Indians Will No Longer Need An Airport Transit Visa For France. Relieved Much?

What else can those who are planning do? trip to france Ask? Making international travel a little easier, the country’s authorities have announced that from now on, airport transit visas will not be required across France for Indians traveling to the country.

Following the implementation of this change in visa rules from July 23, 2018, French Ambassador to India – Alexandre Ziegler made it official via Twitter saying that ATV will no longer be mandatory for Indian passport holders who travel to the airports located here. Traveling from. Any region of France.

miniature of the Eiffel Tower on the map

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However, passengers who will be traveling within the Schengen Area will be required to issue an ATV, along with those who do not plan to leave the airport transit area. Further, in case of passengers who plan to stay in hotels outside the airport transit area during their france trip A regular tourist visa will also be required.

While France is a core part of the 26 countries in Europe that fall under the Schengen Area, which has officially abolished all border controls and passport rules, this only works in favor of Indian travelers wishing to travel to France. Is.

With the recent changes in airport transit visa rules across France, it is expected that a lot more travelers from India will soon visit this European paradise. And if you want to make the most of this transit visa change, book one of the best customizable holidays in France with Tour TravelH otels!

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