The best luxury hotels in sri lanka – Book a day in your trip

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka – Book a day in your trip

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka, the ancient Island in the midst of the Indian Ocean, is not only an epic island but is having some of the wonderful sights, of all time. There are lots of things to be watched in the island, in the capital city of Colombo and in other towns as well. As a traveller, you must be looking to stay in some of the best stylish hotels. Here is the list of some of the top luxurious hotels.

Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka
Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka

Kandy House

This is the resort, where the last king of Lanka lived. It has been built in the year of 1823 and now it is one of the heritage and luxurious hotels of all time. This is the hotel that pulls hundreds of travellers every year in it. The restaurant is having its own food parlour and other facilities, supporting it to be an elegant one in the entire nation.


This is a top restaurant that is located on the hilltop in Koggala of Sri Lanka. The hotel is having some of the excellent views and that makes it one of the tops among all. Excellent dishes served in lunch and dinner at the resort is another reason of the luxury, that one finds there.

Uga jungle House

This is a perfect luxury hotel in the entire nation. Located in the Uga Forest, this has been shifted northwards, especially after the tsunamis. You will find a 4 km long beach for the hotel and also the wildlife forest that envelops the luxurious palace type hotel.

Hambantota Resort

This one is a great hotel in fact. The hotel construction is surrounded by lashes on all side. The area that surrounds it with excellently maintained meadows is 140 yards. So, you can estimate the luxury, it is holding. Experience in this hotel is going to overshadow all your past experiences at the top hotels.

Saman Villas

One of the top hotels that you will find in the entire island of Lanka is this one in Bentota. The sky view of the hotel is even more overwhelming than you will find β€˜in the general images. Lying at the end point of the island coastline, this is surrounded by meadows and also with outstanding sea green beaches. The overall experience, one will get from the hotel is entirely romantic.


Located in the Wadduwa, this is again a great beachside hotel in Lanka. There are some of the top features, you will get from this hotel. In terms of Luxury, this one is one of the best in the entire nation, with a record number of Europeans staying in this.

Owl and Pussycat

This hotel is surrounded by blues on all sides. Complete blue lake inside the compound and excellent sea beaches at the side of the resort creates romance in the mind. There are different things in the hotel that will compel you to praise it.

Chena Huts

The name only does refer huts. In reality, they are one of the top luxury resort in Sri Lanka and the best in the city of Yala. Excellent climate-controlled rooms and outstanding support in all corners will make your spellbound at the beauty of the hotel.

Thaproban pavilion

This is yet another resort, where hundreds of European guests live in. They crowd the rooms, almost all the year. Located in the island corner of Unawatuna, this is a fine hotel with an open gallery of the restaurant, facing the sea. Night view of the sea from the hotel rooms and from the lovely open gallery is just awesome.

Anantaya Resort

Located in Chilaw, it is often recorded to be the most luxurious hotel in the entire nation. Outstanding glamour is there in every corner of the hotel and that is facilitated with outstanding food quality, hospitality and with a grand spa. Stunning view of the Indian Ocean is common from all hotels in the Island, but this one is going to give you a rare view. Explore a different India Ocean from your hotel rooms.

Amaya Hills

After you watched the sea beaches for so long, it is time to ride something high. There are different things that you will have to check out in this hotel and most of them will absolutely stun you. Special lake at the top of the hotel is sure to give you a stunning view of the hilltop.

Anantara Resort Kalkudah

This is one of the top luxurious hotels found in the entire Lankan Island. This is the production of the same brand as that in the claw. Although it is not as luxurious as the Chilaw hotel, still it’s excellent from all angles.

There are many other hotels in the city like the above few. However, the recorded one, mentioned above are excellent in view, in service and also in terms of hospitality. Hence, they are regarded as the best and most luxurious. They are also the preference of the travelers. The currency value of Sri Lanka is much less. So, they can be treated to be cheap by all the travelers.

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