Onki & Anauj (And The Prison House For Angels)

Onki & Anauj

((-and Prison House for Angels) (Newly Revised, Edited 5-2010))


One Million BC

(4500 BC?) The African sun gently rested over this small village where Onki lived. Outside the house was a cactus garden where lizards-small and large-ran to and fro, as free as the day and night were long. Onki woke up with the bright sunlight shining on his face-through the open window and spacious bedroom: it was warm on his long stretched out nine feet naked body, broad and robust body, and the sun’s rays gave light and shape to a rainbow shower far-off in the distance. The warmth of the morning seemed to wake up the cocks likewise-they started to cackle a stream of sings their dull but regular desert songs, and the desert echoed back to them-with its hollow repeating voice, as if life was walking out of death-it was a new day.

Onki’s eyes became illuminated, his mouth opened up wide for a yawn, giving a pleasant but loud bursts which turned into shrieks of laughter; he looked out his window-there was a steady supply of bubbling heat waves-he grins-then, right there he spots that far-off rainbow which is full of colors-looking like a cross, an illuminated glass door stands a being, but it was the horizon he was looking at-beyond the rainbow (something he had never seen, something no being had ever seen, it was created yet, because the Great Flood had not come yet, his existence was on the tail end of it emerging)-for the most part. Then he looked at his long time angelic ally, and Nephilm, from eons past, both having been at one time: comrade in arms-rise dubiously to within his sight, he was in the other room roaming aimlessly through one room and then the next-more at pacing, and through the partly opened door he could see Otitoyoc, in rapidity, looking uneasy.

Slowly he awake, lifting himself up to a sitting position on the side of the bed. Then he noticed Anauj, his mistress, human wife, the one he cohabitated with, she was dressing, putting on a light red garment that extended to the knees, a belt gathered her waist, it had loose sleeves (similar to a tunic, almost like a dress). Then she began painting her eyes and lips-she pulls the curtain open in the main room also used as a dinning room; he stares at her nakedness, her shapely and pleasing tights, belly, calves, her rising mound, a body for a goddess he murmurs, he loves her long silk like hair, and stares for a longer moment, as she bends over, a well-formed frame he thinks-one he left his heavenly abode for, then she put on her camel skin sandals, as if to meet the day, and its chores, as if to get down to business. For him it is a passionate, almost insane craving, and that is the one thing that caused his banishment from God’s sight, the thing he had no knowledge of before-until then, and now.

With light, springy ankles she trips by Otitoyoc as he paces, the heat drifting in through the open window a faint sour smell-and Onki is filled with a wild desire to be able to take in this woman, this lovely creature once more, before the morning ends, but with a deadly rich, and colorful glimpse of life, strangely he enchants himself by humming, disgorging his inner thoughts, he has had her for hours throughout the night-perhaps five hours straight, as did his friend, make love to her thereafter, both taking their turns until she passed out with pain and pleasure. He never slept; angelic renegades have no need to. She was worn out. He had left the Circle of Refaim, near the Syria boarder (in the Golan Heights), created as a shrine for Og, the powerful king, it sheltered his kind, but it wasn’t safe enough, “Nobody,” he told his comrade in arms, “I say, nobody can find us here.”

It all seemed to Onki, a prosperous atmosphere, this hide out in the middle of the world, nowhere, a near care-free existence, and had one of his peers from long ago, looked at him, surely they would have thought him rather school-boyish, in nature. “They are all the same in bed,” he tells himself, but this one is beautiful, if I must pay a price for my misdeeds, let it be with a lovely creature, no smutty one, for others to make jokes about.”

Anauj, she was of an immeasurable beauty, wavy long black hair, greenish-blue eyes that often seemed to change to a lighter and fuller blue throughout the day, she was sixteen years old. Onki was over one-million years old, perhaps older, as was his comrade.

He looked at her shapely lips; the lower one was bigger than the upper one. And her bronze skin glowed with youth, he wanted to touch her again, thinking to himself, how difficult to pass a whole hour up of a waking day with such a being, and not touch her, but always on the watch, always on the alert; and then at night-nearly the same.

Onki could hear the shifting of the desert sands outside his bedroom window it was like music to his ears, like drums humming and pounding-making the heart and soul, ignite, for it was his way of adjusting to the morning; his huge bull like dogs, came forward into the bedroom ran toward him and jumped up on him, but he shook them off and called loudly, his orders “Just lay down by the bedside,” and they obeyed.

He never really needed to sleep, nor did his friend Otitoyoc, they were different than Anauj; they were superhuman (paranormal beings), who came one day, and inhabited this small desert village. They had come from the great battles that were taking place among the Giants of the Refaim, a heap of rocks, made into a temple-shrine for King Og the Giant King, now turning into a cemetery; day after day the rumble of drums and battle cries, the regiments of giants fought, many wounded and died, there was over 400,000-giants in this war, and by its end, eight-thousand were only left. They used rocks and swords and gouged out eyes, and these giants, sons and daughters of the Nephilim-the angelic renegade race, had offspring hybrids that were two thirds superhuman, some as tall as five story buildings, some beastly looking others deformed, and demonic.

Onki was thinking of far-off days, the long (almost forgotten) past; of the great songs he and his angelic comrades sang within the shadows of the stars, and throughout the heavens. But that was a very long time ago. The songs had since evaporated to within the sands of this desert like oasis (where summer grasses grew high, and the sky was always a soft blue, and war far away), where the shifting, whistling sands from the winds of the desert, where only lizards made their abode now, where his sons and daughter giants were buried, where the Great Refaim Circle was.

It was Anauj, quietly walking past Onki’s bedroom, barefoot, silent with no smile; Onki could hear her. She dare not anger either one of the huge angelic beings-being quite petite, and so she tried to walk in a straight line, not to making a sound. Otitoyoc gave her a wink, “Well, how are you this sunny morning,” he asked, rhetorically, stewing there with the door open in the heat, and sweat and stinking breath of the famished drunken soldier, he had drank the night before much wine (he had taught one of the governors of Ur, how to make it, and it was passed down to Noah somehow).

For they could be gracious at times, but if angered, it could cause a catastrophe (and she did not want any misfortune to befall her, she was afraid, so fearful that at times horror seized her, and with a choking nausea: thus she stumbled out of step, trying to avoid Otitoyoc’s presence also, if indeed she was in danger of their aggression, she’d make a few gestures to arouse them-and in return they’d make gross, repulsive gestures back, as she tried to pull herself sweetly and coyly among their presence).

She knew there was some kind of death-curse connected to them-there was always darkness within the souls of their eyes, as if they were in the trenches of death. -that haunted them inside their somewhat humanistic shell shaped supernatural bodies (there was this kind of verbal jumble about them two she noticed, waking them day and night, bewilderingly over them like a hawk, a green ooze and sinister horror on their faces at times, these titans of old, both had their burden to carry for sure, some terrible dark vista, thus far unrevealed, but to be stricken with at a later time, an obscure sort of fever perhaps she pondered, follows them, to be poured upon them at some undisclosed time in the near future) for they awaited the day, and scanned the night skies, they would look into the heavens wondering, perchance wondering or trying to guess, pondering their fate, that is to say, when the badly curled up news would appear-the sight of these strange beings, pallid men and ancient men of some lost era seeking at last to emerge from the clouds to earth-who did just that to a commanding presence on the planet, instead of protecting it, as their mission was called for, being known as a ‘Watcher,’ to this desert home they came: these were strange men to Anauj, too vague to pin down or analyze but a drama was in place and not yet played out-and Anauj knew that much-most conjecture but she knew-for the most part-what lay behind her, and cared not to try to unlock the forbidden gate they had come from. So not knowing, for the most part, what was in store for these foulest of beings, leave them for the pits of myth and madness. They even had strange shadows she thought-but to her it was all the same, strange men should have strange shadows.

As time passed, Anauj never could figure out the many names they whispered among themselves, except for one which was called, Ura’el, he was the one they feared the most would appear out of nowhere, sometime, someday, and it would be more than a visit. They both scanned the skies and the lands and the hideous stones and swamp like areas-of this local.

I guess it was another superhuman being-she felt would bring their demise, she came to accept as their termination, just a matter of time, evidently he’d look somewhat like them, but brighter, and someone that they feared, hence, he would show up someday and the longer she examined them and their fear-no doubt to its greater certainty it was just that, this other being was hidden in the depths of their minds-like sea creatures exploring the distance sands, and the edges of its abyss, inside their indefinite brains, but the wonder was, how mysterious, that these beings had no trouble in adapting themselves to earth, that eventually lead to womanizing, but she had overheard them talking in the heat of a night, that it was a shrewd harlot that made them sin, brought them to this level, to leave their habituate, and bathed them into the race, not accustomed to sex, they undoubtedly learned its pleasures quickly, and could have countless orgasms, unlike mortal man, as a woman can, and as a result, stripped and dominated the female race on earth, taking men’s daughters and wives and whomever they wanted and word of this had reached the high heavens-called among the human race, as ‘The Old Ones’ or the ‘Shinning Ones,’ the Giants, the Nephilim. Henceforward, came the decadent days on earth, and their giant race was cartouche.

In a like manner, she had heard the name Ura’el, and more so she frequently thought of the one who would send this being called Ura’el, that would be the one to fear, her savior to be. She had learned by observation to recognize this Ura’el as the superior older one.

She was young, but quickly learned it was not natural to have such powers within such hoggish-tissue of inhuman beasts, in semi human frames, they wanted to be worshiped, and could not be killed by any warrior she knew of, and they needed no food, or sex, but took it for pleasure nonetheless. She didn’t know the whole of it, but was wise enough to keep her fear silent, as they did, concerning this Ura’el being, concerning everything thought she ever had-lest she be accountable to their kind of ultimate doom-they were lifeless, cold-resistant, reluctant to do anything but give orders, and expected her to be a trained seal, or pigeon, save her dove like appearance, and mannerisms.

This morning Anauj readied the kitchen table as usual, and started to cook as she did each and every morning from her brick oven. The brick floor was warm, and everything seemingly tranquil-she would be their waiter as well as worshiper as well as concubine, she even flattered them with smiles (and because of her silence they never though much, of what she might be thinking, but she was doing a lot of thinking, praying for their annihilation. Had they seen a few of her glances, they would have utterly torn her apart, yet coyly she presented herself).

Onki and Otitoyoc (sidekicks, for the most part) looked at one another oddly, a strange feeling came over them, as if their senses were picking up something, but not sure of what-they had extraordinarily senses, Onki lay his great hand onto his hip. Then they shook the feeling off, unwilling to believe it was what they thought it might be, although sick to their stomachs together-looking at one another in that old style comradeship, they once believed in.

But it was a danger sign nonetheless, if only a shabby one, the body picks up such ill-fated memories, then out of nowhere they both started to think about the pledge they made to one another long ago; both agreeing to do this adventure together, no matter what the consequences-as if a judgment was at that very moment was taking place inside each of them, they could not help thinking about these specifics, and the hideous ravage they brought to the human race. There was something abnormal about this whole business of recalling their deadly sins, somebody’s madness, though Onki. These thoughts traversed their brains making them near dizzy in the sun filled morning.

They had sworn an oath to one another-there were two-hundred of them -to leave God’s realm (their abode, the one they had lived within for eons), and to descend to this new world called earth, where pleasures were not of heaven, but of flesh and blood, at which time the pleasures of mankind were all a mystery, unexplained if not a fabulous mystery, and curious phenomenon to them, and to many more angelic beings like them. And now looking back, all they could say was: we only intended to visit, or revisit this place-curiosity having long ago got the better- but at the time, earth’s deepest emotions sealed their fate, and they tried to blame, to lay this curse of guilt to someone else’s madness. But they kept coming nonetheless, where the temptation to hesitate did not exist, like worms they sought the insane pleasures of earth, where they balked at anything short of certain disaster. And they got what they suspected, an archangel, drove them into the pits, and chained them under the sands of the deserts, and these two Nephilim, somehow tiptoed their was to safety, with a dim and single torch-in what was once an oppressed world, oppressed by them.

This was something unknown to the angelic race, prior to God’s creating human flesh, on a material world. When they found earth, along with two-hundred others, they committed the unpardonable sin of cohabitating with the human species, again, part of the oath all took, one for all, and all for one; for they knew this was a species God created for other purposes, not for their pleasure. But it was tempting, and God had hid it from many of the angels, for good reason of course earth per se (and so, like a treasure, unfound for centuries, they came down upon earth like thundering gods).

Onki knowing the humans were weaker, they the stronger took advantage of the moment that very moment he touched down on earth’s soil; at first Onki could not accurately say what was wrong with the formality, the pure air, heavy air, drowned him, but after a few seconds his body got acclimated, but his mind reacted definitely. Let me try to state this better, what may have nauseated him was some kind of transformation, grave-he had lost his immense historical importance, as it was, his body slowed down, like an intervening river (and he understood quite well at that point, why God had kept this a secret from certain angelic beings). As he whispered to his friend, ‘…we were the first beings, not them’ (showing a bit of sourness) but this was true, they were among the first angelic beings God created. And they would be the first to face His judgment. And so, as the breakfast was being readied, they continued to stare at one another, heart pounding, as it did day in and night in anticipation, living in fear; their thoughts emerging, for they were over a-million years old, they knew one another quite well.

(Offspring) Onki had one child, called Iamuot; he was a hybrid, of short statue, born in the desert of Djurab, by Ahounta Diimdoumalhaye (where they lived now, Iamuot, living in a hut outside of the main house), Anauj’s mother had died while giving childbirth to his creature, half-demonic and half-human. Anauj was quite young back then-when this all took place. For Onki took Anauj from her original husband whom he killed with an arrow from a blow, to the head, the child was then eight-years old. Anauj took on the responsibility of the mother, Iamuot being a kind of half-brother. But the child was a little different than most of the children of the village. And for that reason he was called the “Inhuman Fiend.”

As Iamuot grew up his teeth remained small, he kept a short looking face, and like his father, Onki, had a prominent brow, ridges to be exact. He walked upright, but with a slump, his arms and hands hung to his side of him as he walked, looking, or resembling at times, more ape than a man, looking as if he was about to lose his balance quickly, although he seldom did.

(Iamuot) Outside the front door Iamuot squatted down to go to the bathroom looking up at the dark cloud encircling his home. While his dog came sniffing him, and wanting to be patted, he noticed a burning flame high in the sky near some clouds, he pushed the dog away to get more focused, he called to his half-sister to see this strange phenomena-he was but eight.

As she opened the door, at that very moment, a lightening spear flashed through the sky, a rod of fire-like the tail of a comet, it soared through the atmosphere striking the houses near by in the village and their house as well, making the houses tremble, and their foundations, of: mud, wood and stone, crumble into dust. The village of seven-hundred inhabitants (humans) were shaken to oblivion, running everywhichway, scared the sky was falling in, “Fire from heaven” as their house crumbled to the floor of its foundation.

As the village continued to burn, the earth started to erupt; sucking into its crevices, and deep holes, everything in its path, one could see dead bodies all about. Anauj stood starring, with a flat affect, as if it was God sent. Onki looked at her, I mean looked at her looking, deeply looked at her from ground to the top of her head, perhaps for the first time, and she smiled, and that was a far and in-between facial expression, for she had not smiled it seemed but a few times, and that was to appease these warlike gods, titans of old, the angelic renegades, and the Refaim giants of the land.

Onki hissed at her, unconsciously, but before he could strike her (which was on his mind), this wide and huge being heard something, crackling, it was of iron or steel, it was chains, he was being bound, tied, tighter than a python snake can squeeze the life out of a man, tied and retied in knots, in front of Anauj.

Said Ura’el to Onki, as if they knew one another:

“You will be bound a million years, one for each of your sins, in the Prison House for Angels, deep within the Universe along with your comrade (as had previously been done to a good portion of the two-hundred angelic renegades, the Watchers of old).”

The desert, the houses, the village, and farms, and hunting sites were all burning filling sky with black smoke. The animals, pigs, camels, vultures, snakes, rodents, and rabbits, dogs and cats, all dying of fright, some falling into sinkholes, others were swallowed up by the movement of the crust of the earth. The world was coming to an end it seemed. And Anauj just stood there as if to wait for her master’s call, wanting to go with Ur’el, for it was the only safe name she had ever heard; she kept that smile on her face now, and Onki could not take it off. Ur’el looked at her, his warm eyes told her many things, they told her that the Almighty God of the universe, had read her heart, heard her secret words-as she threaded the dim and thin labyrinth Onki made out of her life, and with a morsel of faith, the echo had reached his throne room.

Said Onki, with a shout, breaking the moment “Kill ME!-do not let me have to count the days and nights and hours alone in darkness, and nothingness, in a blind world in some sculptured prison out of the cosmos…!” but there was no conversation between prisoner and the protector, Ur’el.

Said Ur’el to Anauj, softly, “It is a tiny moment in time…no more than that, it will pass, and be buried deep within man’s unwritten journals, maybe just maybe, another world away, in a different time cycle will uncover some of this. But go, find a husband, leave the dead to themselves, and the scorpions to the desert. Create a new generation; I come from the One God, He is the one who sent me. I will see you at another time.”

Having said that, more angels appeared, grabbing the other two renegades, and binding them with double-chains. As Onki was taken away to the Prison House for Angels, far-off in the Universe; and as they took him, one could hear his hard and emotional breathing, his beating of his limbs, his nostrils hissing, his body shaking. Onki’s child was dead as was all the hybrids of that day and so this is where a new saga began and an old one ended.


Had you asked Anauj, to share any warm, or generous emotions on this subject of kidnapping and forced sex, and enslavement, she would have told you straight out, she wanted to escape the very first day she saw Onki-but of course it never did come to pass until this very day, the day Ur’el arrived. She wondered as they took Onki away-couldn’t help but wonder ‘Did he love me, was he capable of it?’ She even remembered some of the ecstasy of those dark blue nights, with a silver moon, endless sex, by him most likely self-forgotten, dumped in darkness, perhaps he imagined her in years to come as ‘that fat whore,’ and he’d kill her as he did her mother. And then make jokes of it with his kind at that Circle of Refaim, as he called it.

Even her imagination had been debauched without being aware of it. She was taken before she knew anything of love at all, lined up for examination, sexually, with the impetuousness of Onki, he was her night wind, for years, at sixteen-years old, she wondered if she was ever a whore-in any of this psychodrama. After a while it was all wretched.

These is still light in her soul though, and she is standing in front of a large heap of rubble, her home, she whispers “I’m glad I’ve seen you,” as Ur’el disappears in the distance, she smiles, haltingly she stares as if everything up to this moment was just a dream, illusion and is looking for reality, and in so doing, discovers, she is no longer disillusioned, it’s only natural-she tells herself-that she had been strained to the utmost, a matter of life and death. So now, the here and now, the future, is what matters, and of course, what counts.

Notes 1: Originally written in 2002 (in St. Paul, Minnesota), and published in the book “Chasing the Sun” and reedited March in 2006, in Lima, Peru; again reedited and this time revised, 3/2008 and a third time reedited, 5-2010.

Note 2: We can see in Genesis 14:5, there is a 1st and second generation of Nephilim, to put this into a comparison, Gilgamesh would be from the 2nd Generation, and pure angelic being from the first, the 1st having more power and strength than the second, that is to say, the 2nd was not on par with the first. Their story takes place in the land of Zuzim (of old), not all that from the ‘Dead Sea,’ and just a tinge farther from Jerusalem.

Dedicated to Rosa Peñaloza, because of her fondness for this story.

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

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