These 5 Places Are Sure To Motivate You To Stay Sober In Goa! Yes, That’s Surprisingly A Legit Thing

Goa has, for the longest time, been known as the party capital of the country. But this time, we suggest you to leave the routine of clubbing, partying and drinking some cheap liquor. Instead, do yourself a favor and visit some of them Places in Goa that inspire you to stay sober,

Now, before you start mocking us for suggesting a cool holiday in Goa, we suggest you quickly check out this short list. have a look.

1. Butterfly Beach: A hidden land of beauty, adventure, wildlife

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While many may argue that the famous beaches in Goa are for partying, drinking and all kinds of fun, others know that there are exceptions. The semicircular hidden land is where you can find peace and joy. Whatever it is, this place will definitely inspire you to stay calm in Goa. And there are many reasons.

what is special

  • Exotic species of butterflies, goldfish and crabs can be found here.
  • It is very common to see dolphins here.
  • Canoe rides along small streams, boat rides to nearby beaches, sunbathing, walking on beaches, rock climbing and trekking through the jungle are also possible.


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2. Cambarjua Backwater Canal: Ideal for adventure seekers and nature lovers

As soon as someone mentions backwaters, Kerala comes to our mind. People know very little about the backwaters of Goa. But the scenic bay with the vibrant Cambarjua village at the centre, finds its name in the list of hidden places in Goa. But be careful! Crocodiles would be sunbathing on the banks of the canal.

What is special: Backwater cruise ride in a canal surrounded by dense mangrove forests


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3. Diwar Island: A river wonder for hopeless romantics

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The numerous unknown water bodies of the small state make room for many places that will inspire you to stay calm in Goa. And one such place is Diwar Island. It is yet to be commercialized and offers a unique experience of rural Goa. And the setting is so romantic that it should not be missed during honeymoon in Goa.

What is special: Our Lady of Compassion Church in Piedade village


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4. Dudhsagar Falls: A marvel in the Western Ghats

The 3-stream, 4-tier waterfall on the Goa-Karnataka border is no secret to anyone; Especially for those who like to plan before booking their Goa tour packages. Thousands of tourists come here every year to see this attraction full of power and beauty. And the staggering height of 600 meters of the waterfall creates the illusion of milk flowing from the mountains.

What is special: Castle Rock Adventure Camp, Trek from Castle Rock and Kulem, and Dudhsagar Fall River Bridge


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5. Salaulim Dam: Goa’s largest man-made water storage

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About two decades ago, Goa added the Salaulim Dam to its long list of attractions. Although it was established to contribute to the irrigation and drinking water supply systems of the state, the modern engineering marvel has scope to grow as a tourist attraction.

What is special: The curved rim-like shape of the structure and the height of the drop are approximately 140 feet; presenting a wonderful view


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Therefore, we suggest you avoid the bustling tourist attractions of the beach capital and visit the other side of Goa. But before we depart, we would like to know if you have found some other places in Goa that inspire you to stay calm. Please let us know.

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