Luxury travel news this week: Coronavirus update

Luxury travel news this week: Coronavirus update

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14 experiences worthy of a bucket list to reserve after the pandemic

We have always known that traveling is a luxury, being able to discover different places and cultures and meet people from all walks of life. But this has never been more evident than it is today, with the current lock-in laws restricting our movement and suggestions that social distancing regulations could be put in place until at least the end of the year… [read more]

When things stop, luxury tourism intensifies

The global Covid-19 pandemic has clearly been devastating to the travel industry. But the impacts on the travel ecosystem go far beyond the immediate frontline workers. The loss of tourism affects everything from conservation efforts in Africa to food banks and shelters that receive unused food from hotels. Some luxury companies, despite their own economic difficulties, intervene to help fill the gaps … [read more]

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What can we expect from the luxury market after COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis is the kind of situation that our world has never experienced before. Not only has it turned into a global pandemic, but more importantly from the point of view of consumer behavior, it has affected individuals from all walks of life and from all social and economic statuses. The virus does not spare members of royal families or senior political leaders, individuals who often seem to resist any other type of crisis … [read more]

The safari industry is no stranger to difficulties, but what will it take to recover now?

The latest Hippo Creek Safari has been cut short – in mid-March, the guest of the seasoned tour operator flew from Botswana several days earlier once the news of the impending blockages was announced. She never arrived in Rwanda.
Covid-19 had arrived in Africa, limiting travel within and outside the continent. The restrictions are causing trouble for Africa, both for its inhabitants and for its animals, the bread and butter of safaris … [read more]

Will more people fly privately after coronavirus?

When a private jet landed at Marseille regional airport earlier this month, it was greeted by a scene straight out of a film: French police are waiting on the tarmac to intercept the group of 10 passengers on board . The seven men and three women had just disembarked from the UK – a stealth trip that flouted European lock-in rules dictating that international trips across the continent can only take place for urgent reasons, such as repatriation or delivery medical supplies. To get around these constraints, the group had chartered a private jet to help them sneak into the south of France… [read more]

Private jet flight

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