Top 10 Wedding Venues In Naples To Have A Fairytale Oceanfront Ceremony

If you want to get married somewhere beautiful by the sea, these Naples wedding venues are perfect for you. Due to its proximity to the mighty Mount Vesuvius and the tragedy of Pompeii, Naples appears on the traditional tourist map. But, the city has evolved beyond this and has turned into a cultural and culinary paradise. It is a city blessed with a spectacular coastline overlooking the Gulf of Naples and a mild Mediterranean climate. The city has an ideal climate with amazing views all year round, perfect for hosting the wedding of your dreams. Naples wedding venues are renowned for their attention to service and their breathtaking infrastructure. From palaces to extravagant villas, star hotels to rustic farms, wedding venues in Naples offer great variety.

Top 10 Naples Wedding Venues

Here are our favorite Naples wedding venues where you can say your forever vows and begin a blissful married life:

1. Romeo Hotel – For a luxurious five-star wedding ceremony

Romeo Hotel

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Romeo Hotel is one of the Top Wedding Venues in Naples, This is the best venue for a grand and grand wedding that guests will remember for a long time to come. This hotel is a five star hotel that has multiple venues and can be used for various wedding functions. You can enjoy the services of an exclusive wedding coordinator and hostess services, customized menus, and their Bay View Suite is also included for couples to embark on the honeymoon. The hotel overlooks the Bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri, offering a spectacular backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photographs.

Place: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45, 80133 Naples NA, Italy

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2. Villa Fattorso – For sunset weddings and private beaches

Villa Fattorso

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Villa Fattorso is one of the Unique Naples Wedding Venues Where you can host an entire wedding weekend, and your guests will never want to leave. The villa is located on the coast of Posillipo, with uninterrupted views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius and Capri on the horizon. The venue features a beautiful pool and outdoor seating with cabanas, the weather is pleasant year-round, and you can host events both indoors and outdoors. From bachelorette parties to intimate wedding venues, the villa can host up to 300 people. There is also a private beach which is the best place to exchange wedding vows at sunset!

Place: Via Posillipo, 68, 80121 Naples NA, Italy

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3. Villa Mazzarella – For a seaside venue with beautiful decor

Villa Victoria

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The pristine white decor of Villa Mazzarella makes for a fairytale wedding! The villa has been hosting wedding ceremonies in Naples for over three decades now, and hundreds of happy couples have said their vows at this beautiful venue. This is one of Affordable Wedding Venues in Naples And Posillipo is conveniently located on the coast. The venue has two outdoor terraces that are ideal for hosting evening weddings. The venue has its own kitchen and customized menus can be arranged for up to 400 guests. Take eternal vows with the mesmerizing sunset in the background and the breeze coming from the Mediterranean Sea, as the eternal Mount Vesuvius bears witness to them!

Place: Via Francesco Petrarca, 115 Bis, 80123 Naples NA, Italy

4. Grand Hotel Vesuvio – For a luxurious wedding worthy of the tabloids

Grand Hotel Vesuvio

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The only place to host a wedding worthy of the stars in Naples is the Grand Hotel Vesuvio! The hotel is one of the top wedding venues in Naples and offers excellent banquet services to accommodate weddings of up to 800 guests. The hotel itself is a Naples landmark and has been around since 1882 and has hosted guests ranging from Bill and Hillary Clinton to Giorgio Armani. The hotel overlooks Naples Marina with luxury yachts and the dazzling city skyline on one side and the endless bay on the other. This venue serves delicious food and has high standards for everything from silverware to tablecloths!

Place: Via Partenope, 45, 80121 Naples NA, Italy

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5. Castell dell’Ovo – For a fairy-tale wedding in a medieval castle

Castell dell'Ovo

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Imagine getting married in an ancient castle? You can do the same at Castell dell’Ovo! The castle is one of the oldest fortifications in Naples and a historic site. Most couples do wedding photography outside the castle, but you can also get married inside! This is surprisingly one of the Affordable Naples Wedding Venues, and there are four halls that you can use – Italia, Serena, Virgil’s Antrum and Megaride. The best part is that these halls are vacant and come with basic amenities; You can create any theme you want and get it accomplished by your special wedding caterer. There are no limits to your imagination and how you can get married in this ancient castle!

Place: Via Eldorado, 3, 80132 Naples NA, Italy

6. Villa Vittoria – For beautiful and intimate weddings

Villa Victoria

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Villa Vittoria is one of the most popular Naples Wedding Venues Italy And the reason is that it offers a variety of venues at one place. The villa building is built in a beautiful Neopolitan style and is beautifully furnished inside. There is an outdoor area with beautiful lawns and beautifully landscaped grounds as well as a pool which provides an excellent venue for wedding celebrations. The outdoor terrace offers a completely different atmosphere and offers uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Naples and has excellent seating for up to 400 guests. From choosing floral arrangements to arranging the wedding cake, the staff at Villa Vittoria will take care of everything.

Place: Via Francesco Petrarca, 46, 80122 Naples NA, Italy

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7. Castello di Vita – For a beautiful and luxurious heritage wedding

De Vita Castle

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Have you always wanted to get married in a beautiful palace? Here’s your chance! Castello di Vita is one of the best wedding venues in Naples. The palace is a heritage building dating back to the 18th century and has an attractive ocher colored stonework exterior. The venue has two large rooms – Sala Posillipo and Sala Nisida – which can accommodate 350 people. There is a garden planted with native plants and the entire setting looks spectacular in the evening. The venue will take care of all the needs of the wedding party, from designing the wedding cards, arranging flowers, lighting and decoration to ensuring the selection of the right menu for the wedding buffet.

Place: Via Alessandro Manzoni, 254, 80123 Naples NA, Italy

8. La Terra degli Aranci – For a rustic and close to nature wedding

land of oranges

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This venue, La Terra degli Aransi, oozes elegance and sophistication! This place is one of the most exquisite indoor venues, and there is attention to detail in everything from the tableware to the staff. But, not just indoor halls, the venue also gives you the option of having an outdoor wedding in the most beautiful lawn. The venue has over 6,000 square meters of lush green lawns, gardens and groves of citrus trees. You can choose to get married under the grace of nature and enjoy a delicious dinner while sitting indoors. Already married couples have sworn their wedding cakes are out of this world!

Place: Piazzetta S. Stefano, 7, 80127 Naples NA, Italy

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9. Palazzo San Teodoro – For the wedding of a royal princess

Palazzo San Teodoro

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Have you ever wanted to get married in a palace? Palazzo San Teodoro is your destination! This historic building dates back to the 18th century and is built in the stunning Neoclassic architectural style. It is in the center of the city and provides easy access to passengers coming to and from the airport and the city. The venue has three halls, the Dance Hall, the Gallery and the Mirrors Hall, which are ideal for hosting your wedding and reception. The ornate hall with antique furniture creates a royal scene and the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. There is ample parking for guests, and the venue also ensures that all services are taken care of on-site.

Place: Riviera di Chiaia, 281, 80121 Naples NA, Italy

10. Villa Habiba – For a lake view wedding

Villa Habiba

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If you are looking for unique affordable wedding venues in Naples, choose Villa Habiba! The venue is based on an oriental theme and is ideal for day weddings, as it has a beautiful flower garden which is perfect for exchanging wedding vows. They specialize in Mediterranean cuisine and provide services that include catering, decoration and even the services of priests of all denominations. The venue offers spectacular views of Lake Averno, and the shady lawn and white cabanas provide places where your guests can relax and share in the joy of your union!

Place: Traversa Strigari, 31, 80072 Pozzuoli NA, Italy

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Doesn’t this list make you dreamy and make you want to plan your wedding in Naples? Wedding is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. If you want to make it special, you can choose any of these dreamy Naples wedding venues to get married and start your new journey with your beloved partner. Make sure you book your memorable honeymoon in Italy!

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