These National Parks In Azerbaijan Will Let You Witness The Country’s Rich Wildlife

Azerbaijan cities are a beautiful blend of the modern and the historical as well as the man-made and the natural. If you are one of those people who want to see the natural and creative side of the city, then you must visit the national parks of Azerbaijan,, From tourists to locals, everyone visits these parks and gets mesmerized! They are a source of recreation, conservation and tourism. They are home to many species of flora and fauna and will make your holidays exciting and fun!

7 Best National Parks in Azerbaijan

Here is a list of the best national parks in Azerbaijan that will give the nature lover in you an experience like never before. To keep an eye!

1. Gobustan National Park

Gobustan National Park

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It is one of the most popular national parks in the city. What makes it so popular is that it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! The park has mud volcanoes and musical rocks that will leave you spellbound! There are approximately 6000 carvings on the park’s walls that date back approximately 40,000 years.

Place: Gobustan, Azerbaijan

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2. Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park

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Due to lack of information, it is not such a popular park in the city, but the reality is that this park is full of amazing adventures that will thrill you from head to toe! The park is a semi-desert area and consists of dunes. It is home to various species of flora and fauna. Some of the animals that you will find in the park are jackals, foxes, turtles and more.

Place: Baku, Azerbaijan

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3. Shirvan National Park

Shirvan National Park

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If you have always wanted to live amidst the jungle then you have a chance to do so here. Shirvan National Park offers camping facilities so you can spend a day or two there and explore the land of animals and birds like never before. The park has 200 species of flora and fauna. So, make sure you visit Shirvan National Park during your trip.

Place: Salyan District

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4. Gizil-Agaz State Reserve

Gizil-Agaz State Reserve

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Included in the World Heritage List of Ramsar Wetlands, this sanctuary is home to many different species of birds and animals. Some of the animals you can expect here are wolves, wild cats. Apart from this, you will find 250 different species of migratory birds and 50 types of fish.

Place: Azerbaijan

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5. Goygol National Park

Goygol National Park

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One of the best places in Azerbaijan that will take you closer to nature like never before is Goygol National Park. This park is full of unique beauty and peace. It contains many species of flora and fauna. The city’s most famous and oldest lake, Goygol Lake is located in this park.

Place: Ganja, Azerbaijan

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6. Zangazur National Park

Zangazur National Park

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In Zangazur National Park you will find the most exotic species of birds and animals. If you are a nature lover, this park will definitely entertain the enthusiast in you and satisfy your wanderlust. Some of the mammal species in the park are horseshoe bats, bats, porcupines, manul, bezoar goat and more. Apart from this, you will find leopard, wolf, jackal, striped hyena and 217 species of birds.

Place: Orduabad, Azerbaijan

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7. Hirkan National Park

Hirkan National Park

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Located on the coast of the Caspian Sea and offering beautiful views is the Hirkan National Park. This park is mainly known for its wide variety of plant species. The sole purpose of creating this park was to protect those species of flora. In addition, it is home to lynx, wild cat, boar, raccoon, sika deer and many other animals. This park is a must visit during your holidays in Azerbaijan.

Place: Lankaran Rayon, Astara Rayon

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These national parks of Azerbaijan will take you to a different level of adventure that you may have never experienced before! They are not only parks containing animals and birds but also ways to protect endangered species. They will definitely treat the nature lover in you! So, plan an international trip and visit these parks for a blissful holiday.

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