in the world.
In recent times, it is the most visited heritage site in the world and is a historical visitor’s monument.

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3 best things to do

Take a look at the best things to do while on holiday in Pretoria for a heart-warming experience!

1. The Vibe Market – Visit

vibe market

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This is a social market in Pretoria, and here you can spend your day listening to the tunes that people play here. Eat some good food from this place and enjoy some group shopping too.

Place: 012 Central, 381 Helen Joseph Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa

2. Drum Circle – Join

drum circle

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You can enjoy a klutzgrass drumming session in Pretoria. You can join this fun activity in the evening and enjoy the warmth of the centre’s fire. You can list this place among the things to see in Pretoria and enjoy some delicious pizza and experience the music. You can even try your hand with the drums!

Place: Garsfontein Road, Pretoria, South Africa

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3. Tall Stories and Agatha Panther

tall tales and agatha panther

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This is the best place for book lovers. Here you can get second-hand books at affordable rates. If you’re lucky you might even meet the lovely cat Agatha Panther.

Place: Irene Village Mall, Cnr. Nelmappius and Pierre Van Renneveld Road, Pretoria, South Africa

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3 best places to stay

If you are looking for some places to stay, here are the top 3 places.

1. Casa Bianca Guest Lodge

Casa Bianca Guest Lodge

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Enjoy a pleasant stay at this hotel and enjoy one of the best breakfasts in the entire place.

Place: Plot 69, Melody, 0216 Hartbeespoort, North-West, South Africa.

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2. Tranquility Spa Lodge

Tranquility Spa Lodge

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Make your holiday in Pretoria relaxing and treat yourself to some spa time.

Place: Part 40, Welgedach Farm, Dinokeng, 1000 Cullinan, Gauteng, South Africa

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3. Chateau La Mer Exclusive Guesthouse

Chateau La Mer Exclusive Guesthouse

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Enjoy the best hospitality from the best guest house and hotel staff, and don’t forget to taste the amazing food.

Place: 31 Canon Crescent, Fafi, 0260 Hartbeespoort, North-West, South Africa

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Amazing architecture and diverse beauty of natural colours, coupled with warm sunshine, Pretoria is a favorite place for tourists from all over the world. The entire city is divided into small blocks and each block has its own wonder hidden for every curious traveler and only a Pretoria travel guide will be able to show you the amazing wonders of this place. In this way you know the main things about the beautiful city of Pretoria in South Africa. You can visit this place at the best time and do not forget to bring your family. So, plan a trip to South Africa and visit Pretoria!

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