This New Attraction In Dubai Will Literally Sweep You Off The Floor & Leave Your Mind Boggled!

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Museums are one such attraction that we find everywhere whenever we explore any destination, isn’t it? While some of us are interested in visiting museums, others find it boring and skip it. But, if you think that museums are only for seeing history, art, science and more, then we have a news that will prove you wrong!

Dubai never fails to add to its arsenal of entertainment and quirky attractions and this time it’s coming up with a museum! Yes, you heard it right. New one Museum of Illusions Opening soon in Dubai and you will be amazed with what it has to offer.

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The new Museum of Illusions is located in the emirate’s Al Seef development near Dubai Creek. The museum will have the largest collection of optical illusions and about 80 exhibits. Every topic of human interest will be included in the museum.

some performances that Museum of Illusions On offer are a Vortex Tunnel that will trick your mind into thinking the ground is slipping beneath your feet, an Ames Room that will shrink or enlarge you, and much more.

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The best thing about this attraction is that you will not see any signs like ‘Photography is not allowed’, ‘Prohibited area’ or ‘Don’t touch’ in this museum. Instead, it will encourage you to participate and take as many photos as possible during the adventure.

Museum of Illusions It will open its doors to the public on September 12 and prices to join the adventure are DH80 for adults and DH60 for children (per person).

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