Places To Visit In South India For A Summer Vacation

Places To Visit In South India For A Summer Vacation

Summer is one of those seasons when we find ourselves excited more than ever. With the summer holidays and the weather itself, families are encouraged to take vacations. However, with all the excitement, arises the most important question, where to travel? If you are in such a conundrum, let us assist you to come out of it with this specially curated list of summer destinations to visit in South India to satisfy all your travel wishes.

From lesser-known places to hill-stations and laid back beaches, we have pretty much covered every nook of south India for you. Have a look!

Alappuzha (Alleppey)


Alleppey with its breathtaking backwaters and floating houseboats is one of the most impressive places to visit in South India. The backwaters of Kerala are an enthralling sight, especially during twilight. Surf on its pristine waters, or spend a day or two in one of the houseboats. Or maybe just let relax on one of the swings tied to the coconut trees.


A small hamlet located on the Western Coast of India, Gokarna is known for its pristine beach sand and is excellent for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. If your idea of a vacation is to sunbathe on the beaches while sipping a cooler or to simply take a break from the cacophony of city life, then Gokarna is the place to be! A miniature version of Goa, Gokarna is a must-visit this summer!


A delightful experience in itself, you savour the food even better when all your other senses are treated to the cool sea breeze and the view of the endless sea. A perfect and excellent tourist destination in South India, Varkala is known for its fisheries, springs, lighthouses, seashores, lake and much more. Also, the Vishnu temple recognised as the Janardhanaswamy Temple is found here which is said to be more than two millennia old.


Located in Kerala, Munnar is unquestionably one of the most serene hill stations in South India. You would know you’ve arrived in Munnar when you sense the smell of tea in the air. It’s omnipresent, and you will go back scented like a teabag. The entire area is a collection of small hamlets that are trek friendly peaks, with pools, cascades and large areas of thick, lush forests managed by the forest department. Also, The flourishing countryside is bound to take your breath away!


No matter how many times you go to Ooty, it never fails to surprise you. Ooty, an enchanting place in South India, is a complete package that is certain to please your senses. Also, offering an amorous ambience, Ooty is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in South India. There are numerous things to do here as well; you can go boating, take a toy train from Mettupalayam, and watch the daybreak in the Nilgiri hills after trekking to the summit Dodabetta peak.


Abode to the extensive Periyar National Park, the picturesque village of Thekkady is sure to win your heart with its natural charm and abundance of verdant beauty. Find tigers, as well as other wild beasts, frolic at the country’s most comprehensive tiger reserve; indulge in the adventuresome sport of Bamboo rafting; marvel at the fascinating ecology of the Periyar lake and its encircling greenery.


Coorg is a captivating hill station located about 260 Km away from Bangalore. The picture of the silvery clouds subtly mingling with the greenery of the mountain slopes is worth the view. Ever partaken in waterfall rappelling? If not, now is the time! An impressive challenge to overcome, with the water streaming down with force, in a wet climate, hear your heartbeat in your ears.


Lose yourself in the natural beauty of the rolling hills shrouded in the alluring clouds and thick forest of Kodaikanal. Be it the cascades, the pools, the verdant greenery or the beautiful view of the Palani hills. Enjoy the comfortable weather of the area as you trek to Dolphin’s Nose or Green Valley View, where you can appreciate the scenic prospects of this true wonderland, or involve yourself in the tranquillity of Berjarim Lake or Kodai Lake.


A pictorial plateau snuggled in the hills of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the most beautiful areas of Kerala. Part of the large Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, this beautiful town is packed with enchanting cascades, vast spice ranches, historical caves, and fascinating wildlife, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to traverse the unscathed beauty of the bewitched Western Ghats.


Goa is one of the most visited tourist places in South India. Moreover, it is an ideal place to go to when you want that fine balance of entertainment, adventure and a laid-back environment. With various beaches and an unlimited number of eateries serving the freshest of seafood, could your holiday get any better? Also, Goa is always on a roll with food carnivals, regular gigs at the local bars.

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