Paragliding In Australia: An Exciting Activity Hosted In An Amazing Destination

Paragliding in Australia It is an experience worth living at least once in your lifetime. The unique position of the continent makes it one of the most suitable and places for paragliding activities. Australia is a historical place located between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is often referred to as the “land below”, a name due to its location entirely within the Southern Hemisphere.

10 Best Places for Paragliding in Australia

Paragliding is a wonderful way to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of any destination. It gives you a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the terrain of that place, giving you a comprehensive picture of the place. And the thrill of flying like a bird over the mountains, rivers and valleys is beyond words. So here are the 10 best places where you can enjoy paragliding in Australia.

1. Stanwell Park, NSW

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It is a popular place for paragliding. A person can take decisions together or on his own. Here you can enjoy views of the sea and vast landscapes. Beneath your feet, you can see and hear the crashing waves. Additionally, you may also get a glimpse of a car passing through the dense forests below.

Place: about 40 kilometers south of Sydney
Type: coastal
Height: 600 feet/180 meters

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2. Lake George, Collector

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This place is an excellent inland tourist destination. There is a collector launch at the northern end of the ridge. Since you have high altitude here, this place is best for paragliding during thermic conditions, if made higher.

Place: About 40 minutes north of Canberra on the road to Sydney.
Type: inland ridge
Height: 3000 ft/910 m ASL, 730 ft/220 m AGL

3. Lake George (South Launch)


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South Launch: Name of the primary site used. It is located just south of Geary’s Gap. This is where the highway leads to the lake. Pilots may choose to land at the top of the slope. Or they can use anywhere on the lake bottom.

Place: About 30 minutes north of Canberra on the road to Sydney.
Type: inland ridge
Height: 2400 ft/730 m ASL, 180 ft/56 m AGL

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4. Rocky Beach

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This location is really nice and has a good ranking for afternoon east or north-east sea breeze. To get the pass or to get admission here one must read the MNCF admission guide.

Place: In Port Macquarie.
Type: small coastal ridge
Height: 2400 ft/700 m ASL, 180 ft/56 m AGL.

5. Shooting Lookout

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This place is one of the best places for paragliding and its extreme enjoyment, the guide will follow you and help you create great memories. It is advisable to get a clear understanding of the rules laid down in NHGC.

Place: Strzelecki Lookout Car Park, Memorial Drive, Bar Beach
Type: coastal rock
Height: 250 feet, 75 m

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6. Flowers

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This location is an ENE site. The rotor can be seen coming from several directions. To add to the difficulty, there are steep cliffs and reverse slopes. This location can be considered a tricky location with very difficult landings and launches.

Place: Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Type: coastal rock
Height: 100′ / 30 m

7. Newport

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This rock is the one facing south to south-east along the cliff face. This place has the advantage of being a grassy park overlooking the beach. To ensure that you have the best time in flight, it is advisable to read the rules and regulations carefully. Also, the club member can be contacted before going to the place for better and safe paragliding.

Place: Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Type: small coastal cliff and high coastal hill
Height: 80′ / 25m

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8. Cambewarra

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The site is open for taking flights only on weekends. Before flying here you must contact the Duty Air Officer at Novara Naval Air Base, here before flying. When planning to visit here, it is mandatory for a person to have an altimeter and a reserve parachute with him. This place is best for recreational activities while keeping safety measures in check.

Place: Near Nowra, 120 km south of Sydney. Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Type: Ridge Sorable, Thermal
Height: 2225 feet/680 m

9. Tourimeta

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A complex combination of rocks and slopes. The many changes in direction of the rock face make this simple site quite complex in terms of compression and rotor. This happens in different places, depending on the direction and strength of the wind. This site is not very popular among hang gliders. Contacting a Club member before flying is highly recommended.

Place: Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Type: A mixture of steeply sloping surfaces with coastal cliffs and many dunes.
Height: 60′ / 20 m

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10. Cook Terrace

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It is a large and grassy park on top of a sandstone cliff. The site faces roughly due east and has a turn towards the north-west at the tip of the northern end. This great recreational spot is very popular and known among the people because of the big grass park. It has a non-metered parking right next to the site. This place is very busy with paragliders. This happens most of the time when the wind is not too strong for people. However, it is advisable to contact club members and read the rules outlet carefully and completely before flying from this site.

Place: Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Type: coastal rock
Height: 130′ / 40 m

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Adventures in Australia vary between medium priced and high range! We hope this post has helped you in your time of confusion, in deciding to choose the best one. But we are sure that paragliding in Australia is now on your bucket list. So, planning to visit Australia and enjoy an amazing paragliding holiday here.

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FAQs about Paragliding in Australia

Do you need a license for paragliding in Australia?

A license is required to train and fly in Australia. This precautionary measure is taken to ensure the safety of passengers who fly during the course and during any flight.

Which is the most difficult site for paragliding in Australia?

Bungan is the most difficult site for paragliding in Australia. This place has rocks and slopes which makes landing difficult. You will need to be an experienced glider to choose this site or fly together with an experienced professional. This site has a rotor which makes it unsuitable for training.

Where to see ocean views while paragliding in Australia?

Stanwell Park is one of the most beautiful beach destinations for paragliding in Australia. While gliding, you can see a unique view of the sea, the road on which vehicles run and the dense forest.

What’s the maximum height you can fly over Lake George?

Depending on weather conditions in Lake George you can soar as high as 3000 feet or more. You can choose the Collector or South launch site to glide on this lake.

Which sites are suitable for advanced gliders in Australia?

Glide at Turimeta in Australia only if you are an intermediate or advanced glider. Weather conditions are variable and there is turbulence at this site, also known as Rotar, so it is not advisable for beginners or those in training. Landing on the rock is advised and one should avoid landing on the road at this location.

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