Places To Avoid Visiting During Monsoon In India

Places To Avoid Visiting During Monsoon In India

The monsoon time is when most people in India go on long drives and take vacations. And year after year, the most popular destinations get packed with holidaymakers looking for their slice of chills or a spot on a hilly retreat. But, are the most popular places to go in monsoon the best to visit during the wettest season? Overtourism, increased prices and constant rainfall often perennially plague popular destinations. So, here are a few places you should avoid in India during the monsoon season.



When people think of a destination in India, they often choose Mumbai. Long stretches of beaches and the westernmost tip of Maharashtra mean that folk from hotter climates often travel en masse to the City that never sleeps during the monsoon months, but should they? Monsoon in Mumbai is severe, and add to that streets are usually flooded, and you’d be wise to give Mumbai a miss during the monsoon months. Head there in winter or autumn, when the weather is still glorious but the crowds are noticeably less.


Goa in monsoon time can be, be quite frank, an absolute nightmare. The pint-sized state can get alarmingly dull and depressing, with dark clouds covering the sky from one end to another. Add to this wet roads and places, and you have a situation that you’d be wise to avoid. Thanks to the decreased number of tourists during the monsoon, the streets are stranded and aggressive touts flogging shoddy merchandise. Goa is best enjoyed in winter or summer – just not monsoon, when there is nothing to offer.


If you are planning on heading to Coorg in the monsoon months, you’d be wise to remember that it’s monsoon at that time in Southern India. Coorg becomes windy, rainy, and chilly – a far cry from the usual image of a friendly destination with a lively hill station. Save coorg for the winter months, by which point the state will be enjoying its wintertime, and you can enjoy a dosage of unseasonable warmth.


If you head to Kullu during the monsoon, expect to spend a lot of time in the hills. If you aim to enjoy a holiday consisting of nothing more than home therapy, then this should be fine. Otherwise, you might want to reconsider visiting a part of India where the weather can easily be bearable in the monsoon months.


Just like most of the eastern states, Darjeeling becomes too dull in the monsoon time, as people hide under shelter and were raincoats all day long. Walking around the tea estates in the monsoon is not recommended, and what is usually a beautiful stroll around some of India’s best tea estates can become a real slog thanks to the constant rain. Try and time your visit to coincide with the summer, which is when the hill stations are at their most beautiful.

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