Night Safari In Malaysia Is The Ultimate Way To Explore & Experience Wonderful Malaysia

If you’re in Malaysia, we’re sure you’ll want to spend a lot of time amidst the country’s creepy reptiles, dense forests and natural wonders. While you are there, don’t miss a night safari in Malaysia, Which is known for providing information about the wildlife of the country. Watch the wildlife and choose your favourite. Choose your route as per your choice.

Some safari routes go deep into the rainforest area. If you’re not too keen, don’t worry, you can choose the more urban-focused ones that are centrally located. Choose any of these, all these night safaris are amazing and perfect for family holidays. Try the wild side of Malaysia.

1. Explore the best of wildlife in the great rainforest

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To get a glimpse of these gentle giants you have to go deep into the rainforest area. You can drive it for seven hours until you arrive or you can take a one-hour flight and you will land in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, where the Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary is located.

This 300,000-acre lowland is covered with vast dipterocarp forest where you can find Sabah’s three largest mammals, the Borneo pygmy elephant, the tembadau and the Sumatran rhinoceros.

It is not a hundred percent guarantee that you will get to see them, but elephants are often seen near the reserve forest. You’ll find at least a few species of birds, orangutans, civet cats, frogs and many more of the 300 species of insects that call this part of the planet home!

While you’re there, you can extend your trip and take the opportunity to explore Lipad Falls. Go and take a nice, cool dip and check out the Lipad mud volcano (known as R&R for wildlife looking for their mineral intake). You may also want to consider taking a drive in the evening at dusk to see the more exciting nocturnal wildlife. They roam close to areas for food. Birds also come out in search of food at this time of the day. Go for a walk at night after dinner. Follow the nearby path from the resort and you will find some of the most incredible sleeping birds, frogs and nocturnal wildlife.

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2. Plan an amazing session with the night birds at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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Amidst the greenery on top of the hill, with its lush surroundings, lies the attractive Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. One of the best places for night safari in Kuala Lumpur, it is a man-made sanctuary of birds, but it blends with nature so perfectly that one often forgets that it is amidst a full bustling city. situated at. It is an absolutely convenient place, a park that is an ideal place for children to spend weekend mornings.

This bird park is spread over an area of ​​more than 20 acres. The landscape of this bird park is reminiscent of a rainforest with a tropical climate. When last counted there were a total of 3,000 birds of more than 200 species. There are Brahminy kites, southern cassowaries, channel-billed toucans, rhinoceros hornbills (the world’s largest hornbill species), the rare Pesquet’s parrot (found only in Papua New Guinea) and the Moluccan cockatoo. The morning feeding session of these birds is amazing. You can see birds in all amazing colors and incredible sizes. They all come together and rush towards destroying the crop in one fell swoop.

If you are lucky you can witness the courtship of the Indian blue peacock. Also, don’t forget to introduce yourself to the Indian Ringneck Parrot and the Crowned Pigeon (the largest of its species, with a body the size of a turkey). You can also find giant pelicans, egrets, ibis and flamingos.

3. See the dancing butterflies of Teluk Bahang

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One of the largest and most beautiful insects in the world is found in Entopia in Teluk Bahang, Penang. This is a facility where anyone can go and learn all about insects, especially butterflies. It’s a safe and fun environment to learn about nature’s absolutely incredible creatures. If you want to go on night safari in Malaysia then this place is for you.

You can find a large number of butterflies dancing to the tunes of “The Natureland” outdoor ecological park. If you are interested in entomology, good news for you, you can actually walk among flying bird feathers or even autumn leaves. You may also spot blue glassy tigers and orange-tipped butterflies, among other things.

The king brook birdwing butterfly is one of the beauties of Entopia. There are other insects too. Then there are also invertebrates and small reptiles in the park. You get to see rhinoceros beetles, dragonflies, fireflies, dragonhead crickets, leaf cutter ants, Malaysian giant scorpions, Nephila spiders, centipedes, water monitor lizards, great angle head lizards, cat geckos and more.
There are also amphibians including tree frogs and poison dart frogs that you can find here.

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4. Have a wonderful time at Urban Farm

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Check out The Farm in the City which is spread across a vast area of ​​7 acres, which is a cattle-rearing park for visitors to visit in a Malaysian-style kampong or village. You can learn about farms from around the world and over 100 species of unique animals. There are chickens passing by, turtles playing with vegetables or other animals around them.

You can pet, caress and feed the animals here. There are fish, birds, hamsters, giant tortoise, rabbits and raccoons for you to raise. You can visit their company under the supervision of employees at selected times. There is a popular section called “Longkang Fishing” where young people seem to spend time catching (and releasing) small fish in the ditch.

You can spend some time and learn more about the blue-tongued lizards, giant tortoises, cute alpacas, rare white crows, star tortoises, Javan deer, Himalayan striped squirrels, meerkats, fennec foxes and much more.

5. Hang out with an orangutan

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If you’re in Sarawak and looking for company, take a 40-minute drive from Kuching to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, an award-winning rehabilitation center for orangutans in Malaysia, wait for it!
You may get the chance to meet semi-wild orangutans in all shapes and sizes! From tiny infants, to boisterous teenagers, to more dignified mature adults. This is a safe natural habitat for them.

Try and plan your visit during the morning or lunch session. This is the best time to see these gentle creatures coming out of the forest for their food.

It is also a great place for bird watching. You get to see the Yellow-rumped Flowerpecker, Bornean Black-magpie, Long-billed Partridge, Red-bearded Bee-eater and more.

So plan your itinerary according to your preferences, if you want to hang out with orangutans or you want to go a little more serene bird watching, if you want to see insects and butterflies or you want elephants and rhinos. book your ticket Travel to Malaysia with TourTravelHotels And experience the best of this beautiful land.

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