Labrador Nature Reserve: Everything That You Need To Know About Singapore’s Paradise!

While most people choose between a mountain holiday or a beach holiday, there are few places that offer both – the luxury of relaxing around a beach area or perhaps going hiking in a mountainous area. of. But Labrador Natural ReserveWhich offers the benefits of both so you can get the best of both worlds on your vacation.

About Labrador Nature Reserve

About Labrador Nature Reserve

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Labrador Park Nature ReserveAlso known locally as Labrador Park, it is located in the southern part of mainland Singapore. When talking about physical features, it has only one rocky sea cliff which can be easily accessed by the public. Its coastal vegetation and approximately 10 hectares of its rocky reserve have been part of a natural reserve that has been encouraged for conservation. it nature reserve in singapore More than 70 species of birds live here, including the rufous woodpecker, blue-crowned hanging parrot and Abbott’s babbler, among others. Apart from this, various species of butterflies also live here. The rocky shore described above is also not barren and a large number of crabs and corals can be found there, in addition to sandworms, sea grasses and horseshoe crabs.

Cost: The park is open all day, but the rocky beach and pier are open daily from 9am to 8pm. The Labrador Secret Tunnel is open daily from approximately 10am to 7pm with last admission for the guided tour at 6pm. The best time to visit here is definitely from morning to afternoon. There is no admission fee to the park, rocky beach or pier, but guided tours at the Labrador Secret Tunnels cost $5 per child and $8 per adult.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit

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The months from February to April are the best time to visit this park as these are the months between summer and winter, which means you will get a chance to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in between. Avoid visiting in the months of November to January and May to June as the former is the rainiest month and the latter is the hottest month.

Things to do in Labrador Nature Reserve

Already excited? Check out this list of things you can do during your visit to Labrador Nature Reserve. To keep an eye!

1. Promenade

Pleasure trip

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The best part of going outside is that it clears one’s head and allows some much-needed solitary space for thinking and introspection. There is more peace when the place is near water. That’s what the promenade is for. This seaside resort located in the Labrador Natural Reserve is the best place for a bike ride or a walk while enjoying beautiful views of the ocean. You can also try fishing here, but make sure to check whether you can fish at that particular location or not.

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2. Labrador Jetty

labrador jetty

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Even though you can’t go fishing on the promenade, there is a better and legal way to go fishing and that’s at the reopened Labrador Jetty. Here you will find the only rocky sea cliff in the entire mainland of Singapore. The jetty was recently opened to the public after being closed for many years due to landslides, but due to the new rock, the jetty is sure to be up and running again.

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3. Beach Playground

seaside playground

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It’s definitely designed for those who are a little younger, but even adults can’t help but rediscover their inner child after seeing this amazing swing set. The view from there is also amazing, especially in the afternoon when the sun is not in the middle of the sky and has not even gone down. The whole environment here is also really relaxing and there are actually two playgrounds here. One is smaller than the other but the other has the bonus of being a small relic of World War II and Singapore’s colonial days.

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4. Natural Path

natural path

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among Things to do in Labrador Nature ReserveIt is necessary to go on a hiking trip. This tract was actually created as part of the Labrador Nature Reserve. Although many people wouldn’t really consider it hiking since the whole thing is completely paved, except for one other reserve, this is about as close to hiking in Singapore as one can get. The path here is very inviting and at the same time it is completely surrounded by forest. Bring your binoculars to see some of the smaller animals besides monkeys. But there are some historical artifacts hidden along this path, so keep an eye out for them. But be prepared, there is a bug issue. So if insects make you feel uncomfortable, it would be better to avoid the trail altogether.

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5. Bukit Cheramin Boardwalk

Bukit Cheramin Boardwalk

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If hiking trails aren’t your thing, take a stroll along the Bukit Cheramin Boardwalk. The boardwalk stretches from the nature reserve to Keppel Bay which is actually a short distance. No matter which direction you look, you can enjoy amazing views of the scenery. The bonus point about this place is that there are very few bugs here.

6. Berlaire Creek Mangroves

Burlaire Creek Mangrove

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To reach here, take the path that leads to the MRT station and then passes through the Burlaire Creek mangroves. It is only one of two such groves left in Singapore. The tides impact what one can see here but there are some lookout points where one can still see some amazing creatures. But as a fair warning, there are a lot of bugs here too.

What to pack?

What to pack?

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  • Pack two or three pairs of synthetic or wicking socks.
  • Pack in some storm or rain gear which may include rain pants, rain jacket, gloves, warm hat, pack cover, etc.
  • Check the weather you’ll be landing in and pack accordingly.
  • Pack hiking shoes and a small first aid kit.
  • Add bug spray or any type of insect repellent.

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  • Don’t forget to visit the mesmerizing tunnels.
  • You do not need to carry excessive amounts of luggage as basic facilities like cafes are available near the promenade and the tunnel.
  • Bring drinking water as there aren’t that many places to buy drinks.

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The park offers views and adventure facilities that will suffice for both the lone adventure seeker and pack hunter. There is something for everyone and that makes it a great vacation for everyone. So, pack your bags and book your trip to Singapore right away!

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