Explore The Historical Side Of The Town Visiting These 10 Museums In Chisinau!

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. There are some historical places in this city which have increased its importance. There is a dome-shaped church named Chisinau Cathedral Park. This is the main attraction of the city. It is a very beautiful place and most of the people usually come to explore this city throughout the year. The roads here are very friendly and life is very pleasant. However, the city suffered many setbacks during World War II and a severe earthquake. There was huge loss of life and property. It took several years for the city to get back into its rhythm. But now it is a very prosperous city.

10 museums of Chisinau

Now let’s go back and discover some beautiful museums in Chisinau. Chisinau has many historical monuments that still stand strong and reflect the stories of ancient times. If you have great passion and curiosity to know about ancient history, then definitely visit Chisinau. You will be really happy seeing this place and its evergreen beautiful places.

1. Chisinau City Museum

Chisinau City Museum

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The most amazing part of this museum is its building. It is mainly located in a water tower. If you step to the top of this building you can see a complete and perfect view of the entire city of Chisinau. Apart from this, there are three separate rooms which have good collection of books, manuscripts and newspapers etc. The building was constructed mainly in the 19th century and during that time it was the main site of the Chisinau water system. If you look there are many museums in Chisinau Moldova

Place: A. Matejevich Street, 60A, Chisinau, Moldova
Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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2. Artman Gallery

Artmen Gallery

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It is an ideal place where you can see different types of paintings. There are artists who are always there. They can explain your paintings specifically to you if necessary. Most of the paintings are very well preserved and hence this place has great importance. This place should be included in your list to visit. Just check out the best museums in Chisinau.

Place: Albissora St., 4, Chisinau, Moldova
Time: 10 am to 20 pm

3. Zemstvo Museum

Zemstvo Museum

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The place does not have any kind of modern touch, but there are many artefacts that can be found here. You can roam here for a long time and go through many things. People who have keen interest in artefacts can visit this place. You may get to see some ancient sculptures.

Place: Ceausescu St., 103, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

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4. Museum of Moldova State University

Museum of the State University of Moldova

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The main attraction of this museum is that it also displays the skeleton of a 4.1 meter shark, a newborn whale and a killer whale. People are really excited to get a glimpse of these creatures. However, most of the children like to come to these museums to see it. They are very well maintained. These organisms are also protected in different ways. Apart from this, the museum has a collection of 10,000 species of animals.

Place: M. Kogălniceanu St., 58, Chisinau 2009, Moldova

5. Galleria Concept Store

Galleria Concept Store

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It is also a very famous art gallery where different types of arts and paintings are displayed in a wonderful manner. Sometimes you can also find new painters who have painted with dedication. The whole atmosphere of the art gallery is very wonderful.

Place: Mihai Eminescu 411, Chisinau 2012, Moldova

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6. Triumph Arch

triumph arch

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This place has great historical significance and importance. It was built in 1840 to commemorate the victory of the Russian army over the Ottoman Empire who lost their lives. It was a huge tragedy and the whole country is thrilled by it. You can walk around the entire area and see the inscriptions engraved here. You will also get a different feeling by spending some time at this place.

7. Valley of the Mills

museum scene

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This place is also very beautiful where you will get to see the lake and the beach. Also, if you sit here for a while, you will hear beautiful songs being played by musicians on the streets. The entire environment can change rapidly. The park also has a good collection of roses. Various species of roses are found in this park. The whole place is very clean and well organized. So if you are in Chisinau then this place is a must visit and include it in your itinerary. You will truly have an amazing experience.

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8. Cricova Winery

Cricova Winery

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Exporting liquor is the main profession here. Therefore it is very important to visit the winery and observe the preparation of the wine. There are even some wineries that have good collections of ancient cellars. You will definitely like to see it. Most wineries are found in large areas. There are many places where people can relax and spend some time. This winery is a very famous place throughout Chisinau. There are many people who are associated with this winery. The aroma of the wine is really different from other wines.

9. Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

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It is the main cathedral of the Moldovan Orthodox Church. It was built in 1830 and later bombed during World War II. The church suffered serious damage and loss of life during this period. However, it was again rebuilt and renovated and has retained its glory and beauty till now. There has been a slight change in its shape. Many people come here every year to see this church. A new clock tower was constructed in the year 1997. You should visit this church to know more about the ancient history.

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10. L Gallery

L Gallery in Chisinau

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This place beautifully reflects the traditional landscape paintings. The paintings have been very well maintained and beautifully kept. The whole gallery looks colorful because of the different colors of the pictures. Most of the paintings are by Moldovan artists. He has given beautiful shape to the paintings. Additionally, there are several souvenir shops that are found inside the gallery. You can go there, there are shops of beautiful paintings. The rates are quite reasonable and nominal. There are even some ancient paintings here.

Place: L Gallery, Bucharest Street 64, Chisinau,
Time: Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm

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Chisinau has a variety of places that should be discovered slowly. There are some places that may require some space to see, so take your time and plan day trips. So, if you are going on a holiday in Europe then do visit this Mandovian city and cross these museums off the bucket list.

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