Nambung National Park: A Guide To Exploring Wildlife And More

Australia is considered a safe haven for some of nature’s most exquisite creations. It is home to some of the most supernatural sightings that a person can witness in a lifetime. There is a famous gem in the land of Australia Nambung National Park, Located in the Wheatbelt region of Australia’s western edge, Nambung National Park is home to a variety of attractions. Nambung National Park is the ideal place for those who want to relax in the wilderness.

About Nambung National Park

About Nambung National Park

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‘Numbung’ is a word originally from an Indigenous Australian transcript meaning bent or adorned by the winds. It serves as a sanctuary for more than 175 species of animals which are further divided into 128 bird species, eight mammalian species and 15 reptile species. Nambung National Park is as important from the archaeological point of view as it is visually spectacular.

4 things to do near Nambung National Park

The popularity of Nambung National Park brings thousands of tourists to witness its surreal beauty teeming with exotic species of wildlife. Here is the list of activities that you can indulge in here. To keep an eye:

1. Cervantes – Camp


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If you want to get back to mystical nature, Nambung National Park should definitely be on your wish list. There are approximately 100 campgrounds spread across the parks, which have all the basic amenities, such as a clean area to stay in a tent, campervan, caravan or trailer and a flush-free toilet.

Here, in the embrace of nature, the nuances of civilization are rarely felt. One comes in contact with vast open land and wide sky. There is no electricity, no data service, no mobile phones and no running water. However, some campgrounds come with extra amenities such as rainwater tanks, gas barbecues, showers and flushing toilets that can be described as ‘luxurious’ in such an environment. Some campgrounds have beautifully renovated existing buildings, sleeping shelters, although one can sleep in outbuildings and old houses.

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2. Cervantes – Fishing

Enjoy leisurely fishing

If you love fishing, Nambung National Park will provide you with the perfect opportunity to catch some of the most sought after species of fish. All you need to do is be ready with your fishing net and other equipment, and you are ready to take over the blue world. You can visit the town of Cervantes which is an underdeveloped but pleasant fishing village that includes three wharves, a caravan park and a rock lobster plant.

The town’s fishing fleet nearly doubles during rock lobster season. As the coast stretches to the central west of the city, it is surrounded by spectacular displays of wild flowers in the spring. The name Cervantes comes from a US whaling ship that was wrecked off the coast in 1844.

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3. Pinnacles Desert – Explore

summit desert

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Enjoy a fully guided tour through the Pinnacles Desert, an intriguing limestone landscape in the world-famous Nambung National Park. Wander around the wonderful Discovery Center and learn more about the Peaks. This is an experience not to be missed!

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4. Lancelin – Stop by the Sand Dunes


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Lancelin’s breathtaking dunes are just the icing on the cake! Try the exciting sport of sand boarding on these massively constructed sand hills or set yourself free to wander around the dunes for mesmerizing photos. The park is situated along a delightful expanse of beautiful coast on the blue Indian Ocean, taking three hours to reach north of Perth.

The dunes here are spread in thousands across the desert and together they create an alien-like natural scene. You will be surprised to see the overall symmetry and similar looking tombs here. These mounds made of small shells erupted thousands of years ago, when these mounds were below sea level.

Where to stay near Nambung National Park

Several locations offer ideal stays for visitors to experience the outstanding nature of Nambung National Park, details of each of which follow. To keep an eye:

1. Pinnacles Edge Resort

Pinnacles Edge Resort

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Pinnacles Edge Resort in Australia offers its visitors the luxury of modern utilities and facilities. The suites offered by the resort are modernly designed and equipped with all the necessary amenities. The resort also offers its guests access to a swimming pool and fitness center. This allows visitors to experience the joys of luxury while being in the lap of nature and wildlife around the resorts.

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2. Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

Cervantes Pinnacles Motel

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Situated in the lap of nature, Cervantes Pinnacles Motel offers its visitors comfortable and affordable rooms, equipped with all modern and essential utilities. The motel also provides free Wi-Fi access to its guests so that they can stay connected to the outside world while making the most of the vibrant scenery that Nambung National Park has to offer.

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3. Cervantes Holiday Home

Cervantes Holiday Home

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This simple hotel offers just what visitors need while maintaining quality and hospitality at affordable prices. This place is ideal for those who want only what is necessary to make their stay the best. Visitors have unrestricted access to the garden where they can enjoy the morning sunshine and relax after a tiring day.

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How to reach Nambung National Park?

How to reach Nambung National Park?

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Nambung National Park has five airports namely Perth (PER), Geraldton (GET), Kalgoorlie (KGI), Albany (ALH) and Carnarvon (CVQ). Public transport is spotty, so the best way to reach Nambung is to hire a car in Perth at around Rs 2504/- per day or travel on foot along the coastal highway.

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Nambung National Park is famous for its sensuous natural beauty that will give you an experience that will last a lifetime! Don’t forget to keep your camera in your backpack to capture photos and frames that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime! Enjoy some new experiences and be close to nature on this trip to Australia, which will give you a close-up view of nature in its rich glory.

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