The Epic London Bucket List For Your First Trip To The City

Have you ever dreamed of visiting London but lacked the inspiration and guidance to do so? If yes, then you have come to the right place You’ll get all the tips you need to get your start in London. We’ve sampled 7 of the most incredible london attractions That you can’t afford to miss your city tour.

7 favorite London attractions

However, even though we have collected the best London attractions for your unforgettable trip, you should still consider renting a tour guide Once you arrive. He can guide you through each important tourist attraction:

1. Churchill War Room

If you’re in London between 9:30am and 6pm, visit this great World War II museum, located right in the heart of London, on King Charles Street, Westminster. You’ll learn a lot about Winston Churchill and his war strategies and secrets, as well as get first-hand experience of how he formed his government in a time of crisis.

Being a public museum, you don’t need a huge budget to visit here. The ticket price is minimum Rs 923/- for children and Rs 1846/- for adults. The museum is easily accessible by taxi or the Westminster or St James’s Park train.

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2. London Tower Bridge

This bridge was constructed about 130 years ago and remains one of the greatest architectural wonders the world has ever seen. Apart from giving you the best sightseeing experience, this bridge will amaze you with its movable walkways that move up and down to accommodate ships of all sizes. The exhibition is at the top of London’s Tower Bridge which is approximately 137 feet high, and whose glass floor allows you to see the world from a stunning perspective.

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3. Chelsea Physic Garden

This 4-acre botanical garden is over three decades old and surprisingly, it has never lost its glory. You will enjoy the cool breeze coming from the ancient trees and the peace that comes from its high brick walls. It is a peaceful city of trees within a crowded city. It is considered one of the best Free tourist attractions in London,

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4. Coca-Cola Comes to London

Coca-Cola London Eye ranks fourth on our list of the best tourist attractions in london, In front of the Houses of Parliament, just above the River Thames, the capital’s most sensational cantilever observation wheel rotates. The wheel is 135 meters high making it the tallest of its kind worldwide, and rotates a full 360 degrees. It is divided into 32 glass capsules, which take about a minute to rotate from one view to the next. So, within 30 minutes, you will see all the notable sites of the city within a radius of 40 meters.

For just Rs 1938/- for a child and Rs 2399/- for an adult, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the city from this fun wheel. It is usually open between 10 am and 8 pm during winter but there is usually an hour extension during summer.

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5. Camden Markets

It is enjoyable in many ways. From around 10 am, you will be able to shop in this huge market that brings together several markets with many product types. You will find souvenirs, fashion items, furniture, ethnic cuisine, leather products and home decor products.

If you’re in the mood to enjoy local cuisine as well as other foods from across Europe, Camden Market is the place to be. It has more than 200 stalls open at any given time and several air-conditioned restaurants in and around the stalls.

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6. Tower Shard

This 244 meter high building is currently the tallest not only in Britain but in the whole of Western Europe. This is the best vantage point in the city from where you will get a view of more than 65 kilometers on a clear day. Tickets range between £1753/- and £2307/-, but if you book your journey in advance you will be eligible for a £5 discount.

However, what makes this building a delight is its unique nighttime experience. Taking advantage of the free audio guide, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of London at night under the lights and stars.

7. London Dungeon

If you can handle Britain’s terrifying but factual history, you shouldn’t leave London before visiting The London Dungeon. You’ll get a glimpse of London’s most horrific history and take part in a rendition of this past. For an hour and a half, you will be enthralled by human actors who recreate the capital’s darkest days. You may also choose to participate in a ghost hunt in the dark just for fun.

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The list of places to visit in London never ends. Check out this useful list of the top 7 tourist attractions in London and choose your favourite. Book a trip to London with TourTravelHotels to avail exciting deals and discounts and customize your trip as per your needs.

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