10 Essential Latvia Travel Tips Every Traveler Must Keep In Mind Before Planning A Trip To Europe!

Riga is undoubtedly Latvia’s most popular city due to its abundance of old towns, historic churches, cobbled streets and magnificent art nouveau buildings, but there is much more to Latvia than its capital as its true beauty really lies. Beautiful landscapes of the country. But these grasslands, wetlands and others have their own ways and rules that must be followed.

10 essential Latvia travel tips

so here are some Travel Tips for Latvia So that you are prepared for this before going to the small European country.

1. Traveling in Latvia

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When in Latvia, the best way to travel and get to know the place is to use public transport as their prices are reasonable and trains and buses connect the major cities and towns of the country. Large cities such as Riga and Daugavpils have a proper public transport system consisting of trolleybuses, trams and buses. Taxis are also comparatively cheap, but renting a car can be expensive. But if you still rent a car, remember that local car rental companies are cheaper than international companies.

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2. Latvia Accommodation

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among all Latvia Travel Tips, is an essential point regarding housing. Riga has many hotels as well as other accommodation and if you are here during the holiday season you can also find many great hotels at lower rates as business travelers are absent. A room in a guest house can cost around £6, but if you want something cheaper then check out youth hostels which offer really good facilities at a lower price.

3. Health

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Latvia Travel Tips This usually doesn’t include information about health, but there are a few things you should know so you can get the help you need when you need it. You won’t need any vaccinations when traveling to Latvia, but the usual vaccinations for tetanus, hepatitis A and diphtheria are definitely recommended. If you are going here for camping then there is a risk of encephalitis from ticks. This problem of ticks increases in the months of May to September. If you are bitten by a wild animal, dog or snake, seek medical help as soon as possible. Snakes in Latvia are not venomous, except for the European adder, whose bite will certainly result in death if not treated within the next few hours. Dogs are at risk for rabies, although mosquitoes do not spread diseases and are generally merely nuisances.

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4. Respect

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Be careful when talking about Latvia in the context of the USSR to native Latvians as Latvia became a USSR province after WWII and any praise of the Soviet regime will not be understood or even appreciated by Latvians. will not do. Also, avoid mentioning any linguistic, ethnic or citizenship issues that Russians or Latvians may be involved in as this is a controversial topic. Other general etiquette tips include not littering as this is considered bad manners and you can even be fined.

5. Security

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among Things to know before visiting Latvia, this is a must know as it will help you navigate the roads better. Regarding the crime rate in Latvia, it has increased since Latvia’s separation from the USSR, but it is still a safe country for travelers and you can travel alone. For your part, always make sure you don’t leave valuables or money lying around in your hotel room and definitely don’t display it in public. Also keep your bike locked. For more safety measures, be careful on jungle roads as collisions with wild animals can easily happen. This also applies when you are crossing the road as some drivers in the country can be careless.

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6. Going to bars and restaurants

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When you plan to go to a restaurant or bar, be sure to check the price before ordering and no matter the state of intoxication, keep track of your spending so you can avoid getting cheated. Be wary of scammers who will try to suddenly strike up a conversation with you and try to invite you to go with them to your favorite club or bar. This is a common way to rob foreigners. Make sure you check out the Latvian Police website, which has detailed advice for foreigners.

7. Language

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The native and national language here is known as Latvian and unlike Estonian, it is a Baltic language and part of the two remaining Baltic languages ​​spoken, the other being Lithuanian. But in the cities people also speak English, German and Russian. You will find it easier to learn English in Riga simply because it is the capital city with a large number of tourists from English-speaking countries. But as you move away from major cities, there will be fewer people who understand English, so be sure to leave at least a few useful phrases to help you if things get bad.

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8. Lido Cafeteria

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Of course, you’ll find eateries that serve wonderfully authentic food from the area as well as expensive, luxurious fare. But if you’re looking for a cheap place to eat, be sure to try LIDO Cafeteria. These are common lunch and dinner spots and for as little as €7 you will enjoy a hearty meal including main, dessert and drinks. Of course it’s not fine dining, but hot and most importantly cheap. If you are in trouble it will unsettle you.

9. Best time to visit Latvia

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Everyone Latvia travel guide and travel information Important information about when to go is not given in this. The time to visit in Latvia is definitely when the temperatures are mild and this is during the months of April–June (spring) and also during September and October (autumn). If you’re planning a summer trip, keep in mind that temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius. As far as winter is concerned, the weather can easily drop to -20°C. Rest of the months like August are also not good because then you will face heavy rainfall. Plan your trip well, so that you can enjoy the place instead of getting stuck in the scorching heat or freezing cold. Make sure you plan your trip taking into account the holidays celebrated in Latvia so you don’t miss the festivities. One notable day to keep in mind is midsummer when people party hard into the night.

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10. Food and drink

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It is always advisable to know about the food habits of the place you are visiting so that you do not face inconvenience when you reach there. In Latvia, meals also include meat dishes accompanied by potatoes and rye bread. But here you will find dairy products as well as fish. As far as beverages go, there is something called kvass which is a non-alcoholic beverage made from honey, fruit, and yeast. But there are also alcohols like balzam which is a bitter, dark and thick alcoholic liquid made from cognac, orange peel and ginger.

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Latvia is a small country not to be missed and these tips will help you navigate the place better than ever so that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible while vacationing in Europe.

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