New travel industry COVID-19 coronavirus support group

New travel industry COVID-19 coronavirus support group: Whether it be the global financial crisis, war and political stability, terrorism or other epidemics of viruses, the travel industry has at times crossed the mill, but it has always demonstrated its resilience and rebounded. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has a somewhat different feel, however, with greater impacts on the industry than ever before, but rest assured that there will be a recovery. How long and what strength remains to be seen.

To help provide support to colleagues in the industry – not just those in the luxury sector but the entire travel industry – this week I created a new Facebook group designed to provide support to all industry members both during and after the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic.

New travel industry COVID-19
New travel industry COVID-19

Whether you are a hotel receptionist or an honorary chef at a large travel agency, this group is for everyone. Whether you want to share your opinions or get something from your chest, or are looking for practical advice or emotional support, to encourage or learn, we hope you find it to be a place where you can freely share everything that is going on your mind and get similar support to do it.

To join the group, go to

And please share with your friends in the travel industry. The more people in the industry we have on board, the more we can help each other.

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