Naneghat Trek Maharashtra, Distance, Best time to visit,

Naneghat Trek Maharashtra, Distance, Best time to visit,

With a height of approximately 2800 feet above sea level, Naneghat Trek is one of the most popular treks in Maharashtra that attract tourists from across the country because it offers beautiful scenery along with adventure opportunities like hiking through dense forests, crossing canyons, and waterfalls, etc. It offers an amazing view of the surrounding nature and also has some interesting historical places along with religious ones.

It is famous for its natural beauty and it’s a must-visit place for those who are fond of trekking, nature, and wildlife. Naneghat is located at the foothills of the Sahayadri Mountain range. The Naneghat is not just a trek but also an experience that will leave you with memories for life. The beauty of this place will take your breath away and leave you speechless.


Believe it or not, Naneghat has a reverse waterfall, where water flows against gravity. The Naneghat waterfall is a natural wonder. It is a gravity-defying waterfall and can be seen from the road as well as from the trekking path.

The Naneghat Waterfall is also called ‘Reverse Falls’ due to its unique appearance. The water flows down from a height of 130 feet and then flows back up on itself, creating a swirly pattern all along its path. The reason for reverse waterfall is that the air is too strong in that direction and it flows back against the flow of water and it makes it look like that water is falling and going upwards against gravity.


  • 2000 years old caves
  • Engravings in Devanagari and Brahmi scripts
  • Evidence of Satavahana dynasty
  • Reverse waterfall
  • Beautiful flora and fauna

Best Time to Visit Naneghat Trek:

June to September


How To Reach Naneghat Trek:

Road: Government Bus from Kalyan to Junnar will be a budget-friendly option or you can travel with your vehicle as well.

Rail: Kalyan is the nearest railway station for the Naneghat trek, which exists between the Kasara rail line and Mumbai.

Naneghat Trek Distance:

Naneghat’s trek is about 5 km long and it will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete the onward trek.

The difficulty level of Naneghat Trek:

Moderately- easy.

Things to carry:

  • Water Bottle
  • Snacks
  • Raincoat
  • Backpack
  • Necessary gear
  • Camera
  • Waterproof plastic bags
  • Extra pair of clothes

Cost per person:

Approximately INR 500 – INR 1000 per person.

Note: There are various small and big trekking agencies through which you can go and enjoy your trip from start to end with all possible directions and facilities.

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