8 Breathtaking Spots For Paragliding In South Africa Where You Can Fly Like A Bird

We have always cherished the dream of flying and I believe Paragliding in South Africa Your fantasy of flying will definitely come true. We are jealous to see the birds that can fly over beautiful valleys and picturesque mountains and people have always done what they dreamed of, Wright Brothers were the first people who gave wings to our dreams of flying but we people are too greedy , we always wanted this and more, we really wanted to feel the rush of adrenaline while flying and feel the cool breeze of nothingness on our face and then came David Barish who was the first to successfully paraglid in the 1960s Was a person.

Top places for paragliding in South Africa

A paragliding flight usually lasts 30 minutes and the pilots are experienced paragliders and they provide the passengers with a fun 30 minutes of their life while flying over stunning cities, winelands, clear and sparkling waters, native forests and the magical and beautiful Table Mountain. Make sure to give time. , some space for Best Paragliding in South Africa Are:

1. Porterville

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Porterville is a city located 140 kilometers from Cape Town. It is a summer flying spot so para fanatics find flying in the skies all year round. It offers views of parched fields that have turned brown from Cape Town’s rising summer temperatures. Experience the amazing paragliding that Porterville has to offer you. However, it is a site only for cross-country paragliding. The number of gliders per day is limited because it takes a lot of time to go across the country.

Place: 87 Voortrekker St, Porterville, 6810, South Africa

time of flight: 30 minutes – 2 hours

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2. Table Mountain

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This is done only by experienced paragliders. This is one of the toughest paragliding launch sites. The launch site is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level which is quite high and now you can understand why we warned in the beginning that it is only for experienced paragliders. One needs to hone their flying skills at other paragliding sites before trying Table Mountain. But once launched from a height of 1000 metres, the sweat is rewarded by flying across the stunning views of the Cape Peninsula.

Place: Signal Hill Road, Signal Hill, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

time of flight: 5-30 minutes

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3. Sir Lorry’s Pass

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This is one of the best places for Paragliding in Cape Town, South Africa, Its takeoff is 420 meters above sea level making it the second most challenging takeoff in Cape Town after Table Mountain. One can enjoy wonderful views of the Overberg area. The forests are the most frequently visited paragliding sites in South Africa. Wind conditions are favorable throughout the year but from June to August the winds can be a bit rough but the pilots are all experienced people and they ensure harmless and smooth landings even in times of trouble. Here in the jungle, para fanatics get to experience endless ranges, exciting thermal conditions, white beaches for soft landings and lush greenery with breathtaking views for top landings. For a beginner, there is so much to do in the forest that it will stretch their imagination.

Place: Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa

time of flight: 15-30 minutes

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4. Paradise Ridge

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It is approximately 54 meters above sea level. Takeoff starts at Kleinkrantz and then crosses the dunes to Paradise Ridge. Landings are usually at the top and Kleinkrantz or sometimes at the bottom of the landing dunes. It all depends on the direction of the winds. Paradise Ridge can be flown to a maximum height of 465 meters above sea level. And if one is happy to spend with both hands for the experience then he can hire a jet to the takeoff site which however is not that expensive.

Place: Wilderness Avenue, Klein Brak River, 6503, South Africa

time of flight: 10-20 minutes

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5. Kleinkrantz Dunes

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It is also 54 meters above sea level. Takeoff starts at the Kleinkrantz car park. If winds are strong it is recommended to take off from a large parking area. Here also the flight regulation is 465 meters above sea level. The best part is that you will get a chance to land on the sand dunes. The crossover between the sand dunes and the sea looks spectacular from the sky. However, be careful of strong winds and white clouds at sea.

Place: Hibiscus Street, Western Cape, South Africa

time of flight: 15-20 min

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6. Serpentine

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The Serpentine overlooks the ‘Wilderness National Park’ and we can also see the Serpentine River winding through the Wilderness of South Africa. The takeoff area here is grassy and the landing area is very small so this place is only for basic pilots. In Serpentine you can fly to a maximum height of 305 meters above sea level. Winter is avoided in Serpentine and spring and summer months are preferred as the winds are in good mood in summer and spring.

Place: Perth, South Africa

time of flight: 20-30 minutes

7. Sedgefield

Sedgefield is a paragliding paradise. The best time for paragliding here is from December to February. Paragliding is offered throughout South Africa but is at its finest in Sedgefield. Sedgefield has a large number of lagoons, valleys, estuaries, excellent coastlines and lush forests. The journey from Knysna to George takes us to Sedgefield and Wilderness, so we will have many options to choose from. Must stop here.

Place: Sedgefield, South Africa

time of flight: 20-30 minutes

8. Paris

Paris is also a favorite destination for paragliders. The paragliding launch site largely depends on the wind direction. Sometimes the launch site is fixed in advance, but is shifted later during the day when the wind direction changes. The falls come alive in spring and turn into a paragliding playground. Paragliders get to experience the mysterious mountain ranges, native forests and valleys that Paris has to offer. Be sure to try paragliding here.

Place: Parys, South Africa

time of flight: 15-20 minutes

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So now the radicals there, who want to own the sky, come under the sky that belongs to South Africa. Like India, we have a cricket stadium in almost every city; In South Africa, we will find a lot of paragliding sites in and around South Africa, which is blessed with mountains and beaches. So, plan a trip to South Africa and make your dream of flying come true by going paragliding in South Africa.

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FAQs about Paragliding in South Africa

Where can you go paragliding in South Africa?

There are many different places in South Africa where one can go paragliding, including Porterville, Table Mountain, Sir Lowry Pass, Paradise Ridge, Kleinkrantz Dunes, Serpentine, Sedgefield, Parys and many more.

What is the duration of paragliding session in Porterville, South Africa?

Each paragliding session in Porterville, South Africa lasts from about thirty minutes to two years. Depending on your budget you will be able to enjoy paragliding quite efficiently.

Is paragliding in Table Mountain suitable for beginners?

Paragliding in Table Mountain starts at an altitude of 1000 meters above ground or sea level. Therefore, paragliding on Table Mountain is not suitable for beginners.

What is the best time to go paragliding near Sir Lori Pass?

Sir Lowry Pass is not only an ideal place for paragliding, but the natural beauty of the place is also quite mesmerizing. If you visit South Africa any time of the year except June to August, you will have a great time.

Can a beginner go paragliding in Serpentine, South Africa?

The Serpentine allows its guests to fly up to 300 meters above sea level and hence is perfect for beginners to start their paragliding journey. If you want to go there then you should avoid winter to enjoy this place to the fullest.

Where does the Kleincrantz Dunes paragliding trip start?

Kleinkrantz Dunes is a spectacular site where you can take part in paragliding. The flight journey starts from the Kleinkrantz car park.

How does one get to Porterville from Cape Town?

If you want to go paragliding in Porterville then you can easily reach there from Cape Town as the distance between them is 145 km.

How can one go to Paris for paragliding in South Africa?

Parys is located 110 km from Johannesburg. So you can easily reach there by traveling to Johannesburg.

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