Considering A Thrilling Adventure In The Himalayan Land? Try Paragliding In Kalimpong

The vastness of Northeast India is so alluring that it allures every adventurer. From the list of adventures on offer, Paragliding in Kalimpong Certainly, it is a nerve stimulating activity. The mere thought of seeing the uninterrupted views of tea plantations and mountains soaring above endless valleys will immerse your soul in the vastness. This is the best way you can explore the valleys of beautiful North-East India. As you see the captivating scenery and discover how easy paragliding can be, you will definitely consider going on this adventure in the north of West Bengal!

If you want to explore the option, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to plan paragliding in Kalimpong.

Why is paragliding so special in Kalimpong?

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Kalimpong is situated in the foothills of the vast Himalayan land towards northern Bengal. With endless landscapes and thrilling nature scenes all around, Kalimpong is one of the leading places in the list of places offering exciting adventure sports. No prizes for guessing paragliding in Kalimpong! Located in the north-east, the city is situated at a tough altitude, giving it a better location when travelers choose places for adventure sports.

Paragliding is an exciting adventure sport that lets you fly like a bird and soar among the clouds thus giving you a chance to enjoy the best of the outdoors. You can change your path as you wish and in the end, you will be left with lots of wonderful memories and an unforgettable experience.

Take-off point: Delo Hills

Best time to go paragliding in Kalimpong

April to June And october Best time to visit Kalimpong for paragliding. The weather conditions are perfect during this period, creating ideal conditions for good flying. Monsoon season and winter should be avoided as both these seasons are dangerous for paragliding and most of the operators are also closed during this period.

Time: Mostly from 9 am to 4:30 pm (depending on wind conditions)

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How to reach Kalimpong: Kolkata is the nearest major city to Kalimpong which is located at a distance of 624 km. The city is well connected to major parts of the country by road, rail and air. Taxi/Bus is the most preferred mode of transport to travel from Kolkata to Kalimpong. The journey by road takes approximately 16 hours.

Types of paragliding activities offered

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Tandem paragliding activities on offer are medium and cross country. Paragliding duration varies 10 to 30 minutes And flights are one of the biggest adventures in the lap of the North-Eastern Himalayas.

i) Medium – INR 2500-3000 per person

Landing Site: Field near Dr. Graham Holmes School, about 5 km from the flight site

ii) Cross Country – Around Rs 5000 per person

Landing Site: Reli river plain near Reli resort, about 10 km from the take-off point. can travel back to the starting point

Cost of Paragliding in Kalimpong: Around Rs 3000 per post
Ideal travel period for paragliding in Kalimpong: 1 night 2 days
Ideal for: young, adult

Places to Stay in Kalimpong

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Kalimpong is a beautiful mountain destination and has some of the most amazing hotels that make your stay worthwhile. Equipped with world-class facilities and amazing nature views, the hotels and resorts in Kalimpong are perfect for an epic stay. Here are the five most popular hotels in Kalimpong where every traveler should consider staying.

i) Elgin Silver Oaks
ii) Holumba Haven
iii) Sood Garden Retreat
iv) Orchid Retreat
v) Chibo Inn

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Popular places to visit in Kalimpong

The unique small hill town of North Bengal is blessed with infinite nature all around. Kalimpong is full of monasteries, temples and churches which date back to ancient times and look very picturesque. Try visiting these most popular places to visit in Kalimpong that are a wonderful blend of nature and architecture!

i) Tharpa Choling Monastery

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ii) Thongsa Gompa

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iii) Hanuman Temple

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iv) Macfarlane Memorial Church

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v) Pine View Nursery

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vi) Neora Valley National Park

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vii) Dr. Graham’s house

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viii) Crookity House

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ix) Lepcha Museum

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x) Hate Market

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Other Popular Things to Do in Kalimpong

For a true adventurer, there is much to discover in Kalimpong. You can extend your trip to Kalimpong for a few more days and do club paragliding along with adventure activities. The fact that Kalimpong is blessed with majestic outdoors makes things more exciting for those seeking adventure. Also consider these adventure activities when booking paragliding in Kalimpong.

i) Rafting in Teesta River

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ii) Mountain biking in the lower hills of Darjeeling and Kalimpong

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iii) Hiking in Kalimpong

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The most popular trekking routes in Kalimpong are:
i) Kalimpong – Gumbara – Buddabare – Kafar – Samthar – Suruk – Sivakola – Samco Ropeway (4 days)
ii) Kalimpong – Gumbazada – Buddabare – Kafar – Samthar – Yongri – Ponabu – Coronation Bridge (5 days)

iv) Camping on the banks of Teesta River

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Basic Paragliding Tips

  • Always choose to fly with a certified instructor
  • Know the area where you are going to fly
  • read instructions carefully
  • listen to instructions properly
  • Practice take-off a few times before making the final jump
  • Properly check air conditions and climate
  • Know your landing zone and span well

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You can also imagine the life of a bird and fly with wings, you just have to be ready for that giant leap. Paragliding can be done in Kalimpong!

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FAQs About Paragliding In Kalimpong

What is the best time to go paragliding in Kalimpong?

The best time to visit Kalimpong for paragliding is from April to June and October. The weather at this time is ideal for flying. Winter and monsoon season is not good for paragliding and moreover, operations remain closed during this period.

What are other popular things to do in Kalimpong?

There are lots of adventure activities to explore in Kalimpong. Apart from paragliding, other things to do in Kalimpong are rafting on the Teesta River, mountain biking in the lower hills of Kalimpong, camping along the Teesta River and hiking in Kalimpong. All these activities will give you the experience of a lifetime.

What are some tips to keep in mind while paragliding?

The first and most important tip to consider while going paragliding is to always opt to fly with a certified instructor. Other important tips are that you should be well aware of the places where you are going to fly and listen to the instructions carefully. Also, be sure to practice take-off several times before taking the final flight.

Is paragliding available in Gangtok?

Paragliding has become a popular adventure sport in Gangtok. There is no need for any prior training or experience as the operators here offer tandem flights. There are two types of paragliding flight offered here, medium fly and high fly. The only two certified paragliding take-off locations in East Sikkim are Baliman Dara and Bulbule Dara.

What are the best hotels to stay in Kalimpong?

Many luxurious hotels are located in this beautiful mountain rest area. Some of the popular hotels where you should consider staying are Orchid Retreat, Chibo Inn, The Elgin Silver Oaks. All these places offer world class amenities and amazing view of nature and are perfect for living.

What range of paragliding activities can one access in Kalimpong?

You will be able to participate in different categories of paragliding activities in Kalimpong, including a medium package which costs Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 and a cross-country package which costs Rs 5000. The medium box will allow you to fly about 5 km from the start. point, and the cross-country package lets you operate up to 10 km from the starting point.

Where is the landing site for medium package of paragliding in Kalimpong?

If you choose the medium-package in terms of paragliding, you will land at the field which is located near Dr. Graham Holmes School.

Where is the take-off point of cross-country package of paragliding in Kalimpong?

If you want to opt for cross-country package in paragliding in Kalimpong, the starting point will be near Raleigh Resort. Reli Resort is situated near the Reli River.

When should one go to Kalimpong for paragliding?

You will be able to take flight in perfect form while paragliding in Kalimpong between April, June and October. Those months are suitable for paragliding as there will be no rain and you will be able to navigate correctly.

When do most people participate in paragliding in Kalimpong?

Most paragliding activities in Kalimpong take place between 9am and 4.30pm, although sometimes paragliding timings may vary due to wind direction.

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