Soon You Can Take A Cruise To Saudi Arabia As The Mumbai-Jeddah Sea Route Is Reopening In 2019

If you prefer sea travel over any other mode of transport, then this is a good news for you as the Mumbai Jeddah sea route connecting India to Saudi Arabia is reopening soon.

sea ​​route Was open till 1995 Before the last ship is destroyed. But after talks and getting the green signal from the Saudi government, the Center is inviting tenders to restart the sea route by 2019.

Two new cruise lines will be dedicated to this project that will be able to carry approximately 5,000 passengers At the same time. Although the cost of the trip has not yet been disclosed, it will be almost halved travel expenses Airfare.

Earlier, Haj pilgrimage used to take seven to eight days to reach Jeddah from Mumbai., but once Mumbai Jeddah sea route reopenedit will only take three days to arrive So that this can become a comfortable journey for Haj pilgrims and tourists.

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Jeddah, a port city in Saudi Arabia, is also a city of immense religious importance as it is the gateway to the holy Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina.

Saudi Arabia is an interesting country to visit as the Arabian Desert has a lot of things for tourists to enjoy. It is a place of great religious wonders, including the Split Rock of Meribah and architectural marvels such as the Jeddah Tower, which is under construction to become the world’s tallest building.

One can already plan a sea trip from Mumbai to Dubai, and with Saudi Arabia also joining the same bandwagon, our list of places to visit around the world is getting longer. So many places, so little time!

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