14 New Zealand Cuisines One Must Try On Their Trip

New Zealand’s food is constantly evolving, with influences from around the world, and in turn influencing the rest of the world. While the dishes remain traditional, it is the taste, the art of cooking and the innovation that makes them homemade. Flavors and makes them delicious. Dining here is quite an intimate affair. You must have often seen families cooking together and eating together. Since their culture is also more about sharing rather than one plate per person, you’ll find most restaurants serving generous portions of New Zealand cuisine.

The best way to enjoy food in New Zealand is to have dinner with the family. It is considered the best meal of the day and is quite popular in this country. Like pile the dishes on your plate and eat the meat! If it’s vegetarian, or even vegan, food you’re looking for, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

About New Zealand Cuisine

lamb on the lake

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One of the lesser known things about New Zealand cuisine is its evolution. With traditional beginnings from Māori cuisine, which included kumara, fern root and taro, to today’s famous Pacific Rim cuisine, it has evolved to include a huge variety of other cooking styles. You can also see the most loved vegetables like sweet potatoes becoming a part of modern cuisine.

With the Europeans came pork and potatoes, with the British came tea and baked goods. Soon, New Zealand’s specialty became its multifaceted cuisine. Kiwi cuisine is also interesting, consisting of barbecue, seafood and other typical dishes.

With an abundance of marine life in its waters, it’s no surprise that New Zealand specializes in seafood. Since it was also a big part of Māori cuisine, you’ll often find seafood at breakfast and meals.

Drinks in New Zealand include beer and wine. While beer may be the most common drink here, New Zealand specializes in wine making, and fine spirits can be enjoyed here. Notably, there is also a local drink, which is for all, known as Lemon & Paeroa (L&P). A must try while you are here!

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Top New Zealand Dishes

Since the cuisine of Australia and New Zealand is very similar, you will find many of the same dishes. But in reality, both countries prepare the dishes differently and both are definitely worth eating! Here are some of the best dishes of New Zealand that you must try on your visit here.

  • Who
  • Anzac Biscuits
  • crayfish
  • pavlova
  • depth
  • colonial swan
  • Ruined
  • delicious pie
  • hokey Pokey
  • Kiwi Burger
  • jafas
  • Whitebait Fritters
  • Kumar
  • roast lamb

1. which one


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Traditional Maori hangi is a must-try in New Zealand. The meat and vegetables are cooked underground, giving it an earthy flavor that is unique to its origin. It takes a very long time to prepare, almost an entire day, and hence, it is saved only for special occasions!

2. ANZAC Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits

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Dating back to World War I, when the Australia-New Zealand Army Corps, known as ANZAC, delivered biscuits to Gallipoli, these oat recipes have found their way into New Zealand culinary culture. These biscuits are the best snack and are considered a local delicacy of New Zealand.

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3. Crayfish

cry fish

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Crayfish is actually a lobster. Since catching one of these is a difficult task, it is served as a delicacy here. This is a Kiwi favourite! The history of New Zealand cuisine is not complete without a dish like crayfish.

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4. Pavlova


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Traditional New Zealand dessert recipes include pavlova. A dessert in the meringue category, this fluffy light meringue and fresh fruit treat is delicious, and best when made fresh!

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5. depth

of sea food

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A type of sea urchin that has always been a part of New Zealand cuisine, this seafood delicacy is delicious. The thorny hard shell encases a delicious piece of meat inside.

6. Colonial Swan

lamb recipe

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Contrary to its name, this preparation is actually a lamb recipe. This recipe was born when goose was rare in New Zealand. This stuffed dish is mostly made in winter, which is delicious.

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7. Waste


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Paua is a large sea snail. Prepared in different ways, you can either have the fried version, or the curry one. An interesting fact about paua is that its shells are often used as decoration items.

8. Delicious Pie


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Most pies in New Zealand are savory, unless otherwise noted. An ideal dish on the go, these stuffed pies are perfect for picnics and road trips. The stuffing can be of vegetables, meat or even fish! The list of New Zealand snacks is incomplete without this.

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9. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

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Hokey Pokey refers to caramelized honeycomb that is added to almost everything. Hokey Pokey ice cream is one of Kiwis’ favorite ice creams and consists of sweet vanilla ice cream topped with solid crunchy honeycomb toffee. This is one of the popular dishes here New Zealand cuisine And hence it is a must try when visiting the country.

10. Kiwi Burger

One Piece Double Chili Burger

This burger, introduced by McDonald’s in New Zealand, consists of a four-ounce beef patty, grilled egg, beets and other hamburger ingredients. The dish is now served on a limited-promotional basis in various restaurants and McDonald’s in New Zealand.

11. Jaffas

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A favorite confectionery item among New Zealand locals, Jaffas are sugar-coated small chocolate balls with a hint of orange flavor. Once you bite into the hard covered orange candy, you encounter the soft chocolate center and feel a sudden explosion of flavors on your palate.

12. Whitebait Fritters

Whitebait Fritters

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One of the most famous dishes in the west coast of the South Island, whitebait dumplings are cooked with immature fish about one or two inches long. Similar to fish omelettes, white bait dumplings are gluten-free and extremely delicious.

13. Kumar


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One of the favorite vegetables in New Zealand, this epic sweet potato is used in many dishes cooked in country homes and restaurants. From basic roasted potatoes and scalloped potatoes to the ultimate potato-topped chicken pot pie and tuna rosti, this vegetable can take on any shape.

14. Roast Lamb

Lamb and Cucumber

Slow-cooked roast lamb is packed with mouth-watering flavor and is served on the menus of most high-end restaurants and pubs in New Zealand. This tender meat melts in your mouth as soon as you eat it. Lamb is one of the must-try New Zealand dishes as the country is the largest exporter of lamb.

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So, here you are! The best of New Zealand travel is right in front of you on a plate! Head to any restaurant, a street food vendor, or even a B&B, and treat yourself to hot sweet and savory dishes. Enjoy seafood and meat here, and be sure to ask about the origin of any other dishes you have. With such a rich culinary history, learn more about this culture through

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