Our Top Picks for Your Spring Wardrobe

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Our Top Picks for Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is a wonderful season – the annual deep cleaning is almost done and the garage looks as tidy as my closet. Speaking of closet, here are some good choices for your wardrobe this season. Although we realize that many do not travel or travel as much in public right now, what better time to take on some new looks so that you have a wardrobe lift ready and waiting for the end of the lock.

Add more shine, jazz and grace to your wardrobe

We love exploring new brands as well as revisiting the familiar brands that we trust and love to see their latest and best brands for a season. In the following choices, we have a mixture of the two. Let’s start with one of our favorites: KiraGrace.

The Kathryn Duster in Leopard by KiraGrace

Leggings & Pants from KiraGrace

We have known the KiraGrace brand for some time and are big fans. Whether you are a yogi or not, we all wear leggings from time to time. And, who has not gone through the less than stellar quality problem with leggings and yoga stockings? They can be plentiful – available on countless websites – but quality is important not to stretch or shrink too early.

KiraGrace yoga stocking n ° 1 comes under the name of Plaid Prince of Wales, classic black and now brown. And, KiraGrace offers yoga pants that are tight for sports use (and for yoga), loose and also dressed – see below.

Wide pants high waist (Plaid Prince of Wales)

Most leggings are available in black, white and some brands offer bright and vibrant colors. Personally, I think brown is underestimated. What I like about brown is that you can use it as your “go-to” like black, especially when traveling, but you have so many more choices that will complement your complexion and overall appearance. Why?

Because it is an earth tone, you will be able to shine in softer colors on the top, like greens, blues and grays. Don’t you think that brown can work with gray? Think again – the mole is a great example and how you can “make it” work.

Rich coffee-colored pants by KiraGrace

These gorgeous brown yoga pants have a flattering waist Skyscraper and are made with our luxury moisture wicking Fabric which makes it ideal for enthusiasts The travellers. The wide leg above Yoga The pants are perfect fusion training clothes and street style – we couldn’t agree more.

The wide leg has a 32 1/2 ″ crotch and side pockets. the Fabric? Supplex /spandex with a nice stretch in 4 directions. They don’t suggest putting their yoga trousers in the dryerdry line is recommended.

Now that Spring is here and summer is coming, we couldn’t resist this Amari x KiraGrace limited edition piece to review. They teamed up with Amari on this one, which is a brand owned by women (Yay!) in San diego.

We had a few White zip ups and none of them are as comfortable as this one. This sporty mesh zipper hoodie is ideal for lounging around the House, as an additional overlay on the road or as blanketUntil your prefer swimsuit.

We love the fact that it is so breathable, which makes it a blanket when you go to your prefer yoga classroom as well as. he come with a cord hood and zips in the front.

Then there is the wide leg of KiraGraceTerry sweatpants – our prefer Color? Their sweet heather gray which is designed with French sponge Fabric and is so comfortable. With a 32 ″ inseam, a leg-extension silhouette and one compressive belt it“S a awesome room for all body type. And that come with a match sweatshirt, Which one is awesome for relaxation time.

While leggings and casual yoga pants are what always brings us back to KiraGrace over and over again, we were impressed with this newer addition, the KiraGrace x Kathryn Budig. Call it what you can, but it Kathryn Duster in Leopard can be worn for many occasions.

Thought: relaxing around House, vacation – in your Hotel bedroom, the balcony of a recourse, the beach or around the pool. Then“S after a hot bath OR you can just wear it on a pair from KiraGrace leggings with belt to attach and wear.

This fabulous piece is designed with light weight Fabric and a belted to attach at the waist for an adjustable closure. he“S super soft and comfortable and is made with Poly/Spandex mixed.

It’s so comfortable – I LOVE it!

For those of you who exercise regularly and / or are yogis, discover a fun assortment of colorful yoga Tops and they offer a lot more.

To learn more about KiraGrace, including how to order, visit their website.

Coach Tote

Coach has been around for years, so it’s likely that you“Ve had a Coach bag at some point in your life. A brand inherited in many manners, I“Ve were impressed with some of the fun and vibrant colors and designs they“Ve been coming recently.

We love tote bags here, so we fell in love with their Plaza tote bag. Appointed for the iconic Hotel sure New York City’S 5th avenue, the Plaza tote is a sophisticated, unstructured design with plenty of room for the basics, including a 13-inch laptop.

It ends with a Signature charm and magnetic secure closingand it still is elegant. It is made from a brilliant Pebble leather and for a long time, slim comfortable shoulder straps. And, just look at this beautiful design?

Check out some of the fabulous colors of Coach’s Plaza Tote

We also like that you can ‘beautify’ the tote – what do we mean? VSonsider adding a unique pin or add a monogram, the latter being free btw.

There is an interior poached with a magnetic snap closing, which is a must for The travellers. the handles have a fall of 10 1/2 ″ and includes four protective feet at the base. This is a nice feature because it protects your bag and keep it in tip-High train longer.

As we mentioned above, it fits a 13 inch laptop and measures approximately 15 inches long, 13 3/4 “tall and approximately 4 1/4” wide.

Coach also offers great backpack who are so stylish. For example, to take a look at their Pacer backpack, Which one is streamlined and elegant with a contoured shape. the ideal form for The travellers, it is perfect for comfortable wearing all day.

This sportsman backpack is made of very light leather and finished with their Coach retro room. The organized interior has a secure technical pocket with space for a 12 “laptop and multifunction pockets to hold a phone, notebooks, bottle of water and other everyday essentials.

The leather is very smooth and an interior pocket is ideal (with a secure tab) is ideal for a 12 ″ laptop or an iPad. There is a nice fabric lining with a zipper and there is also an external zipped pocket which is particularly useful when you are on the go. The top handle has a 1 1/4 inch drop and adjustable straps. Handsome, right?

The last piece we wanted to highlight Coach is the Hutton. Timelessly turning on its head, the Hutton bag is a modern icon with a lock closing.

Detailed with our dimensional Applied Tea Rose meadow-inspired, this canvas and leather shoulder bag has multi-functional interior pockets for easy storage organization and an exterior patch pocket for essentials. It is finished with a long chain strap which easily turns into two short handles.

We thought this bag was so unique with its tea roses – so beautiful and feminine while being finished in a very down to earth style and color palette. Each tea rose is cut, painted on the edges and placed by hand. Amazing isn’t it?

If flowers aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to hear that classic and still as timeless, Hutton is also available in other styles and colors – note below, with refinement leather and real snakeskin details and the same beautiful interior multi-function pockets for organization.

They even offer solid colors for the Hutton – a gorgeous purple overhead as well as more traditional and classic colors. Visit their website for more information, including the ability to order.

Sarah Liller fashion

Truth be told, we never heard of Sarah Liller earlier this spring. We fell in love with their Amélie Pants made in the USA – the material is 92% rayon and 8% lycra for breathability and comfort, making it an ideal choice for travelers, especially those who often move from one climate to another.

Then there are the short and airy Aida pants which are available slightly shorter or full length. The loose, loose silhouette combines to create an incredibly flattering fit for any body type.

Wide leg pants hlike a triple stitched elastic waist, super comfortable feel and pockets. And what the traveler does not like (and need pockets)?

The other thing that we really like about these pants is that they are wrinkle free. That’s right – travelers who travel light love it. They’re easy to pack (roll up), then when you get to your destination, you can quickly get to a meeting, dinner, or wherever you go without spending time ironing.

And, since they’re so fluid, they’re also super flexible, making them an ideal choice for any trip. They are available in light gray and dark gray, “washed black” and dark black.

Then there is what they call the Filomena pants that add a little drama to any wardrobe. These fabulous pants have a wide silhouette, a high waist and pockets. The triple stitched elastic waist is comfortable and the elastic will not move or become bushy. Pair it with an ankle boot or dish for a winter look or throw it in your bag with sandals for a winter beach getaway!

They are made of 92% rayon 8% lycra, which means that they breathe well. Then there is nothe Bella cardigan which comes in black and several fun colors. This cardigan has pockets, is super soft and comfortable.

This fun piece is elegant with its draped front, which makes it easy to dress up or down – dress pants or even jeans. This too comes in five different color options.

Visit their website for more information, including how to order.

Rough & Tumble Design Bags

We fell in love with the Rough & Tumble Design seven pocket tote. The bag was inspired by the need to organize super simply, it is a boon for travelers. This tote is fully double waxen Canvas pockets and comes in large or small.

Here’s the other thing we absolutely love about their offer: 7 POCKETS! I have been looking for a bag like this for years (and years!). There are two open side pockets and zipped pockets on the front as well as a zipped pocket in waxed canvas and two side pockets for water bottle. There is also a small magnetic closure.

As for colors, there are tons of choices. No, not only your typical browns, blacks and tans, but they also offer moderately rich blues and purples. Colors include distressed espresso, rustic pecan, polished dark brown, buttery brown, silver, mahogany, eggplant, premium saddle, classic black, patinated cigar and mink double gold. The colors are rich and the quality of the leather is first rate.

There is also a leather keychain with removable cord.

There is so much functionality and versatility in this bag – we love everything about it.

Here’s the other nice thing about Rough and Tumble – each bag is unique and handmade in New England. In their words “They create a blend of smart utility signature, archival form and selected materials, which marks a lasting vision of authentic, purposeful and trendless design.”

Their vision is to combine a feeling of robustness with discreet luxury – in other words, “A declaration of visual balance, clean architecture and high functionality.”

And there is a woman behind the bar – apparently the Rough & Tumble design outpost was first installed in the home of Natasha Durham, which was a church in 1929 on a mountain in the Maine. Today their creations are made in Brunswick and since Maine is one of our favorite states, we had to try them. The designs and quality far exceeded our expectations.

For more information on their bags, including how to order, visit their website.

Renee is also a co-founder of Traveling Geeks, an initiative that brings entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, bloggers, creators, curators and influencers to other countries to share and learn from peers, governments, businesses and of the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate and promote innovative technologies.

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