Last Minutes Summer Getaway for nomad people

Last Minutes Summer Getaway for nomad people

It’s time to visit some different places. Guernsey is often considered to be the best French island. There are many things to see and do in Guernsey. For many visitors the island’s coast is its most significant draw; however, this little island pack may entice others. When it comes to spending your time outdoors, the whole family is spoilt for choice.

Last Minutes Summer Getaway
Last Minutes Summer Getaway

There’s much more to this beautiful island than its beaches, cliff walks and stunning scenery. Whether your passion is an adventure, history, wildlife, food, and drink or live entertainment, Guernsey and its surrounding island can deliver. Guernsey prides itself on the plethora of restaurants, cafes, and kiosks to choose from.

Guernsey is called the floral aisle with colourful flower displays around the island and gardens. The beaches are fantastic throughout the year. The island also has a profound historical legacy. There’s just so much to explore.
Here are a few things to do in Guernsey. You may need to plan a few trips to experience them all.

Outdoors activities during the summer:

With the ocean on its doorstep and an abundance of green space. Adventurous souls and nature lovers alike will love the diversity of outdoor activities in Guernsey. When there is sunshine, there are few perfect places for some of your favourite outdoor pursuits. So you can spend less time deciding and more time enjoying it.

Coasteering is an adventure sport. You can experience the exhilaration of sea level travelling, rock scrambling, jumping and swimming in gullies and caves.

Swimming –Marble Bay:

A dip in the crystal clear water is a must for any visitors to the island. Marble Bay in the south of the island boasts a secluded location and captures the height of the midday jeer. Making the seemingly tropical waters shimmer in the early afternoon sun.

SUP Yoga is mainly about balance, endurance, and strength training. SUP Yoga is physically low impacting, emotionally calming, spiritually uplifting and energetically charging. The sessions are 75 minutes and comprise safe board handling, paddling skills, and paddling tour to the anchor line.


COBO Bay provides the perfect location for a relaxing paddleboarding excursion on a calm day. This vast bay offers plenty to see between its two headlands and is also home to one of the most incredible sunsets you’ll ever see. There are also a variety of eateries lining the coast road including a fish and chip shop, a tearoom and popular restaurants making Cobo the perfect place to spend an evening.

Cycle on the West Coast Island of Guernsey’s offers a relatively unchallenging. Yet thorough entertaining ride that takes you past golden sands and fascinating historical sites. Hire a bike for the weekend. Time your trip to witness firsthand the glorious sunsets during the summer months. Follow the coast road for a stress-free cycle with unforgettable views.

Last Minutes Summer Getaway
Last Minutes Summer Getaway

Nightlife in Guernsey

Nightlife in Guernsey after darkness is a low key affair. Several swanky cocktail bars can be found around St Peters Port and the luxury hotels scattered around the island. There are also local pubs serving Guernsey beer and Rocquette Cider. For clubbing fans fusion Nightclub and Barbados Beach club, both are located at the popular spots.
Enjoy a spa break at the Bella Spa: Relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings of the Bella Spa offering half-day programs and individual treatments.

See the Tables des Pionsd (The fairy Rings) Folklore suggests that if you walk around the fairy ring three times and then make a wish, it will come true.

Do you want to explore an ancient castle or uncover hidden bunkers? Pop into a local art house or visit the home of one of the world’s most celebrated authors.

Step back in time and enjoy the fascination historic collection unique on this island with a visit to the Folk and Costume Museum at Saumarezn Park. This Museum used a flagship visitor attraction housed within a cluster of the meticulously renovated traditional building set within the most significant public park on the island.

Fort Grey

Fort Grey is known locally as the” Cup and Saucer.” It is a Martello Tower built-in 1804 to defend Guernsey’s west coast. Many people have come to grief on this beautiful but treacherous coast, and the Martello tower now houses the shipwreck Museum with a surprising variety of objects recovered from the Wrecks. The information panel tells the gripping stories about the disasters which date from the HMS Sprightly in 1777 to the Vermonborg in 2003.

Adventure games:

Teams are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to find and solve a series of hidden clues, codes, and puzzles; each exciting elements leads to the final escape. Make a day or night trip and book into one of the three restaurants: Bubo, the rock Garden ort ocean bar & Grill.

Kayak safari:

Guernsey has a beautiful coast and a kayak expedition you can explore. Guernsey is well-known for its wildlife and natural beauty. It is better to book a trip around the dramatic south coast visiting caves and out of the way bays only reachable by sea. The activity is suitable for ages six and above.

Shopping at St Peters Port has an impressive choice of gift and perfume shops offering VAT Free shopping. Take a morning or an afternoon walk to wander around the ancient, cobbled streets that are filled with boutique-style fashion shops and cafes. Towards the harbor and marina are several trendy designer surf and beachwear stores that are popular with locals and tourist.

Places to stay in Guernsey:

Sometimes a holiday isn’t just about the destination. It’s about treating yourself to luxury 5-star hotels or feeling like a local in a unique farmhouse. Getting all the family under one roof in a holiday cottage or waking up in acres of beautiful countryside on a campsite. Whatever you are looking for there is a wide range of accommodation in Guernsey that will suit any budget.

Guernsey’s cultural hodgepodge, breezy beaches, hearty cuisine, and carpets of springtime wildflower are just a few reasons to consider it for your next quick getaway.

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