Most Important Tips for Traveling Canada

Most Important Tips for Traveling Canada

Traveling Canada: Take a look at some vital tips for use when you are trying to enter into Canada. Be aware of the identification card you are using. Watch for what you will bring in as well. Watch for how you are bringing money into the country as well. The rules for getting into Canada and enjoying your time there should be reviewed well.

Canada is one of the most exciting countries in the world to visit. Canada is a thrilling place that is home to many unique scenes. You will find many beautiful mountains and lakes all around. This includes Banff National Forest standing tall above it all. You will enjoy the culture of many iconic cities.

But you will have to be careful when getting into Canada. There are many rules to follow for getting into the country. You must follow these tips or else you might not get across the border.

Traveling Canada
Traveling Canada

Bring Your ID

Bring the proper documentation with you as you get to the border. Here are a few types of ID you can bring with you:

  • Your passport is the key to getting into Canada. Your passport includes information on yourself plus your citizenship. The data will certify that you want to get into the country.
  • A passport card can work if you are in the United States. It works if you plan on entering into Canada by land. Such a card does not work if you wish to enter Canada by plane.
  • A NEXUS card works in the United States and Canada. The card pre-approves you to get in and out of Canada. An extensive interview is necessary before getting a card. You must have your fingerprints recorded to receive your card.
  • An enhanced driver’s license is available in parts of the US. It is available in the states of Washington and New York among others. An EDL identifies your identity alongside your citizenship.
  • Children under fifteen can present one’s birth certificate or a copy at the border.

Watch What You Bring

You must be aware of whatever you will bring into Canada before entry. You are not allowed to transport fresh produce into the country. For hunters, some equipment might be illegal or not certified for hunting purposes.

You must review any gifts you want to bring into the country. You will have to pay duty and taxes on any gifts over $60.

Watch For Exchange Stations

You must get your money exchanged into Canadian dollars. Several currency exchange centers are available for use. You must be cautious when finding someone who can help you out. Exchange centers near the border charge higher fees. They charge extra for services out of convenience.

It is easier to go to an ATM to withdraw money on your own. Be aware of any fees for getting money from an ATM though. Your bank might have a connection with another bank in Canada. A link would let you use ATMs for free. Those ATMs must be within a network.

Look For Travel Health Insurance

Canada is popular for having a universal health care system. The setup provides residents to get the health services they require. Do not expect to get the same preferential treatment in Canada that residents get.

The system is not available for anyone from outside the country. Find travel insurance to cover your visit. Insurance protects you in the event of an emergency.

Traveling Canada
Traveling Canada

Be Aware of Your Mobile Charges

You will have to shut off your cellular data in Canada. You could incur roaming charges if you try to reach your data network. A Wi-Fi connection is useful as it uses no added charges.

Contact your service provider about your trip beforehand. Ask about any special service offers that you can use. You might earn an exception for using your mobile network.

Be Aware of Taxes

A 15 percent federal sales tax works in Canada on all transactions. You cannot get a refund on your taxes as you travel. The country dropped its tax refund program back in 2007. Be ready to pay extra in taxes when you travel around Canada.

Plan ahead for when you travel into Canada so you can get the most out of your trip. You will get into the country if you follow the rules.

Popular Cities for Travel in Canada

CityProvince or TerritoryNoteworthy Points
TorontoOntarioLargest city in Canada, features the CN Tower and the shores of Lake Ontario
MontrealQuebecHome to an extensive French community
OttawaOntarioThe nation’s capital, home to the national government
CalgaryAlbertaPopular city located not too far from the Rockies
VancouverBritish ColumbiaHas various distinct cultural neighborhoods
EdmontonAlbertaHome to one of the world’s largest shopping malls
WinnipegManitobaFeatures a large zoo and is located near some larger parks
HalifaxNova ScotiaThe largest city in the maritime region
Quebec CityQuebecPopular for its many ski resorts


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