30 Places In Andhra Pradesh That Will Help Creating Numerous Memories In 2023!

The versatile state of Andhra is the melting pot of both culture and historicity. It is the first state of India that was formed post linguistic independence of the country in the year 1953. And since its inception, it has been ahead in all forms of development. From the Tirumala temple to the Ahobilam forest, the hills in the ghats to the coast of Vizag, there are umpteen places to visit in Andhra Pradesh that are worth adding in your itinerary. This state has more to offer with every passing border and you get to witness the cultural aspects beautifully unfolding before you!

30 Places To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

When planning for a vacation in Andhra, one tends to get confused owing to the numerous places the state is home to. To sort this dilemma for you, given below are some of the best locations you must consider visiting to make your vacation in Andhra unforgettable!

1. Visakhapatnam

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Also called by the name, ‘Vizag’, this is a coastal town and also the industrial centre of the state. Its striking infrastructure and clean coast lure vacationers from far and wide. Ramakrishna Beach is one of the most renowned sights in the city. It is also the spot where the preserved submarine, INS Kursura is located. The submarine now functions as a museum that highlights the life of the Navy. One can also visit the Varaha Lakshi temple, indulge in some fantastic coastal food, and take a stroll on the beach. If you are seeking the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh for 2 days, Vishakha Patnam should definitely be on your itinerary.

Ideal for: history buffs, nature lovers
Type: City/ Coastal
Stay options: Beach View Holiday Home, Dolphin Hotel, The Park Hotel

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2. Gandikota

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One of the lesser-known tourist spots in Andhra Pradesh, Gandikota has one major attraction that one should definitely witness. Home to the historic fort along the Penna River, this site has a view of the canyon, which is like none other, making it one of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh with friends. The vast canyon is also referred to as the “Grand Canyon of India.” The fort is a hub for campers who bring along tents and spend their night under a sky full of stars.

Ideal for: nature lovers, history buffs, archaeology lovers, campers
Type: Nature/Adventure
Stay options: Camping in tents, at Haritha Resort

3. Tirupati

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The city of Tirupati is famous for its legendary Venkateshwara temple located on the Tirumala hills. This temple in Tirupati is one of the most important shrines of the Hindus, making it a renowned place in Andhra Pradesh. The temple and the city get millions of devotees and travellers each year to seek blessings and witness this awe-inducing spirituality. The city also has a national park where one can spot a lion and other wild animals. For the history buffs, there is also the Chandragiri Fort, built by the Vijayanagar emperors in the 11th century. Also, there are some cottages in Tirupati which are spectacular and attract a lot of tourists who visit here.

Ideal for: pilgrims, history buffs, adventurers, nature lovers
Type: Pilgrimage
Stay options: Fortune Grand Ridge, Hotel Pai Viceroy

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4. Ahobilam

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Located at a distance of 340 kilometres from the city of Hyderabad, this is a lush-green spot, popular for hiking and a famous pilgrimage centre. The town has nine different temples where each form of Lord Narasimha is worshipped. This is the reason why the city is also called Nava Narasimha Kshetra. Most of these temples are easy to walk up to but some of them are challenging hikes, which make it a place of interest for young travelers.

Ideal for: adventurers, pilgrims, nature lovers, history buffs
Type: Nature/Pilgrimage
Stay options: Mahalakshmi Residency, Malolan Guest House

5. Rajahmundry

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Counted among the best places in Andhra Pradesh, this city is also called the “cultural capital” of the state. Rajahmundry was established on the banks of the river Godavari and is believed to be the birthplace of the Telugu language. The city is the home to many scholars and writers renowned all over the state. Rajahmundry is an amalgamation of everything right, from beautiful backwaters to significant temples, and museums. The iconic Pulasa Fish is a unique delicacy of the town; it’s found here from August to December.

Ideal for: nature lovers, history buffs
Type: Lake/ Backwater
Stay options: Shelton Hotel, River Bay Resort, Hotel Anand Regency

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6. Amaravati

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The capital city of the state is known across the country for its uniqueness and is counted among the best places in Andhra Pradesh. This great city has many temples and cultural hotspots – making the city a favourite for both the elders and the youth of the country. Apart from the iconic Amaravati temple, the city is home to some of the historical scriptures and inscriptions of the Vijayanagar kings. The Amaravati Archeological Museum and Kondaveedu Fort will fascinate those who incline history.

Ideal for: history buffs
Type: Historic City
Stay options: Haailand Resort

7. Lepakshi

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One of the well-known tourist places in Andhra Pradesh for couples, this site, however, gets more tourists from Karnataka than any other part of India because of its proximity to the state. This is a 15th-century town that was created by the Vijayanagar Kings. The temple of Veerabhadra at Lepakshi is known for its peculiar designs. The ceilings and walls have eccentric paintings and stunning pliers, which are sure to mesmerize you.

Ideal for: pilgrims, history buffs
Type: Historic site
Stay options: Haritha Hotel, Palla Residency

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8. Araku Valley

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Located in the abundant greenery of the Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is a paradise for travellers who love nature. The forest is home to some of the unique tribes seen in India and the government has taken extraordinary measures to preserve their indigenous ways of life. There is a Padmapuram Garden atop the hill with a toy train, making this destination ideal for families with kids. This place is also home to a coffee museum, which is one of the highlights here. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh with friends.

Ideal for: nature lovers
Type: Nature
Stay options: Infinity Campsite, Laahiri Bamboo Resorts

9. Kurnool

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Kurnool, also called the “Gateway to Rayalaseema”, has many spots with historical importance. The biggest attraction is the Konda Reddy Fort, which is located at the heart of the city. It is one of the best historical places in Andhra Pradesh and attracts travellers from far and wide. The fort is only two kilometres away from the railway station and is a massive stone structure. The town is famous for its unique spicy food that one can enjoy at any small-sized eatery across the city. The Sri Lakshmi Narasimha temple and the Dakshin Sai Baba temple are considered to be the most prominent pilgrimage sights here.

Ideal for: history buffs, pilgrims
Type: City
Stay options: Hotel MBL Regency, Mourya Inn

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10. Vijayawada

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The city of Vijayawada is one of the famous places in Andhra Pradesh. The city is a perfect blend of modernity and historicity, as reflected by the fast-paced city life and iconic monuments, respectively. The Undavalli Caves are one of the most visited spots for travellers. The rock-cut cave temple is part of a sandstone hill with fascinating statues and carvings. The Prakasam Barrage is synonymous with the city, a long bridge that stretches over the Krishna River.

Ideal for: archaeology lovers, history buffs
Type: City
Stay options: Novotel Vijayawada, Red Fox Hotel, La Hotera

11. Nallamala Hills

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Characterized as one of the most peaceful natural tourist spots in Andhra Pradesh, this hill station is an excellent place for a single-day trip or a weekend away from the bustling city. It is home to the Nallamala Forest, which is located on the beautiful Eastern Ghats. The weather here is very unpredictable but a visit to these hills will always be worthwhile.

Ideal for: nature lovers
Type: Hill Station
Stay options: Seven Hills Hotel, Cumbum

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12. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

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This state-run national park is home to more than 120 indigenous species of birds. The rare white-backed vulture and the long-billed vulture can also be spotted here. The never-ending stretch of mangroves makes for a unique scenery. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary has also been recorded as the second-largest mangrove forest in the world.

Ideal for: nature lovers, adventurers
Type: Forest/Wildlife
Stay options: The Regency Hotel, Hotel Jaya Residency

13. Ananthagiri Hills

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If you are an adventurous person and looking for new places to discover then you must opt for trekking in Ananthagiri Hills which is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats. In case you are planning a trip to hill stations in Andhra Pradesh then this place should be there in your checklist. This hill town is home to ancient caves, beautiful temples, and majestic fort palaces that will take your heart away. While exploring these places and while trekking, you will come across some of the most scintillating sceneries that will leave you awestruck. If all of this sounds interesting to you, then you must head to Ananthagiri Hills which is counted among the best places to see in Andhra Pradesh. 

Ideal for: Adventure seekers
Type: Adventure
Stay options: Hills & Valley Adventure Resort, Haritha Resort, and The Grasswalk

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14. Anantapur

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If you are looking for a quaint place to resort then there cannot be a better option than Anantapura which is neither a city or a village. It is a town in transition which is why it is the perfect place to witness both the past and the future. Although the town is growing at a rapid pace, Anantapur holds to its traditions and glorious history.

Ideal for: Explorers
Type: Historical place
Stay options: Hotel Rajahamsa, Hotel Masineni Grand, and SRS Regency Hotel

15. Guntur

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Are you a fan of chillies? You might be wondering why we are talking about food rather than the place. The reason behind this is that Guntur is known as the land of chillies. Along with this, it is also a hub of transport as well as textiles in the whole of India. Moreover, you will also find the only Buddhist site in South India which goes by the name Nagarjunakonda. Wait! There is more to the list. One cannot miss exploring the relics of Amravati Caves.

Ideal for: History buffs
Type: Historical place
Stay options: V Royal Park, Hotel Viceroy, and Hotel Sitara Inn

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16. Srisailam

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This town located in the Kurnool district is home to one of the Shakti Peethas of Goddess Parvati. Moreover, it is an abode of one of the famous 12 Jyotirlingas that goes by the name Malikarjuna Jyotirlinga. The perfect setting of Srisailam has attracted several tourists as it is nestled on the shore of River Krishna. In addition, this hill town is identified with a famous dam and a wildlife sanctuary. If you are the kind of person who looks for a quaint place to resort to then you must visit Srisailam which is one of the best tourist places in Andhra Pradesh.

Ideal for: Peace seekers and religious people
Type: Religious & nature place
Stay options: Pathaleswara Sadanam

17. Chittoor

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Heading to the next tourist attraction in Andhra Pradesh which is a package destination which not only offers some of the most religious places in India but also beautiful sceneries to relish. Chittoor is a place that is dipped fully in religion but is also blessed with panoramic views and cascading waterfalls. You might not be aware of the fact that this place is also known as the Mango City due to the variety of mangoes available here.

Ideal for: Nature lovers and religious people
Type: nature and religious place
Stay options: Prabhaa Grand Inn, Bans The Hotel, and Hotel Bhaskara

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18. Kakinada

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Another one on the list of places to see in Andhra Pradesh is Kakinada which is a perfect amalgamation of the traditional world and modern lifestyle. You will be surprised to see how the place is growing with architectural gardens but is deeply rooted in its cultures. The city is packed with entertainment options like nightclubs and shopping malls. Moreover, adventure fanatics can also indulge in some water activities and explore the hidden treasures in the sea.

Ideal for: Adventure seekers
Type: adventure place
Stay options: Venky Residency, SVN Grand, and Royal Park

19. Nellore

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Nestled on the banks of River Penna, Nellore derived its name from Nelluru. In Tamil, Nel means paddy and Ooru translates into place. Nellore always had an upper hand in the agriculture sector as it is an exporter of rice, shrimp, prawns, and sugar cane. Once you visit Nellore, you will realize that it is not a place that would disappoint anyone as there are several tourist places in Nellore like Ranganatha Temple, Mypadu Beach, Pulicat Lake, and Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary.

Ideal for: Family and nature fanatics
Type: nature place
Stay options: Minerva Grand, Hotel President’s Inn, and Sapthagiri Lodge

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20. Machilipatnam

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Counted among the top tourist places in South India, Machilipatnam is a port town nestled on the shores of River Krishna. The town is deeply rooted in its historical past along with which you can also witness the reminiscence of the time when Britishers invaded the country. The town also offers some beautiful beaches to relax.

Ideal for: Beach bums and history buffs
Type: nature and historical place
Stay options: SS Grand Inn, VVS Grand Fusion, and Sri Karthikeya Residence

21. Konaseema

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Wrapped by the tributaries of River Godavari, Konaseema is one of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. While exploring this region, you might recall the backwaters of Kerala that are shadowed with palm trees which is why it is named ‘God’s Own Creation’. The villages here captivate vacationers owing to their serene environment and lush greenery. After visiting this place once, you might want to come back here again and again for its tranquillity.

Ideal for: Nature lovers
Type: nature place
Stay options: Hotel Shelton Rajamahendri, and Hotel Anand Regency

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22. Srikalahasti

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You might have heard of the famous temple which goes by the name Srikalahasti Temple. This place is known for that temple which is why it receives a heavy footfall every year and has been listed as the best tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. You will get to witness architectural marvels and intricate carvings that add to the beauty of the extravagant shrines here. Apart from this, you will find several other places to visit like temples and waterfalls.

Ideal for: Everyone
Type: nature & historical place
Stay options: K P R Residency, Hotel MGM Grand, and Sri Saravana Bhavan Hotel

23. Mantralayam

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If you want to visit a holy place for a weekend getaway then Mantralayam is one of the places to visit in Andhra Pradesh for you which is 250 km away from Hyderabad. Mantralayam city is known for Sri Guru Raghavendra Swami, a saint acknowledged as the reincarnation of Prahlada. The primary fascinations for the people here are the temples, Mutt, temple elephants and the chariots which are responsible for carrying the deity across the temple.

Ideal for: Religious Pilgrims
Type: Religious place
Stay options: Sri Residency, Sri Raghavendra Tourist Place, Hotel Pannaga

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24. Annavaram

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Interested in visiting Andhra tourist places? Annavaram is a small town situated on the banks of river Pampa which is 142 km away from Hyderabad. Tourists visit Annavaram as it is popular for Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy, who is a Hindu God. Thousands of devotees visit Annavaram for worshipping and performing special prayers.

Ideal for: Spiritual devotees
Type: Sacred place
Stay options: Gurudatta Residency, Sree Ganesh Residency, Abhay Hotels & Resorts, Devi Lodge

25. Puttaparthi

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One of the famous tourist places in Andhra Pradesh is Puttaparthi, considered as the domicile of Sathya Sai Baba. The place highlights the way of living in ashrams more prone to religious intelligence. However the town is also trending due to its urban facilities, settlements and religion. Popular tourist places to visit in Puttaparthi are Sathya Sai Ashram, Anjaneya Swamy Temple and Sri Sathya Sai Space.

Ideal for: Sai Baba Followers
Type: Holy place
Stay options: Sai Ranga Hotel & Residency, Hotel Haritha, Sai Towers, Sai Maa Hotel & Residency

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26. Vizianagaram

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If you want to visit tourist places in Andhra Pradesh then visit Vizianagaram located on the coastline of Bay of Bengal. Vizianagaram is famously known as the “City of Victory” and is popular for the textile market. The city is also known for its majestic history of Kalinga and war among English & French. Vizianagaram is prevalent for royal forts, temples and beautiful nature. Vegavathi, Chempavathi and Gomukhi are some of the rivers flowing through the city.

Ideal for: Art & Craft Lovers
Type: Historical place
Stay options: Hotel Vytla Residency, SVN Lake Palace, Hotel Sri Sri Sri Balaji International

27. Samalkot

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Experience the charm of the city by visiting Samalkot, one of the most popular places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Samalkot is a holy place visited by the Lord Shiva disciples famous for Pancharama temples, Pancharama is regarded as one of the several forms of Lord Shiva. The most favourable time for all the tourists and devotees to visit Samalkot is from October to March. You will also get to view the greenery and clean environment.

Ideal for: Pious enthusiastic
Type: Pious city
Stay options: SR Grand Park Regency, Hotel Sai Residency, Hotel Kiran Villas International

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28. Nagarjunakonda

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Nagarjunakonda is one of the famous places to visit in Andhra Pradesh that has stupas, statues, scriptures and monasteries of Buddhists. The city is situated 150 km away from Hyderabad and is as old as 1800 years old with excavations of ancient artefacts. Travellers can visit the city from October to March which is considered as the best time to visit Nagarjunakonda. Andhra tourist places consider this as best for weekend getaways.

Ideal for: People who are interested in gaining knowledge about Buddhists
Type: Buddhists place
Stay options: TSTDC Resort Vijay Vihar, Haritha Hotel & Accommodation, Vijay Vihar Hotel

29. Rajamahendravaram

Rajahmundry is located on the banks of River Godavari and is called Rajamahendravaram by locals. It’s amongst the largest cities of the Godavari District and is famous for being one of the oldest cities in India. This serene city was established by the Chalukya King – Raja Raja Narendra and is an ideal place for history lovers.

Ideal for: Ideal for history enthusiasts and peace seekers
Type: Amongst the oldest cities in India
Stay options: Hotel Sheltom Rajamahendri, Manjeera Sarovar, Premiere Hotel, Aditya Palace, River Bay Resort

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30. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is nestled beside the southwestern border between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. One of the best places to enjoy Andhra Pradesh sightseeing, this gorgeous hill station features an exquisite amalgamation of the charms and lush greenery of the region. Locals call it by the name of Ooty of Andhra. The hill station is located at a height of 4312 metres and is famous for its breathtaking vistas. It is one of the most famous Andhra Pradesh tourist places. 

Ideal for: Ideal for nature lovers
Type: Hill Station
Stay options: Horsley Hills Haritha Hill Resort, Horsley Hills Holiday Homes Resort, VSR Grand, Varun Vihar

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The state of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most versatile destinations to add to your travel list. No matter what the interest of a traveller, there are all kinds of places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. For a great travel experience during your Andhra Pradesh vacation, don’t forget to visit most of the above-listed locations of this amazing state of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Andhra Pradesh

What are the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh for 2 days?

Spend two days exploring the beauty of Andhra Pradesh. Begin in Visakhapatnam, enjoying the pristine beaches, Kailasagiri Hill, and the INS Kursura Submarine Museum. Then, head to the spiritual town of Tirupati, home to the revered Venkateswara Temple, before returning to Visakhapatnam to savor delectable seafood and local culture.

What are the top places to visit in Andhra Pradesh in summer?

During the summer in Andhra Pradesh, cool off at Araku Valley, a serene hill station with lush coffee plantations. Explore the picturesque Borra Caves with their unique limestone formations. Additionally, visit Lambasingi, often called the ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh,’ for its pleasant climate and stunning landscapes.

How to plan low-budget trips in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh offers several low-budget travel options. Visit the coastal town of Kakinada for affordable beachside relaxation. Explore the historical caves and temples in Borra and Undavalli. Enjoy street food in Vijayawada, and take advantage of budget-friendly accommodations and local transportation options throughout the state.

What are the top places to visit in Andhra Pradesh?

Visakhapatnam, Gandikota, Tirupati, Ahobilam, Rajahmundry, Amaravati, Lepakshi, Araku Valley, Kurnool, Vijayawada, Nallamala Hills, etc. are the famous places in Andhra Pradesh worth exploring on your next trip.

What is famous in Andhra Pradesh?

The state of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its splendid tourism and ever-growing infrastructure. The state has always paid special attention to developing all sectors. They have many attractions for travellers, be it religious, nature, or cities.

When is the best time to visit Andhra Pradesh?

The best time to plan a holiday to Andhra Pradesh is during the winter months. You can plan a visit between November and February as this is the time when the weather is at its best in this region.

Which is the coolest place in Andhra Pradesh?

Lambasingi is one of the coolest places in Andhra Pradesh. Nestled at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, Lambasingi is a serene hamlet that serves to be the coolest escape in summer in Andhra Pradesh. Lambasingi is located in the outskirts of Visakhapatnam and experiences minus temperatures during the winter season.

Which is the most beautiful city in Andhra Pradesh?

The city of Vizag is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the state of AP. They have the perfect balance of stunning coastline and modern city amenities. The original name of the town is Vishakapatnam but locally called Vizag.

Which is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh?

The city of Visakhapatnam is the largest in Andhra Pradesh. It is also the 14th largest city in the country. The town spans as large as 682 square kilometres and holds a population of twenty lakh people.

Which is the biggest forest in Andhra Pradesh?

The Nallamala Hills has the largest forest in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The state itself has a large forest density covering over twenty-three per cent of its area.

What is the famous sweet in Andhra Pradesh?

All the cities of Andhra Pradesh have a liking for sweets. The Ashok halwa is an iconic creation of the state. The famous Tirupati temple distributes a laddu that is the most popular sweet from the state, hands-down!

What is the traditional food of Andhra Pradesh?

The people of Andhra are big ones for rice and daal. The many combinations and in the many levels of species can be seen across the city. All their food is famous for its excessive use of species and a hot flavour.

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