Do You Dream Of Soaring High Up In The Sky? Then Go Paragliding At These Places In Vietnam In 2023!

Vietnam is famous for its rich and diverse culture and unique traditional lifestyle. It has many pristine beaches, vast expanses of rivers, magnificent Buddhist pagodas and cities full of locals and tourists. it The Southeast Asian country also has spectacular high mountains whose beauty can be best experienced through paragliding. One of the most famous adventure sports here, Paragliding in Vietnam Offers spectacular panoramic views of picturesque landscapes.

Best time for paragliding in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the months that offer the best paragliding experience are February, April, November and October. Even the winds play a major role in carrying out this adventure activity and during the autumn and spring seasons, the winds in Vietnam are ideal for paragliding.

10 places for paragliding in Vietnam

Here are some of the best places in Vietnam where adventure lovers can enjoy this unique and challenging experience. Keep scrolling down and reading!

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  • Lang Company
  • langbiang
  • Honorable Hong
  • boo hill
  • khou fa
  • you bow
  • i am tra
  • bai nha
  • Linh Truong

1. Mount Vienne Nam

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This mountain range is a popular spot for paragliding located in Yen Binh Ward of Thach That District in Hanoi Vietnam. This place is 50 km from the capital and offers a beautiful experience of cliff jumping and sliding into the natural landscape. This mountain range is perfect for the Ridge Roaring Fly, where visitors are dropped from a height of 260 metres. One has to travel 30 minutes to reach the take-off point at this range.

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2. Lang Company

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Lang Co is located in the center of Vietnam and is known for its amazing natural beauty with beautiful blue coastline. To reach this place one has to travel 30 km north from Danang. This is one of the places that offers the best paragliding in Vietnam as incredible natural views can be seen from here. It is generally windy which is ideal weather for paragliding and makes the experience even better. The take-off height on the cliff is 200 meters.

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3. Langbiang

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It is 15 km from Central Da Lat. One can reach here by bus, motorcycle or car. It will take about 20 minutes to reach this hill top. The participants are asked to jump and fly from a height of approximately 2000 metres. This makes Mount Langbiang the highest paragliding site in Vietnam. One can also opt for a jeep tour to reach the top to save time and energy.

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4. Ms. Hong

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Mount Hoan Hong is known as the “Pink Mountain”. It is near the famous tourist destination Mui Ne. One can get here in 45 minutes from central Phan Thiet city. Teams that offer their services here include Mekong Paragliding Club, Hanoi Paragliding and Viewing. These teams also offer many paragliding courses in Vietnam. The take-off height is 200 meters from a flat surface on a sand dune right next to the beach. This flat surface is so large that it can easily accommodate 10 open umbrellas at a given time.

agency: Mekong Paragliding Club, Hanoi Paragliding, Vietwings
Cost: 4500 rupees

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5. Boo Hill

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It is also known as “833 Hill”. This paragliding site is located in Luong Son commune in Hoa Binh province. One can easily reach this paragliding spot by traveling 40 km south-west from Hanoi. The altitude of the take-off spot is 620 metres. This mountain range is narrow and extends up to a height of 1500 meters. It is a popular location among paragliding pilots for ridge flying and XC flying during the windy season.

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6. Khau Fa

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This paragliding location offers the best sky view, making it one of the most visited paragliding locations in Vietnam. It can be found on National Highway 32 which leads to Mu Cang Chai. During the months of September and October, this place witnesses a peak of footfall of adventure enthusiasts from every part of the world to experience this amazing adventure firsthand. The mesmerizing view of the beautiful terraced rice fields below makes it a popular paragliding site. Khau Fa is one of the best places for tandem paragliding in Vietnam.

agency: Vietwings Paragliding Club
Cost: 4700 rupees

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7. You Bo

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It is one of the famous paragliding destinations near Hanoi in Vietnam. The place can be reached by driving 42 km from the central capital. It is a part of Tien Xuan Commune located in Thatch That Ward. This location was made functional after many trials and testing by Hanoi Paragliding. The terrain offers four take-off directions which makes it very convenient for paragliders. It is an ideal place for ridge soaring, air-borne fly, thermal fly as well as SIV practice. The take-off and landing sites are spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people. One can easily reach the take-off site by car or motorcycle.

8. son tra

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Paragliding in Danang Vietnam is something no traveler should miss. The paragliding site here is Son Tra which offers a spectacular view of the spectacular Danang Bay and the beautiful coast from the height. The take-off site is at an altitude of 600 meters and the landing site is either Pham Van Dong Beach or Tho Quang Beach. This experience is similar to paragliding in Nha Trang Vietnam.

agency: Vietwings Paragliding Club

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9. Bai Nha

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This paragliding location has the most favorable conditions of weather, winds and space and hence, it is the center of many paragliding competitions that are organized annually. It is located in the Lac Son area of ​​Hoa Binh province. Due to favorable weather conditions, many annual paragliding competitions are held here. This is the best place for XC flying as the thermals are always stable and wide. Bai Nha is considered one of the places that offers the best paragliding on the Vietnam map and in the whole of Southeast Asia. Paragliding pilots regularly practice at this place to improve their skills.

10. Linh Truong

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This mountain range is located in Thanh Hoa province at an altitude of 210 meters. Not only is paragliding here a challenging experience, but the path to reach this paragliding site is also quite difficult as the path leading to this place is quite narrow and is amidst a dense forest filled with pine trees. The panoramic views of lush greenery, expanses of forest, pristine beaches and rice fields overlooking the sky are worth the effort to reach here.

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Paragliding in Vietnam is one of the most popular adventure activities among the locals as well as tourists. One must try this exciting venture on their trip. Don’t miss the opportunity! Experience this adventure by traveling to Vietnam with your BFFs!

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FAQs about Paragliding in Vietnam

Is paragliding safe in Vietnam?

Yes, paragliding in Vietnam is completely safe for all tourists as instructors are available at almost all places.

Where can I go for paragliding in Vietnam?

There are lots of places for paragliding in Vietnam and the best places are listed below! 1) Linh Truong 2) Son Tra 3) Khau Pha 4) Bu Hiel

Can you go paragliding in the rain in Vietnam?

No, you cannot go paragliding in the rain in Vietnam.

Which are the best beach paragliding places in Vietnam?

There are countless places to see the beaches and surrounding landscapes in Vietnam. Son Tra overlooks Danang Bay and your landing point is a beach. Bai Nah, Hoan Hong and Lang Co are the best paragliding locations overlooking the beach.

Which are the best mountain range sites for paragliding in Vietnam?

Mount Vien Nam, Langbiang, Bu Hill and U Bo are the best places to view the green landscape and mountain ranges. You can fly medium and high over these places and enjoy the beautiful view for a long time.

Which paragliding site in Vietnam offers the best scenic view of the sky?

Khau Fa is the best place to see the view of the sky that covers the rice fields and many other landscapes. You get to see a breathtaking view of the valley and rice fields.

Where are paragliding festivals held in Vietnam?

The paragliding festival in Vietnam is celebrated in Mu Cang Chai at the end of September. During this festival you will find the sky full of paragliders. It is also celebrated in Yen Bai province where more than 200 people including foreign tourists gather to fly with the pilots. A costume competition is organized with the local people. Six of those who win the competition get a chance to go paragliding with a pilot for free.

What is included in a paragliding tour package in Vietnam?

English speaking tour guides, pick up and drop service, lunch and free tandem flights are the most common packages to choose from. You can choose a package that covers the viewpoints you want to see.

What is the best part of Da Lat Paragliding?

This is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Vietnam. By paragliding at this place you can enjoy the mountains, lakes and landscapes. You fly at a height of 1500 meters to see the beautiful pine tree forests and the most breathtaking views of the place.

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