This MacRitchie Reservoir Park Guide Will Ensure That You Have An Incredible Time Amidst Nature

MacRitchie Reservoir Park, formerly known as Thomson Reservoir, is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. There is an interesting history behind its establishment. It was a donation from philanthropist Tan Kim Seng that helped establish it. The park is spread over 12 hectares of land which is a popular spot for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. It is an ideal place for recreational activities Bird watching, hiking and water sports activities by renting a canoe or kayak. You can also go for a walk in the park in the morning or evening to refresh your mind and body.

About MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Amazing McRitchie Park

Earlier, most of Singapore was covered with forest land. This changed after the British establishment as the need for fresh water increased and they began clearing forest in substantial quantities. However the British failed to supply fresh water.
It was Tan Kim Seng’s donation that inspired people to go ahead with this plan but unfortunately due to poor planning skills the funds were insufficient. Ultimately after much struggle the reservoir was constructed and deforestation around the reservoir finally stopped.

During World War II, the Japanese military built a Shinto shrine in the middle of the park. But when the British recaptured Singapore, it was demolished. The ruins of the shrine now remain but visitors are asked not to approach them and follow the path made for them during their padayatra.

Nature Reserve Opening Hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Treetop Walk Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9 am to 5 pm; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 8.30 am to 5 pm

How to reach MacRitchie Reservoir Park

    Amazing McRitchie Park

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is located at 181 Lornie Road. To reach the park by public transport you can take buses numbers 855, 852, 167, 166, 165, 162M, 162, 157, 156, 132, 130, 93, 74 and 52 to 980, where they will drop you . The bus stop that is nearest to the park is – 51071. You can either take the Circle Line to Caldecott MRT and from there walk for ten minutes to reach your destination. These paths take you to the main entrance and points of interest in the park. Otherwise there are many other entrances through which you can enter.

The nearest railway station to the park is Marymount, about 1 km away. To get to the park from Marymount MRT station, you can either choose to walk 10 minutes or take bus numbers 855, 852, 165, 74 or 52.
The park also has a lush green two-storey car parking lot where you can park your vehicle as well.
Singapore’s Changi Airport is approximately 23.5 kilometers from MacRitchie Reservoir Park. You can either reach the park directly from the airport via a rental vehicle or you can go to the MRT station and reach the park via train from there.

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Things to do in MacRitchie Reservoir Park

1. Bird watching

enjoying bird watching

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This park is also a bird sanctuary and you can enjoy watching different types of birds. There is no doubt that bird watching is one of the best things to do in this nature park. Of all the things, a camera is something that you cannot forget to take to this place.

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2. Walking on top of trees

enjoying a walk above the trees

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While visiting a forest reserve or park, we walk among the grasses and bushes on the ground and look up at the canopy of tall trees. But what if the trees are below your walking level? This is what a treetop walk on the reservoir is all about. This is a unique experience. You can enjoy walking on a suspension bridge that is 250 meters long spanning from Bukit Piers to Bukit Kalan, the two highest points in MacRitchie Park. At the bridge’s highest point, it is about seven stories high above the forest floor.

3. Hiking

enjoying the hike

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Walking routes of 3.2 km and 4.8 km are available and are commonly used in cross-country meets. A maximum of 100 persons are allowed for padyatra every day. If the quota for that day is reached, you will have to choose another day. Therefore, making reservations in advance would be the best option.

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4. Water sports

enjoying water sports

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If you are interested in water sports you can rent paddles, kayaks and canoes. This beautiful place to visit in Singapore also has a designated area for beginners and another area for experienced paddlers.

5. Lower Peirce’s Macaque

Amazing Macaques of Lower Peirce

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Long-tailed macaques are a feature of MacRitchie Reservoir Park. It is known that macaques are very similar to us humans. They live in a complex social network with relatives, friends and enemies, just like us. You can register for walks where you can learn more interesting things about macaques.

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6. Walking path

wonderful walking path

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This is an 11 km path where you walk and enjoy the lush green beauty around you. No map is required as you have to follow the map boards and instructions notified on your route.

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Places to Stay in MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Beautiful places to stay near a reservoir

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  • MacRitchie Reservoir Park does not provide accommodation for tourists. But MacRitchie has 5 star hotels.
  • Located in the Novena district, Ossia Hotel Novena offers direct basement access to Novena MRT station. It is 2.9 kilometers from MacRitchie Reservoir.
  • Days Hotel by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park is also located in the Novena District and is 2.5 kilometers from MacRitchie Reservoir. Apart from this it is also surrounded by a retail mall and restaurants.
  • Ramada by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park is located 2.3 kilometers from MacRitchie Reservoir. It is a 10-minute walk from Novena Medical Hub. It also has amenities like an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a shopping mall all within the same building.

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Singapore is more than just a sophisticated modern city. Singapore actually originated from all the forests and jungles. And it is beautifully preserved in the form of various parks, notably MacRitchie Reservoir Park, one of the oldest in the city.

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