Let The Traveler In You Be Pampered With A Fun Trip To Munich In Summer

Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Germany, is also often called the northernmost city of Italy since its summer is often similar to the places in Southern Europe. The warm summers really make it ideal for exploring the city for long hours without feeling worn out. The sun stays up for long and the weather is quite comfortable to explore the city and its surrounding by a bike or by walking.

Munich has numerous parks, gardens, open-air markets, churches, palaces, museums, and a whole lot of other things to explore. The city has a rich history and it is not possible to get to know Munich properly in a short trip. Those who are planning to go to Munich in summer can get to know the details here.

Best Time To Visit Munich

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The best time to visit Munich is during the summer and early autumn, that is the period between May and October. After winter ends, the famous Fasching festival is celebrated and at the beginning of the summer, the gates of the beer gardens are opened to the public. The famous Oktoberfest is held during the last two weeks of September. Oktoberfest is something that sets Munich apart from the rest of the German cities. During this time, the entire city turns into a huge bar, and it’s actually hard to find a sober person in sight. A summer trip to Munich can be fun, exciting as well as relaxing.

Munich Weather In Summer

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Munich in summer can be quite hot at times. However, extreme temperatures do not last very long. During June, July, and August, the maximum temperature can be as high as thirty degrees Celsius. Often these warm days are followed by cool rain showers. Even during July and August, sunshine is not always guaranteed and there is occasional rainfall. You will need to carry an umbrella or a rain jacket to avoid getting drenched. However, do not let this depress you since Munich looks beautiful in the rain too.

6 Best Summer Places To Visit In Munich

Planning of visiting Munich in Summer? Here are some of the places in Munich that you should visit this summer. Take a look!

1. Royal Castles Of Neuschwanstein And Linderhof

Castles in and around Munich offer the best day trips from Munich in summer. You can see medieval villages, catch a glimpse of the Bavarian Alps and explore the dreamy fairy-tale castles. The castles are famous for their neo-Roman style architecture. The places are quite convenient to reach using public transport and you can opt for both solo or guided trips. There are multiple guided day trips that take place during this time of the year. The summer months provide ample sunshine and multiple photo opportunities.

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2. English Garden

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The biggest attraction of Munich is undoubtedly the English Garden that comes with the scenic rolling landscapes of the English countryside. There is a Japanese tea house, a Green Temple, and a Chinese Pagoda too. This 900-acre park along the Isar river is popular among tourists as well as locals all throughout the year. Cyclists and joggers get almost eighty kilometers to ride or run, which makes for a perfect workout. There are also options for numerous leisure time activities. The beautiful vista that has the rolling hills was added later in 1972.

3. Marienplatz

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Marienplatz is a mandatory part of the best Munich tours in summer. This public square is filled with places to explore and has been a prominent part of the city throughout history. The vibrant place is filled with restaurants, shopping places, and even historic buildings. There is the New Town Hall, the Old Town Hall, the Glockenspiel and the Column of St. Mary. So, are you planning to visit Munich in summeranytime soon?

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4. Rosengarten

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The Rosengarten or the Rose Garden is a not-so-popular place in the city where you can see all kinds of roses. It is located just by Schyrenbad and is a part of the Baumschule Bischweiler. You can spend time playing frisbee or just sitting in a chair, reading a book. It is a quiet place to chill and read without anyone disturbing you. So, are you ready to soak in more bliss at this gorgeous place amid the scenic bounty of nature?

5. The New Botanic Garden

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Munich’s famous Botanic Garden started in 1915. It is an 18-hectare property with over fourteen thousand different species. The tropical greenhouse and the Alpium are places in the garden which are particularly beautiful. In greenhouse 4, you can see different colorful species of butterflies flying around freely. This place will surely woo your senses while you’re out and about in the charming land to visit Munich in summer!

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6. Munich’s Lakes

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Munich has a few lakes nearby. You can easily get to them by bicycle. Lakes like the Fasaneriesee, Lerchenauer See, and the Feldmochinger See are quite well connected. You can sunbathe at the adjacent beaches or even go for a swim. During peak summer, you can also drive to Lußsee And Langwieder See. There are some lakes that you can explore right outside the city of Munich, Germany in summer too.

6 Best Things To Do In Munich

There are a lot of things that you can do in Munich in the summer. Here are some of them that you can enjoy in Munich on your next soothing holiday with the loved ones!

1. Picnic

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Munich’s beautiful parks provide you with the best picnic opportunities. You can enjoy the summer sun, or even go on long walks. Most of the parks are quite beautiful and well maintained. And what’s best is that there is no shortage of picture-perfect frames. The number of places that Munich has to offer is endless. You can visit the West Park, the Olympia Berg, Gärtnerplatz, a beer garden or just go to the Isar river banks for a picnic. The Schlosspark Nymphenburg, as well as the Botanical Garden, are also great places to spend the summer morning.

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2. Beer Gardens

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Munich is famous for its beer. You can sit under the shade of the chestnut trees and enjoy a cool beer with the summer sun warming you up. You can visit the Seehaus garden and the Michaeligarten to enjoy a beer by the water. If you fancy indoor locations, then you will appreciate beer halls like the Augustiner Keller. The AugustinerBräustuben is another beer hall that is not frequented by tourists. This is surely one of the best things to do while you travel Munich in summer!

3. Bike

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Many regions of Germany are quite bike-friendly and Munich is one of them. Touring Munich on a bike is quite a pleasure. Moreover, there are guided bike tours which you can take to know more about the city as your ride around. You can ride by the Isar, you can go to places in the north such as Freising, Moosburg, or Landshut, and in the south, you can go up to Wolfratshausenor Bad Hölz.

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4. Outdoor Bath

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Munich also has a bunch of outdoor baths. They are an excellent alternative to taking a dip in the Isar or going to one of the lakes nearby. You do have to pay an entrance fee and stand in a queue before entering these outdoor baths, but these are a lot more fun. Naturbad Maria Einsiedel is a natural outdoor bath that is fed by the water from the Isar in Germany, Europe. There are a lot of others too. A few notable ones are Michaelibad, Ungererbad, Prinzregentenbad, and Schyrenbad.

5. Rubber Boat

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Rafting on the Isar river is a common summer activity. You can take a 28-kilometer-long ride down the Isar river in an inflatable rubber boat. You can go from the S-Bahn all the way down to Wolfratshausen. The trip is definitely worth your time. A boat can usually accommodate four people and the good news is that you carry your beer too.

6. Open-Air Farmers Markets

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The Viktualienmarkt is one of the largest open-air markets in Munich that dates back to the early 1800s. The booths are well decorated with fresh fruits and vegetables that you can buy at extremely low prices. You can also buy meat, cheese, sausages, freshly squeezed juices, and a whole lot more. One of the city’s best beer gardens is also close by. So, after you are done shopping you can drop by to enjoy a pint of beer in the sun.

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4 Best Summer Festivals In Munich

There are many things to do in Munich in the summer. Summer in Munich can be quite fun because of the beer parks that open up during this time. There are also a lot of parks that open its gates during summer. Here are some of the festivals that are celebrated in Munich during summer.

1. Sommer Tollywood

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For those who love performing arts, sommer Tollywood is the best place to go to. For three weeks in July, the Olympia Park is transformed into a makeshift village with colorful tents and live stages. Generally open from late June to early July, the festival is renowned for its musical acts and circus performances. Moreover, there are theatrical performances too. Foodies will be glad to know that there are also culinary delicacies where you can try out the local food. People can also shop for local arts and crafts, handcrafted jewelry, and more.

2. Kocherlball

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Kocherlball or Cook Ball is held on the third Sunday of July in the famous English Garden of Munich. A tradition since the 19th century is still continued till date where all the servants, cooks, nannies and other household helpers of the city gather in the early Sunday morning to dance. It takes place near the Chinese Tower. It was banned from 1904 till 1989. But now, the party is bigger than ever. The festival starts at 6 AM and is a great way to experience the old glory of Munich.

3. Auer Dult

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Held in the months of May, August, and October, the Auer Dult is a traditional market that takes place thrice a year. You can find the fair in Mariahilfplatz. There are over 300 stalls, selling food products, handcrafted items, clothing and more. You can also shop old books and other rarities. It’s also a great place for children as they can have a gala time on the merry-go-rounds and bumper cars. These seasonal events are perfect for spending time with family.

4. Oktoberfest

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Even though it is not strictly a summer festival, Oktoberfest is what sets Munich apart. The 16-day fest is filled with rides, games, carnivals, food and most importantly, Bavarian beer. So, if you are visiting Munich by the end of summer, plan your trip in a way so that you stay a few days to enjoy Oktoberfest. You must not miss it!

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Even though Munich can get hot during summer days, it is important to keep your rain jacket or your umbrella handy. Since the summer sun can be quite scorching at times, always use sunscreen, especially when you are going to the pools. Have a great vacation! Plan your trip to Europe for an enthralling holiday experience with your loved ones like never before!

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