Mauritius To Ease All Covid-19 Related Restrictions

Mauritius To Ease All Covid-19 Related Restrictions

Mauritius has lifted all Covid-related constraints in the country – allowing public gatherings and easing on mask mandate. However, Masks mandates will still be in place for some indoor settings such as hospitals and trains. The decision is made to boost Mauritius’s tourism sector, as the nation is expecting tens and thousands of travellers to visit its beautiful hotspots from around the world.

Prior to the announcement, the South African nation had banned public gatherings. Tourists and travellers entering Mauritius had to follow certain rules to spend quality time in the country, due to the pandemic. However, starting from 1 June 2022, travellers can revel in the country’s vistas without hassle.


Mauritius’s transcontinental culture clash, its spice-mix of influences, flavours, cultures; bazaars and mosques, its food and arts; exoticism and romance make it an intoxicating affair and one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in the world. Mauritius always sees a record tourist footfall from around the world. However, the story wasn’t the same for the island’s tourism or the travellers, due to the pandemic. For those who don’t know, Mauritius was voted as one of the top sought-after destinations for leisure in the world.


Nightclubs, bars and restaurants will be open to entertain full capacity as the restrictions have been lifted for public gatherings in the country. Furthermore, picnics at the beaches will be encouraged which were restricted until now.

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