Latvia In Summer: The Ultimate Guide For Your European Vacay In Summer 2023!

Latvia is a beautiful tourist destination. This certainly goes without saying. If you are wondering which places to visit and what to do, you will find everything in Latvia. No matter what your budget or what you like, There is something for everyone in Latvia, more or less. So, if you are planning to visit latvia in summer, the options are really quite wide open and fantastic. Just make sure you touch base with most of the places to ensure you have a good understanding of the place nearby. remember this; Latvia is much more than its architecture and majestic villas and mansions.

weather in latvia in summer

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The summer months in Latvia don’t necessarily have to leave you sweating and thirsty. The weather is actually quite pleasant throughout the year, which adds to the excitement even more. If you are wondering here what weather in latvia in summer It seems, it is more or less like a pleasant autumn month in other places. July is mainly the hottest month of the year and the weather still goes up to a maximum of 20 degrees centigrade which is definitely not bad.

10 things to do in latvia

Putting that weather report aside, it’s time to look at the list of Top things to do in Latvia in summer, The intricate architecture as well as the natural beauty is enough to fascinate everyone.

1. Town Hall Square

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The Town Hall Square located in Riga is probably one of the best places to visit in Latvia. The amazing beauty, architecture, as well as the heritage of the place has kept it in its shape and glory. To ensure that it does not lose its shine and beauty, it has been restored from time to time. The place is home to some of the most popular buildings in the vicinity such as the House of Blackheads, the Latvian Occupation Museum, the Baroque Clock Tower, etc. It may not be the sights of the summer months, but the Christmas trees they put up during the season are absolutely worth a visit. It is believed to be an annual feature of the square as a whole.

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2. Open Air Museum

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Next place to visit summer holidays in latvia There is a seaside open air museum located in Ventspils. These marine things allure you, making this place a must visit when you are visiting this place during the summer months. The entire museum is dedicated to fishing and sailing and has a range of over 24,000 exhibits making it one of the most popular maritime museums worldwide. The picturesque location of this place adds to the beauty and overall experience completely. The outdoor section is where people teach visitors about fishing and helpful knowledge about this place.

3. Naval Port Jail

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While in Latvia, it is a completely wasted trip if you don’t also visit the Naval Port Prison. Located in Karosta, it was a former military prison that was the first in Europe to be open to the public. It was built in 1900 to house military prisoners. The last prisoner in the cells left it in 1997 and it now serves as a site of heritage and history for Latvia. Tourists are allowed to visit the cells and wander around the solitary confinement blocks. Apart from this, you can also visit the nearby museum which further adds to the knowledge and history of the place. The “Extreme Night” show is also a surprisingly cute thing and it’s the one where you spend a night in prison.

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4. Riga city

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Another amazing thing to do in Latvia is to walk around the city of Riga. Make sure to visit the Daugava River that surrounds the old town section and then wander along the cobblestone paths taking in the medieval beauty of the place. The old part of the city is where most people go. Visit the surrounding churches as well as a variety of churches and cafes. Riga Dome Cathedral and Riga Castle are among the most popular sites to visit there.

5. Ligatne Bunker

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This is the Ligatne Bunker, located in the city of Ligatne. It was built in the old days as a venue for the Communist Party of the area. Although it was not open then, it is now open for public visitors to visit and tour. The best part is visiting and seeing the emergencies like rations and gas masks.

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6. Great Kemery Bog Boardwalk

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Next on the list of things to do in latvia summer season Take a peaceful walk on the Great Kemmery Bog Boardwalk. It is located inside the Kemeri National Park and is a wonderful place to explore the natural greenery and swamps inside. The combination of beautiful moss, clear ponds as well as surrounding wild herbs cover the entire marsh, making the walk even more beautiful and peaceful. Not only this, if you are a keen bird lover then this place is a wonderful place to visit. The best option is to visit during sunrise or sunset to see the beautiful orange sky.

7. Latvian National Opera

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The Latvian National Opera is a wonderful place for you to sit and watch a show performed by talented artists. Apart from opera, they also hold ballet shows, so you might be lucky enough to see them all. There are over 200 performances in a season which is pretty amazing. Although you may not be able to watch them all, try to watch at least one show.

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8. Erodium

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Another amazing thing to do in Latvia is to visit the first European vertical wind tunnel in Aerodium. The wind blowing from the wind tunnel is so powerful that it forces you to fly up and to the left. Once up in the air, you can easily enjoy some flips and somersaults and whatever else you are good at doing with it. Explore the adventurer inside you.

9. Various Lakes

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Next is a visit to the beautiful Rajna Lake. It is located inside the Razna National Park and is the second largest lake in the country. It is often referred to as the Latgale Sea and is also surrounded by sandy beaches. You can get your fishing gear and go fishing without any problem.

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10. Zwartes Rock

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Last but not least is the Zwartes Rock which is located around the neighboring farm in Gauja National Park which was destroyed during the days of World War II. Choose the route along the Amata River as it is considered the most beautiful route. Sandstone rocks further enhance the beauty of this place.

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Overall, visiting Latvia during the summer months is definitely one of the best places to visit. The events happening in Latvia in summer add to the excitement even more. So, pack up and book your trip to Europe right away!

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FAQs about Latvia in Summer

How hot does it get in Latvia?

In winter Latvia can get as cold as -6.6 degrees. Snow cover prevalent in Latvia can last up to 82 days a year on average and up to 177 frost-free days on average. June, July and August are Latvia’s warmest months with average temperatures of 20 degrees to 22 degrees.

What is the climate of Latvia?

Latvia The climate of Latvia can be defined as a fairly typical European climate characterized by hot, dry summers and fairly severe winters. In summer the daytime temperature reaches 20-25 degrees, but sometimes it is much higher, sometimes up to 30 degrees.

Is Latvia a safe country?

Latvia is a completely safe country to visit and the crime rate is comparatively low and even pickpocketing is not common. It is advised that you remain alert at all times.

Is Latvia a developed country?

Latvia is a great democratic sovereign state and parliamentary republic and is a very developed country according to the United Nations Human Development Index. The capital Riga served as the European Capital of Culture in 2014 and the Latvians, Livonians are the people of Latvia.

What is Latvia famous for?

It is best known for being the home of Ventas Rumba and its Baltic region is famous for amber and jewellery. Other souvenirs are widely available and it also features one of the highest Baltic peaks.

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