Get Ready For An Enthralling Road Trip To These Less Known Places Near Cairo!

There is no doubt that Cairo is one of the megacities in the world known for its rich history and beautiful architecture adorning its streets. Beyond its pollution and noisy traffic, this modern center attracts travelers who want to explore the memories of Egyptian history. Full of excitement, a trip to Cairo may seem incomplete without a visit to its neighboring paradises. These places near Cairo are known for their magnificent pyramids, ancient ruins and other things that preserve the city’s heritage.

9 Best Places to See Near Cairo, Must Visit

Here are the best places near Cairo that are waiting to be discovered by avid explorers interested in knowing the history of Egypt.

1. Saqqara

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For those looking for a day trip from Cairo, one of the best places to visit is Saqqara, known as the “Home of the Other Pyramids”. This trip is as spectacular as seeing the Pyramids of Giza. One of the famous sights of this necropolis is the Step Pyramid adorned with lavishly painted tombs that are worth a visit. Additionally, there is also the Red Pyramid of Dahshur and the Bent Pyramid located down the road, which can also be visited if a traveler has a full day to spare.

Distance from Cairo: 30 kilometers

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2. Tanis

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Explore the ruins of ancient Tanis, once the capital of the Tanite kings who lived in the 21st and 22nd dynasties. This place, located towards the north-east of the northern delta region, is still partially buried under the hill. Excavated sites are treasures discovered by archaeologists. Although the Temple complex itself consists only of ruins that are still worth visiting, the Royal Necropolis and its empty tombs are sights that everyone should enjoy.

Distance from Cairo: 143 kilometers north east

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3. Al-Fayoum

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Another natural beauty that is located around Cairo is the Al Fayoum Depression. The place is known for its outstanding natural beauty and list of excellent historical sites, located just a two-hour drive from the city. There are many tourist places around it which are waiting to be seen. One of them is Lake Qarun which is a prime spot to enjoy the beautiful view of bird life living along the water. Apart from this, there is also the Artist Village of Tunis which is known for displaying the best pottery of Egypt. As well as this there are the ruins of Medinet Madi which would be a treasure to discover.

Distance from Cairo: 112 kilometers south

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4. Ancient Heliopolis and El-Mataria

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Some people may be confused by the name of a Cairo suburb but in reality ancient Heliopolis was the Egyptian city of Euno, one of the oldest cities in Egypt and also the spiritual center of the entire country. The ruins of the temple of Re-Harakhti provide a wonderful site for exploration for amateur archaeologists. There are still remains of the temple and its stones were used to build the city of Cairo. The only obelisk still standing there is made of red Aswan granite and is 20 meters high. Additionally, there is the El-Mataria Church which is known for its so-called Virgin Tree. archaeologist

Distance from Cairo: 13 km northeast of Downtown Cairo

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5. Giza Pyramid

The Giza Pyramids are one of the most popular places near Cairo Egypt, home to three pyramids, the complex and the Great Sphinx. It is also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. The main complex of the Giza pyramids consists of two mortuary temples dedicated to Khufu and three smaller pyramids dedicated to his three wives. The Giza Pyramids are the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World and attract millions of tourists every year.

6. Bayt al-Suhaimi

Bayt al-Suhaymi literally means ‘House of Suhaymi’ and is an Ottoman-era house museum in Cairo. It is one of the best places near Cairo to visit and is located in a small alley near Muizz Street. This fine illustration of historic Islamic houses was founded in 1648 by Abdel Wahab al Tablawi. Over the years, this beautiful place has undergone many changes that have enhanced the structure of the house. There are various classical rooms displaying Arabic calligraphy and unique wooden panels.

7. Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

This huge museum is home to a vast collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. The Museum of Antiquities of Egypt contains 107 walls, 120,000 objects and the Royal Mummy Room which contains 27 mummies from the Pharaonic period. An extensive collection of papyrus and coins from the ancient world is displayed on the ground floor of the museum. The first floor houses artifacts from the two last dynasties of Egypt.

8. Mohammad Ali Mosque

The Mohammed Ali Mosque is located in the Cairo Citadel which was founded by Sultan Sela El Dean El Ayoubi. Later in 1805 this citadel became the palace of Mohammad Ali Basha and then a mosque was built here. The complex of this magnificent mosque consists of three smaller mosques along with a palace and museum. Mohammed Ali Mosque is one of the best places to visit in Cairo, Egypt with a panoramic view of the entire Cairo city and the Giza Pyramids.

9. Sultan Hussain’s Mosque and Madrasa

The Grand Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hussein, one of the largest mosques in the world, was established to provide the Sultan with a pleasing view from his palace. Its massive structure is more than 150 meters long and 36 meters high. The tallest tower is 68 meters high and consists of the same stones that were used in the pyramids of Giza.

Tips to remember before visiting Cairo

1. Tour the Pyramids

A tour of Egypt is incomplete without having a glimpse of the magnificent pyramids which are considered to be the main attraction. Giza Pyramid, Sphinx, Memphis, Saqqara give you a chance to see these beautiful sights easily. Along with this, also visit those sites which are marked as World Heritage ruins.

2. Explore the best sights of the city

Apart from the pyramids, there are other must-see sites in the city that are a must-see while in Cairo. These all include the Egyptian Museum, Alabaster Mosque, Khan-El-Khalili, which are some of the best places that no one can miss if they have the enthusiasm to explore the historical heritage of Egypt.

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3. Experience a Nile Cruise

Taking a Nile cruise is another great thing to definitely experience while in Egypt. A cruise trip to Luxor is quite enjoyable and you can enjoy the beauty of Africa’s longest river.

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4. Book the best guide

Since you are vacationing in Cairo for the first time, make sure you book an amazing guide that provides the best information about the city. You can also look up details of the most or popular attractions on various apps, however, this will not be as informative as a local guide.

5. Pack the right outfit

Egypt is usually hot year-round, so be sure to wear light clothing when vacationing in Cairo. Unless women are going to a special place, bar or night club, they should not wear revealing clothes. To visit Cairo one has to walk a lot. Don’t forget to take comfortable shoes with you.

6. Enjoy local cuisine

One should not miss out on the delicious cuisine of Cairo while vacationing in this mesmerizing city. Cairo offers a wide variety of cuisine, ranging from lively street food to lush fine dining options. The local dishes especially Kebra, Kushari and Fetir are a must try.

Are you excited to visit these lesser known places near Cairo? If yes, then make sure to include them in your travel list and enjoy holidays in Egypt like never before. These places are going to give you a serious urge to go on a road trip immediately!

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