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Mexico is a beautiful country in the southern part of North America and is considered the fifth largest country in the Americas. Mexico is the place with the most museums in the world. There is no chance of you getting bored when you are in Mexico. There is plenty of theater to immerse yourself in the story and watch amazing performances from some of the most talented actors. The opera house where music floats in the air. If you are a fan of rich history and culture then the exhibitions are a must see as Mexico clearly shows the beauty of its epic culture in those exhibitions. For party goers it’s time to go crazy and break up the dance floor. Mexico’s nightlife is something that deserves to be experienced from the best drinks to the dancing, it’s time to get all that twinkle and get energized. No matter how many cuisines we try, rest assured, there is no cuisine as delicious as Mexican. Tacos, burritos and quesadillas have long been our savior. The food is not only mouth-watering but it is also very healthy. It’s time to go back to the era of romanticism, why not?

Mexico in September: things to do

If you want to experience days filled with lots of sunshine, low humidity and cool nights, you should visit Mexico after the hurricane season which starts in the months of November and lasts until May. Mexico is a very large country and temperatures vary from place to place, the weather in Mexico in September is generally nice. You can experience hot days and comparatively cool nights. To make it worth it, scroll on and read about all the things to do in Mexico.

1. Swimming in a cenote

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A cenote is usually a sinkhole that results from the collapse of a cave ceiling.
There are thousands of sinkholes in the Yucatan. This is an absolutely fun activity and one of our favorites. After a hot day, you can enjoy jumping off the cliff into the sinkhole at night and relaxing your body in the cool, fresh and pure water. Adventure lovers can prepare their equipment as you may also get the privilege of going for scuba diving or snorkeling, a different but worthy experience.

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2. Dive in Cozumel

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With its crystal clear waters and abundant aquatic life, diving is something every adventure lover should try. From the smallest creatures to the largest, you will be able to explore the indescribable beauty of underwater life. If you are looking for some fun activity, this is the best place to spend your holidays in Mexico in September. You will love this activity in Mexico at the end of September, diving into the cool water after a hot day is enjoyable. Experience the beauty of nature, go, dive in!

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3. Enjoy all the tacos

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Without a doubt, if we were asked about the most outstanding dish of Mexican cuisine, it would be tacos. You may be surprised if you think the ingredients of tacos are limited to just flour tortilla, cheese, beef or lettuce. You can be impressed by the different varieties of tacos.
You can actually find a taco truck on every street corner. If you’re thinking about backpacking in Mexico, tacos are your savior, so don’t hesitate to try a variety of tacos.

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4. Explore the art of Diego and Frida

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Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are two of the most famous Mexican artists. The bizarre pieces can only be found in Mexico. The Museum of Fine Arts and the National Palace contain some of the most famous murals of Diego and Frida, including one of ‘The Controversial Man at the Crossroads’. Don’t forget to read the story along with the painting as it is very interesting. Art lovers will find this place no less than heaven.

You won’t want to miss Frida Kahlo’s museum, commonly known as La Casa Azul, ‘The Blue House’. The museum is a tribute to the artist who was born and died in the same building. Be prepared to face the crowds as this is one of the most loved things to do on a Mexico vacation in September.

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5. Sip that tequila and mezcal

It would be an insult if you went to Mexico and left without tasting some of the best tequila you have ever tasted. This might be the most shocking thing to read, yes, there is a city in Mexico named ‘Tequila’ and it is the purveyor of the finest drink in the country. You should also try mezcal, which can be called tequila’s cousin, the only difference is that mezcal is smokier than tequila and is a little harder to drink. So make sure you have tequila in Tequila City.

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6. Nightout Carnival in Mexico

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If you are fond of partying and are familiar with the peace and relaxing nature of the country, we have to tell you about the Malecón located on the seashore, where the party goes on all night with plenty of alcohol and rocking music that will get you off your feet. Helps in moving. And wonderful Mexican starter to eat. One glimpse of this party is enough to impress you. Get your heart rate racing with an all-night party in Mexico.

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7. Surf through the waves

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There are many surfing spots at all levels. This is one of the best things to do and enjoy the weather in Mexico in September 2023. Hot days make people crave for some surfing. So all beach lovers gather and don’t worry about the water level. Enjoy surfing among the waves and enjoy the peace of the beach.

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We are human beings and we need breaks for the proper functioning of our brain, talking about breaks, there is nothing better than a vacation to soak in the beauty of nature. So think no more and explore the indescribable beauty of Mexico, make sure you make a list of all these amazing things to do in Mexico in September to spend some of the best days in life. Plan international travel to Mexico and book tickets instantly.

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FAQs about Mexico in September

Is September a good time to visit Mexico?

Mexico’s beach resorts are most pleasant between October and May (June to September can be very hot and humid). It is recommended that you avoid the time between June and November as this is hurricane season.

What is the weather like in Mexico in September?

September is the hottest time of year to visit Mexico with an average temperature of 28°C. During this month, maximum temperatures of up to 32°C are normal, dropping to 24°C after dark.

Does it rain in Mexico in September?

Mexico receives average rainfall during September. The total is the number of wet season days at each location and the amount of rainfall that occurs on average that month.

What is Mexico known for?

Mexico is known for many foods and drinks that are popular around the world, such as avocado, chocolate and pumpkin, and the margarita. Mexico is also known for its tequila, which is made from the agave cactus that is suitable for the climate of central Mexico. Other famous attractions in Mexico are Mexican beer, bullfighting and soap operas.

Is it safe to vacation in Mexico?

Cancún is one of the popular tourist destinations in Mexico that is considered safe to visit. Being a favorite vacation spot, it attracts millions of American tourists every year, according to the US State Department, but for the most part, drug-related violence and crime is confined to the country’s border areas and smuggling routes.

What is the best place to visit in Mexico in September?

These are the best places to visit in Mexico in September, whether you’re looking for a place to stay or a quick trip. Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Cozumel, Cancún, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Puebla, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, San Miguel de Allende and Punta Mita.

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