Have You Been To The World’s Largest National Park? Here’s All You Need To Know

Welcome to the world’s largest national park, bigger than all but 29 countries combined! Covering many acres of untouched and unexplored wilderness, Northeast Greenland National Park touches the northernmost ice-covered regions of the Northern Hemisphere and the northernmost part of the world. sounds amazing! Isn’t it? Well, the excitement has just begun. There are many wonders to see in Greenland’s Northeast National Park Which will surprise you. Nature in its truest and purest form should definitely find a place on your itinerary when planning a trip to the world’s largest islands. Home to the ancient Inuits since the Ice Age, the place also has historical and cultural significance.

Basic facts about Northeast Greenland National Park

Basic facts about Northeast Greenland National Park

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Read on to know in detail about some interesting facts and exciting things to do in this natural wonderland during your trip to Greenland:

Place: 9 HJ Rink Road, 3900 New York; The town of Ittoqqortoormit serves as the gateway to the park.
Time: 8 am – 6 pm
Area: 972000 square kilometers
Established: 1974
population: The park has no permanent residents. In a recent survey, 31 people involved in patrolling and surveillance inside the park were found at various locations.
living organisms: The region is home to nine land mammal species including the cannibalistic polar bear and the giant-sized walrus. It is home to more than 40% of the world’s oyster owners population. Apart from these, you can also see mountain hare, reindeer and fox. This coast is famous for various species of whales and other sea creatures. The most common whale species are minke, humpback and fin. Apart from this you will also find seals and sharks. The area is a breeding ground for about 60 varieties of birds such as swans, eiders, snow owls, ravens and many more. The animals of Northeast Greenland National Park are one of the major attractions of the region as here you get to see wildlife in their natural habitat.
Rule: The park is governed by the home rule authorities of the country. Those wishing to visit the park must submit a specially written application through the Danish Polar Centre. You can enter the park area only with a permit from the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice. The email to submit your application is exp@nanoq.gl. You will also have to pay Rs 43,355 as non-refundable deposit per campaign.

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Northeast Greenland National Park Map

Northeast Greenland National Park Map

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Northeast Greenland National Park Weather

Northeast Greenland National Park Weather

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The climate in Northeast Greenland National Park is quite harsh during the winter months. Its location in the far north enhances the cold. In the summer months, it is hotter and drier due to its proximity to the ocean.

The average winter temperature is around -20 °C in the months of November to April.
In the summer months which are from June to August, you can expect better climate. The average temperature at this time of the year is between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius but due to low humidity, the heat is felt more. There is practically no rain in this part of the country. The average annual rainfall is measured at 200 mm and that is why it is also called the Arctic Desert.

All that said, the weather can change suddenly, so it’s always best to check with local Greenlanders before setting out on an expedition.

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Northeast Greenland National Park: best time to visit

Best time to visit

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Summer is the best time to visit as the weather in Northeast Greenland National Park is most favorable to explore this place in the warmer months. You can plan your trip between late May to late August.

More adventurous travelers should also get a taste of winter in Greenland as they will be rewarded with some unexpected and breathtaking creations and creatures of nature.

Before you start this journey of a lifetime, remember that it is not easy. The prices are very high and there are not many easy routes to travel, but the sights and sounds you will see during your stay will definitely outweigh any difficulties you may encounter.

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Places to Visit in Northeast Greenland National Park

Here are the best places in Northeast Greenland National Park that you should consider visiting on your trip to enjoy nature at its best:

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1. Summit Camp


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It is a research station at the top of the ice sheet in Greenland that is operational all year round. It is situated at an altitude of about 3210 meters above sea level. The number of people visiting this place during winters has been recorded to be only 5, whereas during summer months an estimated 55 people used to visit here. The research station is managed by an American company. The nearest town is Ittoqqortoormiit located at a distance of 460 km. The station can be reached by plane from Kangerlussuaq Airport during the summer season. For the winter months, it is better to inquire in advance as flights are less frequent.

2. Ella Island

View of Ella Island

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Part of the Northeast National Park in Greenland, this island formation is mostly known for its amazing landscapes. The island also has some amazing hiking trails and along the way you get to see the unique Arctic wildlife up close. The view from the top of the island is something that will definitely be one of your fondest memories. This is also the island where a meteorite was found in the year 1971. You may also spot some polar bears resting on the island’s beaches.

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3. Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord

Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord

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Northeast Greenland National Park is famous for some spectacular views and one such place is the Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjords. It is known for its stunning tundra surrounded by majestic mountains. An ideal place for trekking, here you will find many old-style huts to spend the night under the stars. Wildlife is abundant here and get ready to see eider ducks, musk oxen and arctic foxes. The view of the icy blue waters with the red colored mountains in the background is breathtaking making it a must-see on your visit to the park.

4. Scoresby Sund

scoresby sund

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The largest fjord in the world, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greenland’s Northeast National Park. Located close to the town of Ittokqortoormiit, this incredible sculpture of ice boasts some unique fauna such as walruses, seals, swans, Arctic foxes and Atlantic puffins and other Northeast Greenland National Park animals. The flora here is also surprisingly very colourful, with brightly colored flowers and wild berries growing in some places, although this has a very short life due to the short summer season.

Another major attraction is the midnight sun which is a pleasant experience for travelers in the warmer months. The sun shines here 24 hours a day and it is a pleasure to see the icebergs shining in the evening sunlight. It is best to book a cruise to fully explore the area and you can also go hiking and trekking away from the coast. The guide on the cruise will be well armed and ready to assist you in case you encounter the fierce and huge polar bear, although this is unlikely.

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Northeast Greenland National Park Accommodation

Accommodation in Greenland Park

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The town of Ittoqqortoormit is the only human habitation for miles near the national park. It is the most remote place in Greenland with a total population of about 400 people, whose only sources of income are hunting and tourism. Living in this small village will also prove to be an adventure for many people. There is a guesthouse that offers some accommodation options with single and double rooms. He also has a kitchen at home to take care of food.

Among the many activities to do in and around the city, visiting the museum to know some unknown and interesting facts about the life and culture of the Inuits tops the list. Other popular things to do are kayaking, boat trips, fishing, hiking, hunting and trekking.

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Things to remember in Northeast Greenland National Park

Things to remember in Northeast Greenland National Park

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Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind to have a hassle-free and comfortable experience on your trip:

  • Northeast National Park in Greenland is a remote area without any resident human population. The number of animals is far greater in number so it is better to travel in groups and through tour operators.
  • This is not an easy journey so you should be well prepared with proper information, maps and prior reservation. There are many places here that do not accept debit or credit cards, so it is better to carry some extra cash with you.
  • It is said that the weather does not spoil, only the clothes spoil. You should always be careful when packing for your expedition here. Carry layered clothing so you can adjust to the temperature.

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How to reach Northeast Greenland National Park

How to reach Northeast Greenland National Park

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To reach Greenland you must first travel to Denmark or Iceland. From here, you can take one of the many regular flights to your destination city in Greenland. There are several international cruise companies that have recently started services to Greenland as well. It’s a great way to explore and enjoy the vast nature of this whiteland.

The national park in Greenland is connected via two small towns, Ittokqortoormiit and Pitufik, both of which have regular air services from Greenland’s main cities. After reaching any of these entrances, you can either charter your own charter plane or use boats during the summer season, but only with permission from the town tourist office.

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An Arctic paradise, Northeast Greenland National Park is one of those places you must visit once in your lifetime. A trip that requires detailed planning, plan an international vacation and enjoy Greenland’s incredible wildlife and charismatic beautiful locations without any hassle.

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