Mount Huashan: World’s Deadliest Hike

Mount Huashan – There are the world’s most dangerous hike challenges, to take even the most adventurous thrill-seekers on a death-inferior and exhilarating adventure.

It has treacherous staircases, steep hills, bumpy planks, and clumsy iron stairs that try their best to humble the soul. No matter how strong, fit and adventurous, be prepared to feel a little (and we’re seriously curtailed) dizzy as you look down from a height of 7080 feet, with nothing on it.

Mount Hushan Blend Beauty With Fear

One of the five is Mount Hushan Great mountain In china. Apart from being dangerous, it is home to some beautiful villages and people. Sadly, you wouldn’t dare to watch them while holding onto a chain for your life.

Dangerous mixture of beauty with fear - Mount Hashan
Mount Huashan

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Although steep, the beginning of the journey is very long. The stairs are horrifying, but ironically they are considered the easiest part of the journey. At the same time there are stairs made up of houses and villages uprooted on the slope of the mountain.

Stunning sunrise in Mount Huashan

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What makes Mount Huashan the most dangerous hike?

Heavenly Dangerous Stairs to the Top of Mount Hashan

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Take the steep stairs bravely as it is the easiest Mount Heshan hike. Various monks and pilgrims have made their way up stairs and planks for easy access to the holy temple. The trails were strengthened after becoming popular with adventure seekers and tourists.

While walking, you only rely on your hands and concentrate to stay safe. And on a route where there is only a toe cutout to climb places, it is two-way traffic.

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Toes and iron chains on Mount Huashan

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So, do only the brave go for the dreaded Mount Heshan hike?

The whirling display of Mount Huhanhan's height

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Well, some of them do it for thrills and thrills, but faith can also be an inspiration. The Taoist temple at the top is a sacred place dating from the 2nd century BCE and offers a panoramic view of the valley and beautiful heritage. But this does not make this fatal increase easy!

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So what are the security measures?

Focus and harness are required to raise Mount Huashan

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Safety measures are available, and suggestions are made for everyone. Rent a fare for only 5 USD per person. Also, hats and helmets with a pair of hiking gloves are recommended, which prevent your hands from slipping.

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Route and cost

Mount Huashan is 138 km from Xian Jianyang Airport. Take a bus or train from there to reach Mount Hushan. The total trekking time is 3-5 hours. If you start the journey in the morning, you can comfortably return until sunset.

The Mount Hushan hike costs about 30 USD, depending on the month of the year. The best time to take this hike is from April to October, when the weather is quite pleasant.

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