World’s Best Beach Destination Is Selling Citizenship To Foreigners! Sent Your Application Yet?

If the sapphire blue beaches, coastal cliffs, and dreamy lagoons of Mauritius have tempted you to leave everything behind and visit this island paradise, your prayers have been answered because now Mauritius is offering citizenship and passport to foreigners Attracting a lot of foreign investment and increasing its budget.

Are you already dreaming of going there? All you need is $1 million to turn your dream into a beautiful reality.

In an announcement made during the 2018 budget presentation, the country is offering additional citizenships to foreigners for $1 million. Deposit an additional $100,000 and your spouse can join you. Mauritius passport for the amount of $500,000 per family member is also on the cards.

Obviously, applicants must Confirm some guidelines Determined by the Government of Mauritius to enjoy citizenship privileges on the Indian Ocean island. The entire scheme will be run by the Economic Development Board, although it is already receiving a major backlash from opposition parties.

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already Most sought after holiday destination For honeymooners and families, tourism is a major source of the economy in Mauritius. All the capital generated from selling citizenship will strengthen the sovereign wealth fund of this African nation.

Mark Twain once mentioned “Mauritius first became heaven and then heaven, after Mauritius heaven started being copied.”And he wasn’t wrong. Imagine living on a paradise island where you can lie on the beach every day, surf the blue waters of the ocean, or perhaps take a run in one of its beautiful lagoons. The opportunity offered by Mauritius for citizenship and passport is too good to pass up. However, consider your advantages and disadvantages before applying because Citizenship fee is not refundable,

Citizenship or not, you can always plan a holiday to Mauritius to enjoy its tropical beaches, extensive water sports and its impeccable service.

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