Prague Travel Guide – Tour Travel Hotels

Prague Travel Guide – Tour Travel Hotels

Prague travel guide is a well-known and trusted guide to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It lists the city’s history, culture, architecture, food, entertainment, landmarks, shopping, and attractions in this charming European city. Prague travel guide has a lot of interesting things to offer.

Prague, the largest city in the Czech Republic, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It has lots of historical monuments, old castles, churches, palaces, museums, and parks. Here is the Prague travel guide to make your plan for your visit to this rich city.

Prague Travel Guide - Tour Travel Hotels
Prague Travel Guide

Europe’s Pride

This city is held as one of the ‘Europe’s Pride’. After the war, the country was occupied by the Nazi’s, but after liberation, it became one of the first European countries to adopt a Communist rule. People from all over the world come to Prague, as it is the gateway to Austria and Germany. It is the center of the oldest beer brewing industry in the world.


When you visit Prague, you will definitely want to go through Glaucovac, situated near the Old Town, which is also called as Prague Castle. This is one of the most famous churches in the world. This church is being renovated and is now a museum. The church has two towers and its top is in the shape of a Maltese cross. Glaucoma is surrounded by the Old Town, which is also known as Prague Wall, and the highest points of Prague are Hradcany Hill and Kysy Monastyr and Svadoda Street.

Czec Republic

Rodina is another famous city in the Czech Republic. It is known as the most beautiful city in Europe. Rodina is famous for its several museums and architecture and also for the modern museums that were built during the time of the communist era.

The city’s entertainment is magnificent. Some of the major attractions are Pilsen, Komitas, Licko, and Jasna Gora. Petrilovice is another interesting place for those who love jazz and Western music.

Prague is a city that attracts many visitors. There are many types of Czech travel guides available. If you are interested in a guided tour in Prague, you can search for a Prague travel guide online.

Prague travel guide

Prague travel guide is a must-have for those who are planning to visit this city. That is easy to understand because it has a lot of information about all the attractions of Prague. It also has some useful tips about local transportation and the best ways to get around the city. The Prague travel guide also has useful information about local businesses and the hotels and restaurants in Prague.

This city is beautiful with its old architecture and history. Prague offers tourists the chance to experience the local life as they explore the historical sites, see the churches, and enjoy the food in the famous beer-drinking establishments. Many tourists are also getting interested in this historical city, because of the easy accessibility of accommodation and services in this wonderful city.

Tourist Destination

This city is a great tourist destination because of its rich culture, history, food, entertainment, sights, and an attraction in its olden days. The city also offers tourists easy access to the Prague airport, making this city an ideal travel destination for all those who love to explore the olden and the new.

Travel in the Czech Republic can be enjoyable, especially if you are a native of Prague. You can learn more about the history of this city by visiting the tourist sites and monuments in the Old Town, Brno, and beyond. Enjoy your trip and you will definitely get inspired by the atmosphere of this charming country.

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