Must Visit Temples In India During Shravan Month

The Baba Baidyanath Temple, Jharkhand

The Baba Baidyanath Temple, Jharkhand


1) The Baba Baidyanath Temple, Jharkhand:

The Baba Baidyanath Temple is located in Jharkhand and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord shiva. The temple is also known as Baidyanath Jagannath Temple or Baidyanath Shiva Temple.

The temple is famous for its Shravan Mela held every year in July and august whenever the Shravan months fall as per the Hindu calendar. During the mela, millions of devotees from all over India mark their presence at this auspicious Shiva temple. Every year thousands of devotees visit this temple during Shrawan month to have a glimpse of Lord Shiva’s idol. It is believed that those who worship here will get rid of their sins and will not go to hell after death.

Location: Shivganga Muhalla, Deoghar, Jharkhand 814112

Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Maharashtra

Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Maharashtra

Niraj Suryawanshi

2) Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple, Maharashtra:

The magnificent temple at Trimbakeshwar is constructed between Brahmagiri, Nilagiri, and Kalagiri. Hills and located 28 km from Nashik city and is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord shiva. The unique view here is that the temple showcases three lingas representing Lord Brahma(creator), Lord Vishnu (preserver), and lord Mahesh ( destroyer). The origination of the sacred Godavari river is near Trimbak. For complete Shravan month, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple witnessed a massive number of devotees with their family and friends to take blessings of lord shiva.

Location: Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling Mandir, Trimbak, Maharashtra 422212

Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttar Pradesh

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3) Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Uttar Pradesh:

Situated on the western bank of the holy river Ganga, Kashi Vishwanath Temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The deity here in the form of Shiva is known as Vishwanath, which means Lord of the Universe and Kashi was the old name of the Holy City Varanasi, Hence the temple is called “Kashi Vishwanath”. The whole city of Varanasi receives a lot of devotees and tourists during the month of Shravan.

Location: Shri Kashi Vishwanath, CK 37/40,41,42 Bansphatak, Varanasi-221 001

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

4) Somnath Temple, Gujarat:

Somnath also called Deo Patan is a pilgrimage site for Hindus, who come to celebrate the annual Maha Shivaratri festival. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve jyotirlingas (sacred lingams) of India. The Somnath temple is an important pilgrimage center for Hindus all over the world. The temple has been reconstructed many times as Muslim invaders tried to destroy it many times during their attempt to rule over India.

Location: Somnath Mandir Rd, Somnath, Gujarat 362268

Lingaraj Temple, Odisha

Lingaraj Temple, Odisha

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5) Lingaraj Temple, Odisha:

The Lingaraj Temple in Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha is one of the most auspicious temples of Lord Shiva. The temple has many inscriptions and sculptures inside it which gives us an idea about its history. The temple depicts Kaḷinga architectural style and is considered a masterwork of Indian Architecture. Along with Mahashivratri, the Rukuna Ratha Yatra are the most famous two festivals celebrated by thousands of devotees along with the Shravan month.

Location: Lingaraj temple, Lingaraj Temple Rd, Lingaraj Nagar, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751002

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