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malda places to explore - Tour Travel Hotels

Situated at the confluence of the rivers Mahanadi and Kalindi, Malda is located about 350 km from Kolkata, in the interiors of West Bengal. Besides its rich Indian history and heritage, Malda is also known for mango orchards, silk, jute and mulberry plantations. Malda, once a cultural capital of India, illuminated India like no other city. Malda has Indian history written into every streets and corner of the town, and the story each of the historical ruins in Malda tell, is of historical significance.

Many breathtaking and incredible historical sites have been built in Malda that will enthral you with a visual treat. Malda in the past was reigned over by three dynasties – the Senas, the Palas and the Nawabs. And multiple reigns gave rise to diverse culture and traditions intensifying the charm of the small town. Boasting many monuments and tourists attractions, Malda welcomes people from all walks of life and is a must-visit for every Indian at least once in a lifetime.

Things To Do In Malda

1. Inspire and educate yourself about ancient Indian history at Malda Museum

Malda Museum is located off Bandh Road and is the abode to many artefacts dating back to the 15th century. From paintings to religious tablets, it archives the best of Indian literature and history. While you are in Malda, visit the Malda Museum to know in detail how West Bengal transformed into what it is today.

2. Visit ancient mosques in Malda to know your roots


Since the Nawabs ruled West Bengal for a very long time, you can find many beautiful mosques in and around Malda. From Adina Mosque, that resembles the great mosque of Damascus to Kadam Rasool Mosque, that bears the footprints of Prophet Muhammed; Malda offers the best mosques that one can witness in one city. Chamkati Masjid Chika Mosque and Baradouri Mosque are a few other archaic mosques you can visit in Malda. Malda has to be in your bucket list if you want to experience the roots of Muslim culture and tradition in India.

3. Offer your thoughts and prayers at Jauhra Kali

Amid many mosques and muslim relics, there also lies a famous Hindu Temple called the Jauhra Kali. Beautiful trees surround it and boast a resting and garden area in its vicinity. Rumour has it that, the temple has the mystic power to help your wish come true. So, offer your prayers at Jauhra Kali and wait for the miracle to come about. And besides its spiritual prominence, the fascinating architecture of the temple is sure to catch your eye.

4. Explore the ruins of Dakhil Darwaza

An important centre of Indian history, Malda has a lot of prominent archaic architectures. And one of the most important and famous ruins is Dakhil Darwaza. Located in Gour, Dakhil Darwaza is a surviving ruin of the castle from the 15th century. Though most of the castle is in ruins, a large wall still stands tall in the south-east corner of the castle, displaying many cannons that were once used during battles. If you want to know Indian history, Malda is the best place to be.

5. Experience of Indian Culture and Heritage at Gour

Gour is located on the banks of holy river Ganga. The control of Gour was passed on from the hands of Nawabs of Bengal to the earliest British representatives of the East India Company. Much of its monuments are in ruins. Nevertheless, it allures many tourists and travellers from across the world with its unique history. There are many other monuments in Gour’s vicinity. Bada Darwaza, Tantipar Mosque, Eunuchs’ Mosque, Kadam Rasul Mosque, Dakhil Darwaza, and Firoz Minar, to name a few.

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