Find Out How A Close Wildlife Encounter Can Lead To A Memorable Holiday In Monaco

As children, we learn everything about animals and the sounds they make. And as adults, that curiosity turns into obsession. Wildlife is something that captures our imagination and inspires us to learn deeply about the different types of animals found in the forest. The best way to do this is to explore a country’s wildlife. Monaco’s wildlife is such a wonder – there are some animals you may be familiar with but still, there are some animals in Monaco that are peculiar to the area.

About Monaco’s Wildlife

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As far as wildlife is concerned, this small country has nothing to show for it, with an area of ​​barely two kilometers square. Since it borders France and is along the Mediterranean coast, it is rich in marine life and has made all efforts to conserve marine life. But, there are still some land mammals that have made this country their home, although they do not originate from here. They are Roe Deer, Least Weasel and Cross Fox.

Since Monaco is located along the coast, some marine animals can also be seen there. There is the Atlantic dolphin, which is usually found everywhere and then there is the striped dolphin which can be found in the ocean there. Since the principality takes conservation work very seriously, the striped dolphin is listed as one of the marine animals that need to be protected, as it is not every day that you find a striped dolphin.

The Principality of Monaco will definitely surprise you with its grandeur and luxurious lifestyle. This also extends to wildlife. There are three animals that are the pride of this estate, each unique and some might even say ‘weird’ choice. Monaco’s national animals are the hedgehog, rabbit and wood rat. Now, this is what we call ‘growing up’!

Wildlife in Monaco: Best Places to Visit

Monaco’s wildlife is very limited, but there are wildlife sanctuaries along the French Riviera that are an hour’s drive from the country. Here are some of them you should definitely check out.

1. Zoological Park

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It is located in the Fontvieille ward. The zoo, is still very small, and was only started in 1954. The zoo has 250 animals and about 50 species. Be it birds, turtles or other common animals – this zoo is a great place to visit when you have kids. What’s interesting though is that the animals you’ll see here are not bought like everywhere else. All of them were either donated, or simply left to fend for themselves or captured by customs.

Place: Place du Canton, 98000 Monaco

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2. Marineland

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Marineland Park, located in the most extreme part of the Côte d’Azur, is one of the most sought-after wildlife parks near Monaco. It is home to approximately 4,000 animals and there is so much to see and do in this marine park. There are displays of sea animals here and it is a pleasure to watch them perform tricks. The trainers conduct daily demonstrations with the animals in which they tell you about the uniqueness of those sea creatures and the interaction between the trainers and the animals is very adorable. Moreover, after the performance is over, you can also interact with the trainers and they will be happy to answer all your curious questions. If you’re a more hands-on person, you can also spend time with dolphins under the supervision of trainers. You can learn to interact with them, learn their language and eventually feed them and play with them. Isn’t it exciting!

Other interesting animals that you have to see are the two species of penguins found in the park – the rock hopper penguin and the king penguin; Some of them were actually born in this park. Also a must-see is the Shark Tunnel; This is the closest thing to this terrifying species.

Place: Route Nationale 7, 06600, Antibes, France
Distance from Monaco: about 130 kilometers

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3. Biological Reserve of Monts d’Azur

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The Monts d’Azur is probably one of those places where you see a rare sight – the European bison and the Przewalski horse, both of which are almost extinct, survive in the same vicinity. They have found a home in a natural wildlife sanctuary. Once a hunting sanctuary, the park is now home to many animals – the chamois and the golden eagle are the main attractions. A large number of species have made this sanctuary their home, where the entire 700 hectare forest is filled with rocky cliffs and caves with unique carvings of horses and other animals. The best and unique way to travel inside the park is by horse-drawn carriage. The park believes that by using and breeding the Poitevan horse, which is an endangered breed of draft horse, they are also contributing to protecting the biological and cultural heritage.

Place: 2651 Route des Châteaux, 06750 Andon, France
Distance from Monaco: about 77 kilometers

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4. Alpha Park

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It’s all in the name. Wolves are certainly scary to children and adults alike, but they’re also fascinating. The park is just a short distance from Saint-Martin Vesubie, making it the perfect place for you to learn about these mysterious animals. Where they live, their place of residence, history and when they returned to France in Europe. Alpha Park was started with the mission to educate the public about this magnificent animal in its natural habitat.

About 21 wolves live in this park and there are wooden screens installed which make it easy to observe these creatures. They also have shows that educate visitors about what these mythical creatures are. There is a lot to learn here and the operators will be able to guide you in every possible way to explore these wild creatures.

Place: Saint-Martin-Vésubie, France
Distance from Monaco: about 82 kilometers

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5. Mercantur National Park

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A beautiful and breathtaking park, this park is one of the ten national parks of France. Flora, fauna – you will find everything here. Although it is a famous haunt for all adventure enthusiasts, it is also home to around 58 species of animals. Surrounded by lakes and beautiful landscapes, you can find chamois, wolves, foxes, deer, alpine ibex, mouflon, hares, stoats and marmots, etc. You’ll also find 10,000 species of insects and 153 species of birds including peregrine falcon, golden eagle, bearded vulture, black woodpecker, tawny owl and black grouse.

This is definitely not like one of your usual wildlife sanctuaries, where you can easily see and feed these animals; There are no trainers or conductors. But, this is the beauty of this place. Discover these animals at your own pace while you’re hiking or enjoying quiet time by the lake.

Place: Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France
Distance from Monaco: 38 kilometers

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6. Pelagos Sanctuary

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The sanctuary is typically a marine sanctuary and is vast. It is jointly managed by three countries – Italy, Monaco and France. An agreement was reached to protect marine mammals by protecting them from threats such as fishing and oil spills. The sanctuary is open to visitors but they have to follow some strict rules and guidelines. This mostly happens in the summer, when tourists and locals come to the sanctuary to view the whales in their natural habitat from a safe distance. If you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins.

Place: Sanctuary for Marine Mammals, Monaco
Distance from Monaco: 83 kilometers

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Monaco’s wildlife may not be that great or exciting, but when you are an hour to two hours drive from this magnificent city, and you will witness some amazing wildlife and marine life that will leave you awestruck and a The bar is for – the experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Europe for an amazing vacation experience like never before!

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FAQs about Monaco Wildlife

What is the best season to see Monaco wildlife?

April to June is the dry season. This is the best month to visit Monaco to see the wildlife attractions in sanctuaries, national parks, bio sanctuaries and zoological parks.

Is wild camping once allowed for tourists in Monaco?

Yes, wild camping is allowed in many wildlife spots in Monaco. It is recommended to visit here as part of the Monaco Wild Camping Tour.

Is Monaco a safe place to visit for a solo woman to see its wildlife attractions?

Yes. A solo female tourist should go under the all-inclusive Monaco Wild Tour package. This will include their local transportation, hotel accommodation, meals and an English speaking guide.

How many days are required to visit wildlife attractions in Monaco?

Most parks are open to the public and tourists only during the day. To see all of Monaco’s wildlife you must come on this 3 day trip.

Is Monaco the right place to see the marine animals of the Mediterranean?

Yes, Monaco water parks and the Monacan beach are the perfect place to see Mediterranean marine animals.

Is Monaco a safe place for tourists to see wildlife?

Yes, Monaco is the second smallest country and city in the world. It is also a tourist-friendly place in Western Europe. One can observe the wildlife with complete comfort and safety.

What to carry when visiting wildlife attractions in Monaco?

It is advisable to carry your own photo and video cameras when visiting wildlife parks in Monaco.

Is it necessary to carry an ID card when visiting wildlife attractions in Monaco?

Yes, entry ticket prices are different for students, children, adults and senior citizens. If you show an ID card with your date of birth, you are eligible to purchase the correct entry ticket to the zoo or park.

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