19 Places To Visit In Konkan In 2023 For A Lovely Coastal Affair!

Sprawling across the shore from Mumbai to Goa, Konkan is home to picture-perfect sea beaches, splendid ruins, and much more. If you have ever traveled by train along the Konkan coast, you would know how beautiful this place is. There are plenty of places to visit in Konkan where you can admire the lush green charm of the coast and explore fishermen’s lives. Whether you have always wanted to visit a string of forts or spend a holiday at the tropical beaches in India, Konkan is undoubtedly the best place to be at. Being home to cascading waterfalls, virgin landscape, and delicious seafood, the Konkan coast has plenty to offer.

19 Places To Visit In Konkan

While there are many places to visit in Konkan, here are 19 best places that you must visit during your trip to Konkan. From beaches to ruins, there is something for all kinds of travelers in Konkan. 

  • Ganpatipule: Exotic Beaches
  • Alibaug: The Best Of Everything
  • Ratnagiri: The Port Town
  • Sindhudurg: For Forts
  • Dapoli: For The Culture Vultures
  • Murud: For That Perfect Break
  • Harnai: Home To Beaches
  • Mahad: Exotic Place
  • Kelshi: Hidden Gem
  • Roha: Ancient Ruins
  • Amboli: Blissful Getaway
  • Chiplun: Greenery at Its Best
  • Shrivardhan: The Royal Abode
  • Dombivli: Seek Blessing Of Lord Ganesha
  • Badlapur: Riveting Waterfalls
  • Kalyan: Explore The Grand Fort
  • Malvan: Relish Delicious Desserts
  • Thane: Mesmerizing Lakes
  • Mumbai: The City Of Dreams

1. Ganpatipule: Exotic Beaches

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Being home to pristine beaches, Ganpatipule adorns itself with mangroves along with plantations. The beauty of the clear blue water of the Arabian Sea further adds to the beauty of this place. During your visit to Ganpatipule, you must visit two exotic sea beaches here i.e. Ganpatipule Beach and Aare Ware Beach. You will also find a Swayambhu Ganpati temple on that has been here for centuries. In addition, you should visit the Jaigad Fort and a lighthouse built in the British era here. This is certainly one of the best tourist places in Konkan.

Location: Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra.
Best Experience: Visit some of the most serbe tropical beaches in Ganpatipule and soak in all the freshness.
Timing: Visit Ganpatipule in Winter 

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2. Alibaug: The Best Of Everything

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Also known as Alibag, Alibaug unravels the opportunity for you to experience some of the most coveted forts in the west coast. If you are looking for the best places to visit in konkan, you should definitely try the Alibaug Fort and the Magen Avot Synagogue. Both the Siddheswat Mandir and Kanakeshwar Mandir here attract thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. You could go for a walk on some of the virgin beaches here including Kashid Beach, Korlai Beach, Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach, and so on. Apart from the delectable seafood cuisine, you can enjoy water sports as well, making it one of the best places to visit in Konkan in summer. 

Location: Raigad district, Maharashtra.
Best Experience: Add to your memory as you visit Alibaug Fort and Magen Avot Synagogue in the historical town of Alibaug.
Timing: Visit Alibaug during the winter to enjoy the pleasant weather.

3. Ratnagiri: The Port Town

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The port town of Ratnagiri is much known for producing world famous Alphonso mangoes. Being home to Western Ghat hills and Arabian Sea waves, this town is perfect for a weekend getaway. Besides rejuvenating you in the abode of nature, Ratnagiri has some of the most pristine beaches that you must visit during your trip to Ratnagiri. Don’t miss the Guhagar Beach and the Ratnagiri Lighthouse here. This amazing destination is one of the exciting places to visit in Konkan in May.

Location: Ratnagiri, Konkan Division, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Visit the pristine beaches and enjoy the cascading waves of the Arabian Sea at Ratnagiri
Timing: Visit Ratnagiri during the winters from November to February to experience the best sceneries.

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4. Sindhudurg: For Forts

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Talking about Sindhudrg, what comes to mind first is the Chhatrapati Shivaji’s fort with the same name. Being home to 50 smaller towns, this district is famous for the Sindhudurg Fort. Being one of the places to visit in konkan in Winter, this place is known for snorkelling along with other water sports. You will also get to experience Malvani cuisine here. In addition, don’t forget to taste the Alphonso mangoes and coconuts here.

Location: Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Visit the Sindhudurg Fort where you can meet some of the original people who still stay there.
Timing: Visit Sindhudurg during the Winter season.

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5. Dapoli: For The Culture Vultures

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Located approximately 215 km away from Mumbai, Dapoli is known as Mini-Mahabaleshwar as well. Ruled by Britishers once, this place is a melting pot of different cultures. Adorned with pristine beaches, Dapoli has forests too. In addition, you can visit ancient temples such as Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar Temple as well. What you shouldn’t miss here is Dolphin sightings and forest trekking. If you are looking forward to enrich yourself with culture, this is one of the best places to visit in Konkan for couples.

Location: Dapoli, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Visit the sea beaches and go for a forest trek along with the temples such as Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar Temple.
Timing: You should visit Dapoli during the months of winter.

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6. Murud: For That Perfect Break

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Located within close proximity from Alibaug, Murud is known for being home to tranquil sea beaches and historical monuments as well. You must visit the Murud Janjira Fort during your trip to Murud. This fort is located on a small islet close to the town. Other places that you should visit the Palace of Nawab, Khokri Gumbaj old tombs, and Dutta Mandir. You can also go for adventure sports here.

Location: Murud, Raigad district, Maharashtra.
Best Experience: Visit historical places such as Palace of Nawab in Murud. Also, enjoy the spectacular view from the Dutta Mandir on the hilltop.
Timings: You should visit Murud during winter.

7. Harnai: Home To Beaches

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Located in Dapoli, Harnai is known for being home to Harnai Karde Beach and other splendid sea beaches. If you are looking forward to experience authentic Konkani hospitality, this is definitely one of the places to visit in Konkan. This less-crowded village gives you the opportunity to experience a number of magnificent sea beaches such as Ladghar, Kelshi, and Anjarle. You can also visit the Parshuram Bhumi and Suvarnadurg which are among the best places to visit in Konkan in Monsoon.

Location: Harnai, Dapoli, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra.
Best Experience: Enjoy authentic Konkani hospitality at the harnai by staying at the less-crowded village.
Timings: Visit Harnai during winter.

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8. Mahad: Exotic Place

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Mahad is one of the most exotic places to visit in Konkan Maharashtra. Being home to Buddhist Gumpas and Maratha forts, this city used to be the capital of Shivaji once upon a time. This area resembles a triangular peninsula today because of the frequent floods that have taken place here in recent times. Other places to see here include Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves, Raigad, Pratapgad, Birwadi, Warandha Forts, and so on.

Location: Mahad, Raigad district, Maharashtra.
Best Experience: Visit the Buddha Gumpas in Mahad and travel to ancient times.
Timings: You should visit Mahad during the winter months.

9. Kelshi: Hidden Gem

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Kelshi is a hidden gem that is still unspoilt and untouched by the crowd. So, if you want to have peace and tranquility along with beauty then you must visit Kelshi. It is a small village known for its beaches. Apart from that, you will also find abundance of flora and fauna in Kelshi. It is one of the top places to see in Konkan, that you must visit during your holiday. 

Location: Kelshi, Maharashtra 415717
Best Experience: Do not forget to visit the beach.
Timings: All year round.

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10. Roha: Ancient Ruins

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Roha has been emerging as a popular tourist destination. The small village is located between Kalasgiri hills and Kundalika river and is famous as a haunted place. The village is known for offering activities like river rafting and more. So, keep this in your list of top places to see in Konkan. 

Location: Roha, Maharashtra 402109
Best Experience: River rafting in the Kundalika river.
Timings: All year round.

11. Amboli: Blissful Getaway

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A paradisiacal village located just before the boundaries of Goa, Amboli is the perfect place for that much needed break and one of the best tourist places in Konkan. The place has an abundance of flora, fauna and offers beautiful views that will leave you amused. It is home to several little waterfalls also, making it one of the thrilling places to visit in Konkan in rainy season.

Best Experience: Rainfalls in the place enhance its beauty so try visiting during rainy season
Timings: September to March

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12. Chiplun: Greenery at Its Best

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Chiplun is famous as being the abode of Parshuram so you can imagine how sacred it is. It is home to several temples and its true beauty comes out during the rainy season. So, make sure you visit it during the rainfalls. Apart from temples, it is home to a museum where you can learn about its history.

Best Experience: Visit the various temples of Chiplun to witness the time of Parshuram
Timings: June to August during late summer and early monsoon

13. Shrivardhan: The Royal Abode

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If you are up for an exciting experience, then head to Shrivardhan which is a coastal town and home to innumerable beaches. Not only is it known for its pristine beaches, but also for being the home of Peshwas in earlier times.

Best Experience: Kondivali and Diveagar beach are the most famous places
Timings: All year round

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14. Dombivli: Seek Blessing Of Lord Ganesha

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Dombivli is a quaint city located at a distance of 40 kilometers from Mumbai. One of the most beautiful places in Konkan and a famous city, Dombivli is well-connected to Mumbai and Thane. Visit the popular Ganpati temple in Dombivli to seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha. For those of you who want to witness beautiful views, the best spot to visit in Dombivli is Reti Bandar which is located on the banks of the serene Ulhas River. Kelkar Road in Dombivli is quite popular among shopaholics and you must pay a visit and splurge a little!

Location: Thane district, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Visit the famous temple and go for a shopping spree at Kelkar Road

15. Badlapur: Riveting Waterfalls

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Surrounded by greenery and tranquility, Badlapur is located in the Than district and is another one of the famous places in Konkan for a weekend getaway. The proximity of this city to Mumbai makes it an ideal spot for spending a weekend. The cool temperature and ravishing waterfalls make it an excellent choice for all nature lovers. You can visit the renowned Kondeshwar Shiv Temple and attend the morning and evening prayers held every day.

Location: Thane district, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Visit the Shiv temple and the riveting waterfalls

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16. Kalyan: Explore The Grand Fort

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Kalyan is the 9th largest city in Maharashtra and is known for the ancient walls surrounding it. In the Mughal era, Kalyan was fortified by walls and these walls are still present. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Konkan for history enthusiasts, Kalyan attracts a lot of visitors every year. Durgadi Fort is the best tourist attraction that you can visit in this city. Visit this fort around the Navratri festival and attend the grand celebrations to make your vacation memorable.

Location: Thane district, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Explore the Durgadi Fort and attend the Navratri festival

17. Malvan: Relish Delicious Desserts

Image Credit: Manoj.patra for Wikimedia Commons

Malvan is a picture-perfect town that is adorned with beaches and a magnificent fort. This town is popular for its beaches, mangoes, and locally prepared desserts. All foodies must try scrumptious sweet dishes like Malvani Khaja, Malvani Ladoos, Konkani meva, Aambawadi, and Fanaspoli. Sindhudurg Fort was built by Hirojee Indalkar in 1664 and it is one of the prime attractions in Malvan. Visit the famous beaches like Arse Mahal beach, Chivla beach, and Tondavli beach to relax and unwind.

Location: Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra
Best Experience: Relax at the beaches and visit the stunning Malvan Fort

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18. Thane: Mesmerizing Lakes

Image Credit: KuwarOnline for Wikimedia Commons

Thane is a metropolitan city that is blessed with marvelous lakes that lure a lot of tourists. Home to several ravishing lakes like Brahmala lake, Masunda Lake, Datiwali Lak, Rewale Lake, and Burbank Lake, Thane is a city for all those who are craving for a break from their monotonous city life and want to relax amidst nature. Visit the lakes in Thane and savor the enchanting view of the sunset or take a walk while enjoying all the creations of mother nature. If you are on a Konkan trip by car, add this destination to your itinerary.

Location: Maharashtra
Best Experience: Explore the mesmerizing lakes and take a relaxing walk

19. Mumbai: The City Of Dreams

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Mumbai is one of the most visited cities in Maharashtra. The land of Bollywood stars is indeed one of the best places to visit on the Konkan coast. World-famous for its Juhu Chowpatty, and Marine Drive this city has something to offer to all travelers. From shopping spots to street food, Mumbai will spoil you with the best of everything. You can pay a visit to the prime tourist attractions like The Gateway of India, Siddhivinayak temple, Juhu beach, and Haji Ali Dargah.

Location: Maharashtra
Best Experience: Explore the spectacular tourist attractions like Juhu beach and Haji Ali Dargah. Shop around the famous mistakes

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These places to visit in Konkan should be on your list if you ever wish to explore the region down under. Konkan coast is one of the most beautiful assets of India. When planning a trip around India, you must take a train because the coastal train journey is so beautiful and picturesque. The best way to explore is by taking a train.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Konkan

Is tourism allowed in Konkan?

Yes, tourism is allowed in the Konkan region and you can enjoy having vacations here. From adventure trips to refreshing getaways, there are numerous escapes worth exploring in Konkan.

Do we need a pass for travelling in Maharashtra?

During Covid 19 outrage, the state was issuing e-pass to those who wish to arrive in Mumbai. However, as the situation is under control, no such passes are being issued. You must carry your negative RT PCR report, as you may require to produce it at the entry and exit points.

Is it safe to visit the Konkan region during Covid times?

You need to follow all the mandatory safety guidelines mentioned by the authorities to ensure a safe travel experience. Remain masked while stepping out and maintain social distance. Avoid visiting crowded places and keep sanitizing your hands after touching surfaces.

What is famous in Konkan?

Konkan is known for being home to tropical beaches, lush greenery, and prominent forts. During your trip to Konkan, you should visit places such as Alibaug, Ratnagiri, Dapoli, Harnai, Mahad, and so on.

What is the best time to visit Konkan?

Konkan gets heavy rainfall during the months between June and September. To roam around comfortably in pleasant weather, you must visit Konkan during the months between November and February.

What are some of the best beaches in Konkan?

During your trip to Konkan, you must visit beaches such as Ganpatipule Beach, Guhagar Beach, Alibaug Beach, Harihareshwar Beach, etc.

Which is the best place in Konkan?

There are numerous interesting places to visit in Konkan. Some of the best places to visit in Konkan include Harnai-Murud, Malvan, Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri, and so on.

What is the best time to visit Ganpatipule?

You shouldn’t visit Ganpatipule during the summer months because of the extreme heat. You should definitely plan for the winter and monsoon months. You can visit the place between August to January, as the temperature remains comparatively pleasant during this time.

Why Ganpatipule beach is dangerous?

Apart from the sea being deep, Ganpatipule Beach has rocks inside the sea. That’s why it is considered dangerous. Also, you will be observing sudden large waves. However, no issue has been reported related to starfish or other kinds of infection.

What is the famous food of Konkan?

Konkan is known for its delicious seafood cuisines such as Rachaedo Mackerel Fry, Prawn Balchao and Shark Amniotic. Apart from this, you can also indulge in the vegetarian delicacies of the region such as Sol Kadhi.

Which hill station is near Konkan?

During your trip to Konkan, you can also enjoy the picturesque location of Amboli which is a serene hill station located near to Konkan.

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