If You Haven’t Enjoyed Naples Nightlife, You Haven’t Seen The True Colors Of Italy

Naples is a Mediterranean paradise in southern Italy that has an important history with respect to Hellenistic culture. The beautiful coastal land is surrounded by stunning mountainous landscapes and iconic ruins that add to its beauty. The Chiaia District and the seaside quarter of Bagnoli are filled with numerous restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs offering the most trendy naples nightlife For visitors. If anyone is looking for places to make their evening in Naples more lively, read on to find some of the best hangout places in the city to party hard.

10 places to enjoy Naples nightlife

Naples is one of the leading European cities that celebrates food, art and lifestyle equally. Here are some of the best places you shouldn’t miss:

  • Bourbon Street Jazz Club
  • Moses Club
  • I’m sorry
  • tourist lido
  • walking 25
  • installments
  • Swig Chiya
  • Space Intellab
  • Peppy Vintage Room
  • Flame

1. Bourbon Street Jazz Club

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This wonderful jazz club is a sister institution to the famous Bourbon Street Jazz Club in New Orleans. The club has managed to earn some true blues jazz fans in the charming city of Naples. Step into the beautiful streets of Bellini to experience something Best Nightlife in Naples, Italy, This incredible club is small yet hot and plays excellent jazz numbers all night long. The club not only hosts live performances but also small jam sessions every few days a week. Budding artists and enthusiasts can sign on for sessions and enjoy an evening reminiscing about the 1920s. The club also offers guests delicious food and extremely cheap cocktails.

Place: Via Vincenzo Bellini 52/53, Naples 80135, Italy.
open to: from 20:00 to 3:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5
tripadvisor reviews

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2. Moses Club

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Located in an underground structure, the Moses Club is the tallest naples nightlife reviews To offer visitors to the country an exceptional selection of music from rock to retro. Moses Club is a small discotheque with the best DJs playing all the latest numbers on most days. However, the club is located in a notorious area. So it is highly recommended to visit the place in groups. The club also organizes theme parties and charity events once a month. Moses Club is a lively place to visit and enjoy the nightlife in Naples.

Place: Via Vincenzo Petagna 15, Naples 80137, Italy.
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5

3. I am sad

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Dejavu is a popular lounge bar when it comes to Naples nightlife for tourists, The ambiance is sleek and contemporary, with a terrace garden and low ceiling lights. The bar serves sensational drinks and food that goes well with the high quality music played by the DJ. Professionals from Campania and other parts of Europe are regularly invited to perform in this house of music. The lounge bar also organizes private events to give one of the best nights out. Emerging musicians are also welcomed here to perform every Saturday. The lounge bar serves sophisticated cuisine along with its incredible cocktails. Although the bar is a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth a visit for a fun night out.

Place: Via Campi Flegrei 1, Pozzuoli, Naples 80078, Italy.
open to: from 19:00 to 3:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 3/5

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4. Tourist Lido

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Turistico Beach Park in Bakoli offers Best Nightlife in Naples, Italy And it is one of the must-visit places when in Italy. Especially during the summer months, tourists flock to this beach club which is one of the best Naples Beach Night Club To enjoy happy hours and dance the rest of the night. Its open-air dance floor right on the beach is a sight one can never forget. The DJ in the club plays all the latest numbers from both local and international albums. The Beach Club is famous not only for its great aperitifs but also for its delicious seafood. However, the club has a dress code that must be followed to gain entry.

Place: Via Lido Milliscola 21, Bacoli, Naples 80070, Italy.
open to: from 20:00 to 24:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5
tripadvisor reviews

5. Roam 25

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If anyone wants to party then Lanificio 25 is a perfect place to party Naples nightlife, Italy Which is not too crowded and is hidden in a small space. Lanificio is not a traditional club, but a hangout venue in the middle of the city, which is also a bar, open-air theater and a public venue for art exhibitions. The courtyard turns into an open-air dance floor where people dance to different musical styles while drinking beer and cocktails. It is a perfect place for a slightly unconventional romantic date with loved ones.

Place: Piazza Enrico de Nicola 46, Naples 80139, Italy.
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5/5
tripadvisor review

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6. cash

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is located in one of Best Areas for Nightlife in Naples, Italy, Caste is still the most visited place by tourists in Naples. With sensational music and drinks, guests come to Keste to be entertained every evening, especially on weekends. This place is crowded most of the time as Keste is one of the popular bars in the city. From local wines to contemporary cocktails, every drink here is top notch and worth the money. The bar hosts concerts every day and the styles vary from jazz to hip-hop. The bar also hosts art exhibitions and live concerts.

Place: Via Vincenzo Bellini 52/53, Naples 80135, Italy.
open to: from 22:30 to 2:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
tripadvisor review

7. Swig Chiya

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Located in one of the most posh areas of Naples, Swig Chiaia is undoubtedly one of the trendiest clubs in the city. The club is known for its diverse selection of cocktails and bar food. The atmosphere of the club is very welcoming and lively with neon signs hanging all around and great music playing in the background. The dance floor is huge and the bar has all types of music to dance to. Swig Chiaia is a good place to spend the night after bar-hopping.

Place: Via Giuseppe Martucci 67, Naples 80121, Italy.
open to: from 20:00 to 24:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
tripadvisor review

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8. Intellab Space

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Located in a disused factory near the Lanificio club, Spazio Intellab offers some good beers and good music to liven up an evening in Naples. The Tavern Bar-Club is one of the most sought-after clubs by people who appreciate art and music. The bar also becomes a public venue for various exhibitions and concerts. It recruits the best DJs of the country to play at its venue which makes the night even more exciting.

Place: Piazza Enrico de Nicola 46, Naples 80121, Italy.
open to: from 20:00 to 24:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
tripadvisor review

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9. Peppy Vintage Room

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The ambiance of this small but cozy bar is very rustic and vintage. This club is one of the liveliest places in Naples that not only plays good music but also serves amazing cocktails and small dishes. It’s hard not to miss this little bar as it’s located right in the middle of the main sightseeing spots. The staff is known to be very friendly and attentive to their guests. It’s a perfect place to stop for a quick drink with friends or just relax in the evening before resuming the tour. Soft music plays in the background while the lively guests fill the room with their conversations.

Place: Vico San Domenico Maggiore 23, Naples 80134, Italy.
open to: from 17:00 to 2:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 5/5
tripadvisor review

10. Flame

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Flame is a high-end club located in the heart of the city that remains a favorite among the city’s Neopolitan youth. This place serves as a perfect starting point for bar-hopping in Naples. The club has a huge cocktail bar that serves the most sensational drinks mixed by the most professional bartenders. The best DJs of the country play here when on tour and during such nights the club remains open till dawn.

Place: Via Aniello Falcone 378, Naples 80127, Italy.
open to: from 19:00 to 3:00
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

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With innumerable pubs and clubs in the city, Naples’ nightlife is one of the most exciting experiences when traveling to Italy. Be it beach bars or clubs in the hinterland, this charming city has a lot to offer to tourists and visitors. Plan your trip to Italy with TourTravelHotels and be a part of the incredible nightlife that Naples has to offer.

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FAQs about Naples nightlife

What is Naples known for?

Naples is a vibrant city known for its stunning natural beauty, heavenly cuisine and the pizza that originates from the place. Full of magnificent artistic and historical treasures, Naples is an excellent holiday destination for food lovers as the city is known for producing the largest number of Michelin Guides.

When is the best time to visit Naples?

Naples experiences hot and humid summers with high levels of rainfall. If you want to experience cool and pleasant weather, the months of April, May, September and October are the ideal times to visit Naples.

What is there to do in Naples?

Here are some things to do in Naples that will add to your wonderful experience of this beautiful city:
1. Explore Pompeii and the ancient city of Herculaneum
2. Climb the volcanic mountain of Mount Vesuvius
3. Take an island boat trip to Amalfi and Capri
4. Relax your senses at Terme Stufe di Nerone
5. Be a part of exciting events and carnivals

What is the best area to enjoy nightlife in Naples?

Keste is one of the best places to stay if you want to experience the amazing nightlife of Naples. You can find Italy’s most popular nightclubs in Keste.

What are the operating hours of nightclubs in Naples?

Many nightclubs in Naples open early and stay open until 3 in the morning.

Is Naples safe at night?

Although the city of Naples does not have a very good reputation, Naples is actually a fairly safe place to visit. The only risk you may face will be petty crimes.

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