Nagaland Launches Initiatives To Promote Off-Road Tourism

Nagaland Launches Initiatives To Promote Off-Road Tourism

Most off-roaders encounter dirt tracks, rock crawling, and fording rivers the most thrilling, and they are always searching for such adventures. For the thrillseekers, Nagaland has some stimulating news to offer. The north-eastern state’s tourism department has prompted a one-of-a-kind initiative to boost off-road tourism in collaboration with Wander Beyond Boundaries (WBB), a front runner in the field of extreme off-roading and road expeditions, to promote Nagaland Offroad. WBB will provide tourism in Nagaland with professional research-based guidance in technology and geography to schedule off-road trails.

Why the Unique initiative?

Nagaland Offroad seeks to spread tourism in the state beyond traditional destinations like Kohima and Dimapur and capture its rich landscape and amazing culture. With this, Nagaland will become an ideal destination for travellers and adventure junkies looking for an experience and the unadulterated truth of remote travel.

What can you expect?


Travellers who are interested can hire 4×4 can hire 4×4 self-drive vehicles for the complete duration of their expedition. It will be the adventure of a lifetime for them as it will provide a distinctive window into people’s lifestyles across the state. This initiative will give new prospects for wanderers to support and explore the initiative in December and November. Also, the courses have been finalised after careful planning. It will be a special way for wanderers to explore it, and meet the people of Nagaland and their lifestyle.

Going the right way

Besides offering the ultimate experience to travellers, Nagaland Offroad will bring income to local restaurants, homestays, and craft and art businesses. This will further assist in the development of the state while enhancing the livelihood of the locals there.

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