Lithuania Wildlife: Feel The Rush Of Adventure On Your Next Vacation!

Located in the southern part of the Baltic region, Lithuania is the most famous wildlife destination for adventure and nature lovers. lithuania wildlife Mostly centered around different species of amazing birds, but there are also Other varieties also.

There are many wetlands where birds are found and a variety of species like white stork, common crane, great bittern, eagle, tit and woodpecker are seen here. You will find that elk is a famous mammal here and there are different species of it. If you like to capture birds in your camera then this is the best place to visit. There are lots of nature parks, forests available here, which will always leave you mesmerized.

10 places to see Lithuania’s wildlife

Check out the perfect list of the most famous places where you can explore the wild areas of Lithuania during your trip. Keep scrolling down and reading!

1. Bison Paddock of Pasiliai

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It is the most popular place to visit in this country. The largest number of wild animals in Lithuania are found here. Although the number of animals in this place has reduced due to hunting due to the increasing need of population, still some life has been restored here. Here you will find bison in large quantities and they are not kept in cages in the zoo, but they can roam freely in this place. Recently there are 50 bison in the whole country and some of them are from here. Over 35 years, 140 calves have been born here and more than half of them are free-born. This farm was converted into a regional park in 2005 so that tourists from other countries can see these exotic animals. The place also has benches and outdoor fireplaces, so that one can enjoy the beauty of nature in the warmth of the hearth and also rest one’s feet.

Place: Petrskiu village, Crakenava village, 38305 Panevjice district.
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
price: Adult: LT: 4, Child: LTL 2

2. I will create Nerija National Park

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One of the famous national parks and a major center of Lithuania’s history and culture is located here. This place is of 18 thousand hectares and a peninsula separates this place from the Baltic Sea. The sand here extends for 98 kilometers, and the wind creates some sand dunes. Till the 15th century, this place was covered with impenetrable forests, but later due to the need of increasing population, trees were cut here and villages were established. After that, 14 villages of this place were covered with rising sand and then after so many years, deforestation started at this place. Here you will find 37 types of rare plants and some ethnographic architectural monuments in its older part. Place too. This park is one of the most popular parks in this country, and visitors can take advantage of guidebooks to enjoy this place.

Place: Naglių ji. 8, Nida 93123, Lithuania
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
entrance fees: 10 LTL

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3. Alexotas Hill

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Get the best view of Kaunas city and visit this place during night time and you will forget the crowded city life. This hill is just a 10 minute walk from the town and the climb is very easy and you will find parking space here. Enjoy the nice view in the evening and don’t forget to bring a flask of hot drink, thus, the short walk will be worth it. Take lots of pictures and spend some romantic moments with your partner on the hill top.

Place: Kaunas, Lithuania
Time: twenty four hours
entrance fees: Free

4. Zemaytija National Park

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This is the wildlife in Lithuania and the place is home to the beautiful Plateau Lake and the serene beauty of the park is full of cultural, natural and historical values. The park was established in 1991 and aims to preserve cultural heritage. Here you will find different types of insects, plants and small animals. You can easily pack lunch here and enjoy the afternoon with your family at this place. Here you will find bike lanes where you can ride amidst mesmerizing nature.

Place: Didziozy St. 10, Plateliai 90420, Lithuania
Time: 8 am – 5 pm
entrance fees: 8.8 LTL

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5. Dzukija National Park

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This is another place where you can experience nature and wildlife areas in Lithuania, and this place was established in 1991, and in Varenka region. The main goal was to protect the dense forest as well as old villages, landscapes and cultural and historical monuments. The greenery mostly consists of a tree and various types of mushrooms and most of them are exported to foreign countries. You’ll find plenty of wild strawberries, raspberries, red bilberries and cranberries in the woods. Wildlife in the park includes mostly rare species of eagles, foxes, rabbits, wolves, elk, wild boars.

Place: Vilnius St. 3, Merkine 65334, Lithuania
Time: 8 am – 5 pm
entrance fees: 51 LTL

6. Okastatija National Park

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The entire park is filled with lush greenery and eye-catching blue lakes that are enough to take your breath away. Here you will find cedar trees that are 150 to 200 years old and your guide will tell you all the specialties of this place. The park is home to elk, wild boar and deer and the best attraction of this place is its 126 lakes and small islands.

Place: Ignalinos Sen, Lithuania
Time: 8 am to 3 pm
entrance fees: 264 LTL for 8 hours tour, 810 LTL for 2 days

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7. Cape Sail

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The place was opened in 1929 and is a major bird watching spot for tourists. Every year many travelers gather here to see the migratory birds and the whole place echoes with their chirping. This place is the biggest especially for birds and there is also a museum here.

Place: Kintu District, Siluet, Lithuania
Time: 7 am to 5 pm
entrance fees: Free

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8. Neris Regional Park

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The park is filled with Lithuanian history and beauty of nature as the park is located in the Neris River valley in Europe. The old village, the greenery everything will make you feel at peace and you will definitely want to spend a few hours at this place.

Place: 3 Vilnius Street, Vilnius 14019, Lithuania
Time: twenty four hours
entrance fees: 3.4 LTL

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9. Tulkiarej Nature Trail

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The place was formed over 400 years ago, and the vast grasslands are home to a variety of animals and plants. The aquatic life here is very rich and it is also a bird paradise for the tourists. You can spend 1 to 2 hours here to experience the best of nature and animals.

Place: Silyut, Lithuania
Time: twenty four hours
entrance fees: Free

10. Baltic Mythology Park

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In this park you will find 80 sculptures which are made from oak and this place is surrounded by the Witches Hill and it is a very beautiful place to spend some time. You should know that this is the last pagan site in all of Europe and the ideal path of greenery represents the tribes of the Baltic region.

Place: Sausdravai village, Kratinga, Lithuania
Time: 8 am – 5 pm
entrance fees: 34.5 LTL

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Thus, here we have listed the 10 most popular wildlife places in Lithuania, and you will feel the rush of thrill in these selected places which you will not get in the crowded cities. If you are a lover of nature and its treasures, Lithuanian wildlife will fascinate you with its mesmerizing river valleys, this will be the best tour ever. Pay attention to the different and rare types of plants and don’t forget to take photos on your fascinating international trip with TourTravelHotels.,

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